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Looks like we got a new visitor in the ol' Brahmin pen. Not many people coming here in a hurry, only passing through.

Ranger Jackson is a NCR Ranger and the commanding officer of Mojave Outpost in 2281.


A principled patriot with an excellent grasp of strategy, Jackson was posted to the Mojave Outpost to ensure that caravans could safely arrive in the Mojave and head on up to New Vegas. He can be found in the headquarters building of the outpost. The Courier can learn that the recent complications on the I-15 have frustrated him, as he cannot take any action without breaking his standing orders, but at the same time, the standing orders prevent him from carrying out his standing orders. Caught in a catch-22, Jackson has taken to venting to travelers to make the situation bearable.[1]

The orders in question demand that he keep a standing force at the NCR perimeter at all times, with a force of fresh recruits for a garrison. To make things worse, in order to deal with the situation up north, he'd have to send soldiers out and that would reduce his standing force below acceptable levels.[2] As a result, the outpost is backing up with caravans unable to turn around or press forward.[3][4] Any reinforcement requests are denied, as the NCR Army command focuses on maintaining numbers at Camp McCarran and frontline outposts like Camp Forlorn Hope. Soldiers who don't fall in that category are usually on leave, heading to New Vegas to lose their pay.[5]

Although he cannot disobey his orders, he is more than willing to work around them to fulfill his duties. While he cannot outright contract mercenaries, he can lose supplies to people willing to take on dangerous assignments to help fix his problems, such as clearing the path through the Ivanpah valley so that the caravans can start moving.[6][7] His ability to work around bureaucracy is an undeniable asset, as Jackson is one of the few people capable of navigating the byzantine legal systems of the republic safely and ensuring that a case reaches the courts and the Congress so that justice can be made.[8] He does not shy away from going against caravan families and other political bigwigs, motivated by his belief in due process and the law.[9] His strict approach to law and its principles goes double for frontier justice; he does not hesitate to put vigilantes in chains and ensure they're tried for murder.[10][11]

His single-minded belief in justice and patriotism helps keep him on the straight and narrow. Especially when greed and corruption lead to unnecessary loss of life among honest caravaneers,[12] weakening the republic's already fragile hold on the Mojave and threatening the very foundations of the grand democratic project, all in the face of the totalitarian Caesar's Legion.[13]

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  • Cass calls and mocks Jackson as a "washed-out old fuckup" when referencing her being prevented from leaving the outpost.[14] If the Courier has interacted with him previously, they can compliment Cass' impersonation of him.[15]
  • Even if the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel join forces and other NCR troopers accept Brotherhood armor to be worn around the base, Jackson will still attack if one wears Brotherhood faction armor.


Ranger Jackson appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "You sound frustrated."
    Jackson: "Frustrated? No. I have my orders - signed, and approved all the way up the chain from Kimball. And I understand the reasons. The Outpost isn't a Legion target, yet, not like Vegas or the Dam - but if the caravans get choked here, that's going to bite NCR hard. Anyway, didn't mean to talk your ear off. Some days... just feel like more requisition forms and daily reports come across my desk than results."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "You sure seem like you have enough soldiers."
    Jackson: "Soldiers, no, recruits, yes. And the Mojave Outpost has been ordered to have a standing force at the NCR perimeter at all times. So sending anyone out reduces the Outpost's numbers and would be in direct violation of my orders from back West."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  3. Jackson: "Looks like we got a new visitor in the ol' Brahmin pen. Not many people coming here in a hurry, only passing through. And if you're passing through, you picked a bad time. Road north has gone to hell, and if I let a caravan through, they won't make it."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "Anything you can tell me about the Outpost?"
    Ghost: "Not much to tell, one of the worst posts in the NCR if you're looking to be anything more than a babysitter. Full up here, but just enough so we can't send out patrols. Got to maintain a "standing force," Jackson's orders... NCR's orders. Can't spare men for patrols or escorts, so caravans are backing up here like a Brahmin with a bottle in its ass. Typical NCR bullshit."
    (Ghost's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "Is NCR sending more troops?"
    Jackson: "Sending more troops, yes, to reinforce the Outpost, no. Troops head through here on their way to McCarran or to the frontlines at Forlorn Hope. Or they're on leave, on their way to New Vegas to piss away their pay. All of them, passing through."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  6. The Courier: "You mentioned a reward before?"
    Jackson: "No, I mentioned you might accidentally get supplied, and I meant it. Not allowed to contract mercenaries at the Outpost. Still, a requisition form or two can get lost, and they're not going to come check... so here you go, just between us."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  7. Events of Can You Find it in Your Heart?
  8. The Courier: "Can you get it to the right people?"
    Jackson: "I can, if you make me a promise. I need you to swear you won't take revenge on Gloria or Alice. If you do, then your case is over, and we can't see that justice is done. I know some things are hard to let go, but you and Miss Cassidy need to understand that, hear me?"
    (Jackson's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken of the player character has yet to harm either Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs.
  9. The Courier: "If you can promise it gets where it needs to go."
    Jackson: "I can promise that, what happens after... not even God himself could move the Congress in or out of session. And this... this is a tricky matter."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  10. The Courier: "Sure... no problem."
    Jackson: "Hmmm. All right - you change your mind and start shooting, then I can't help you. Show up here after, I'll put you in chains. Get on now, I'll make sure this gets West and let the wheels of law start turning in the courts."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  11. The Courier: "Can you get it to the right people?"
    Jackson: "No. No, I can't. Because this evidence might be true... but it doesn't just implicate them. It's a motive for what happened up North, someone went cruising through both compounds, killed them all. I'm guessing that was you. If so, you're not leaving this outpost except in chains."
    (Jackson's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken of the player character slaughters both Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs.
  12. The Courier: "I have evidence of a caravan conspiracy."
    Jackson: "What is it? Let me see. All right. This is... this explains a lot of the lost caravans. I thought it was Legion work, but..."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  13. The Courier: "You have our word."
    Jackson: "That'll have to do. God, what a mess. People turning against each other when the Mojave's at risk of falling? If the Republics sinkhole-progress doesn't kill us, greed will. Thanks for bringing me this, I know revenge must have been tempting. For what it's worth, I appreciate you didn't shed any more blood. We need to save our strength for the Legion."
    (Jackson's dialogue)
  14. The Courier: "Why would they do that?"
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "My guess is Legion, they're trying to cut NCR's supply line... and the Mojave Outpost is proof. Got us locked up tighter than a New Vegas virgin. No caravans in, out, and just try arguing with Jackson about it. "Roads aren't safe," he says. No shit, you washed-out old fuckup, I didn't need a Brotherhood Scribe to tell me that."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)
  15. The Courier: "I've met him. Nice impersonation."
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Yeah, he's been with NCR so long all he can see is the worst outcome of everything - so he doesn't do anything."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)