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Dr. Jacob Forsythe is one of the doctors of Vault 81 in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Doctor Jacob Forsythe is one of the resident doctors of Vault 81. He serves as both a scientist and a physician. Working within a clinic in the vault, Jacob is responsible for the creation of medicines with his assistant Rachel, though he is judgmental of her abilities.[1][2] In his role as a doctor, however, Jacob has been unaware of Holt Combes exploiting him for drugs. He expresses interest in the commonwealth, both in research and conditions other doctors operate in.[3][4][5]

During the quest Hole in the Wall, once Austin Engill is infected with a disease Jacob will expresses concern for his condition, along with his inability to treat him.[6] Depending on the actions of the Sole Survivor, Jacob praises or admonishes the choices made regarding Austin's condition.[7][8]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

When the Sole Survivor first talks to Dr. Forsythe, he will ask that they give a blood sample for his research due to the fact that the vault dwellers have been "genetically isolated" while living in the vault. The Sole Survivor can refuse or accept to donate, or sell blood. Giving blood is a hidden requirement to start the quest Hole in the Wall.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Vault-Tec lab coat Overseer's room key


In a random encounter, the Sole Survivor may find a dead settler with a dead dog. The settler carries a note from Dr. Forsythe asking for a list of medical supplies, and instructing the carrier to use the intercom when they arrive.


Forsythe appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Holt Combes: "Hey, doc. How's business?"
    Jacob Forsythe: "I've told you before, I don't appreciate you referring to my services as a business." "I do serious work here, healing the sick and researching new medicines."
    Holt Combes: "Lighten up, doc. It's just a saying."
    (Holt Combes' and Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)
  2. Jacob Forsythe: "Did you clean the autoclave?"
    Rachel: "Yes, Dr. Forsythe. I clean it every day."
    Jacob Forsythe: "And all of my packs are wrapped?"
    Rachel: "Yes, Dr. Forsythe. I make sure all the packs are sterilized and wrapped every day."
    Jacob Forsythe: "I suppose that will do for now."
    Rachel: "I look forward to having this same conversation tomorrow."
    Jacob Forsythe: "What was that?"
    Rachel: "Nothing, Dr. Forsythe."
    (Jacob Forsythe's and Rachel's dialogue)
  3. Jacob Forsythe: "It's for my research." " The people of Vault 81 have been genetically isolated from the Commonwealth for many generations." "I'm trying to determine what the genetic variation is between the two populations."
    (Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)
  4. Jacob Forsythe: "often wonder about medical facilities in the Commonwealth and just how sanitary they must be."
    (Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)
  5. Jacob Forsythe: "I've heard some doctors out there specialize in facial reconstruction. I can't imagine attempting surgery in those conditions."
    (Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)
  6. Priscilla Penske: "You have to do something, Jacob!"
    Jacob Forsythe: "I'm running the tests as fast as I can, Priscilla." " I can't treat Austin until I know what he is infected with."
    (Jacob Forsythe's and Priscilla Penske's dialogue
  7. Jacob Forsythe: "Our visitor from the Commonwealth saved your life."
    (Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)
  8. Jacob Forsythe: "You what!? You've just sentenced Austin to death, you bastard."
    (Jacob Forsythe's dialogue)