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Jacob's holotapes are a series of four holotapes in Fallout 76, recorded by Jacob Lerner.


  • Part one can be found at Valley Galleria, on the counter of a kitchen area to the south of the restrooms, on the ground floor.
  • Part two can be found on the top floor of Valley Galleria, behind the counter of the book store, near a 10mm pistol and a duffle bag.
  • Part three can be found at Valley Galleria, on a kitchen counter in DeMarco-Boyle Housewares (ground floor).
  • Part four can be found outside Valley Galleria, in the southern part of the parking lot, on Jacob Lerner's corpse.


Part 1

Jacob: God dammit, Ella... What the hell... What the shit HELL am I doing here? Breathe dammit. You can do this.

This is Jacob Lerner. Probably soon to be deceased on account of some crazy, whack-job scientist, chasing after some goddamned plants. If anyone finds this, this here's my last will and testament. I want my baseball and mitt to go to Scott. All my smokes and liquor are for you, Karly. Let's see here... My snack cakes, those are for Charlie... no strike that, and screw you, Charlie! You're half the reason I'm in this mess to begin with!

Part 2

Jacob: This is Jacob again. That's right. Still alive. Still stuck in the fucking Valley Galleria! There's ghouls all over this place, and I. Am. Screwed. I ain't got a bullet to my name, and I lost my machete in the last ghoul that wanted to tussle.

You know, the more I think about it, this is all Charlie's fault. I never should have listened to that bastard. He's got a thing for Ella, and I'm pretty sure he just wanted me out of the way. He's the one that sent me here after those damn flowers. He planned this... I swear, if I get out of here, he's a dead man.

Part 3

Jacob: Somehow, I survived the night. Not sure how those things haven't' found me yet, but I won't complain. Lucky me, I found some old candy bars and a Nu'Cola. I can't tell if Life's toying with me or not. 'Cause if it's going to keep me fed just to throw me to the wolves, me and God are gonna have words when I get to them pearly gates.

I did some reflecting last night. Thought about how stupid it is I'm in this situation on account of some girl. Just stupid. But Ella... She's smart. Smarter than I'll ever be. And nice. I never did meet a girl that'd give me the time of day. Karly don't count, she's kin. But to think all I wanted was to get Ella those flowers she wanted for experiments... not worth dying over, no siree.

Part 4

Jacob: Fuck you, Charlie, I made it! I'm alive, and I made it out of that God forsaken shit hole of a mall. I got daylight to burn, and I'm heading to Harpers Ferry. I even found a few goddamn flowers for Ella. May not be the right ones, but I ain't coming back empty handed... And once I'm back... Charlie Walker is a dead man. Once I get my hands on him, I'm gonna --


Jacob: The hell...?


Jacob: *coughing*


Charlie: Didn't expect to see your face out here, Jakey. Least not alive anyways. Oh no, don't get up on my account. Tell you what. I'll take these here flowers, and give them to Ella with your regards. All you gotta do is die. Deal?

Jacob: *coughing* *wheezing*

Charlie: Figured you'd be on board.



All four of the tapes are known simply as "Jacob's holotape" in-game.