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The Jackpot: (Location Name) missions form a series of Railroad radiant quests in Fallout 4. P.A.M. asks the Sole Survivor to collect DIA caches at various locations. At the beginning of each quest she will give the Sole Survivor an RFID card that will cause the cache to open when the player gets close enough. The sites are fixed, but the order in which they are attributed will vary.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad radiant quest: Jackpot
Talk to P.A.M.
Travel to the set location.
Find the cache.
Return to P.A.M.
Reward: 250+ XP
Covert sweater vest
Ballistic weave
Deliverer mods for sale

Detailed walkthrough

Drummer Boy will tell the Sole Survivor that P.A.M. wants something. Talk to P.A.M. and she will explain there are DIA caches hidden around the area, containing all sorts of military-grade gear and supplies that the Railroad is in dire need of. She hands over an RFID device that will reveal these caches. Travel to the indicated location and follow the quest marker to the hidden compartment. There will be enemies. There is no need to fully clear out the location, as the goal this time is only to reach the cache. When the Sole Survivor gets close enough, the wall section will open up to reveal shelves stocked with various apparel, weapons, ammo and additional aid items. Ransack the cache and leave the area. Return to P.A.M. for a reward. Talk with Tinker Tom before leaving Railroad HQ to unlock Ballistic weave (or one will miss it) and the option for him to sell Deliverer mods.

There are three caches:

Hub 360

The door with the cache cannot be reached from any area inside (or from the various terraces) of the Hub 360 proper. The top and bottom entrances do not give access to it. This can be quite misleading when trying to follow the quest marker. Instead, the Sole Survivor needs to climb the building with the LIQUORS neon sign, from street level using the exterior stairs next to an Abraxo advertisement painted on its red brick wall, between the Hub itself and a smaller building. There is a Railroad secret sign with an arrow indicating up at the base of the stairs. Enter the Hub to reach the cache, after crossing buildings via make-shift walkways. Alternatively, the Jackpot cache can be reached from the broken buildings on the west side of Hub 360. One method of reaching the door is to jump from the overpass onto the ledge, though death is likely, and there is no safe jump down to the broken buildings without the use of power armor or the Freefall Legs. Another possible way to reach it is by using a jet pack through the hatch in the roof of the lower elevator or jumping through the hatch while the elevator is going down from the top floor.

Medford Memorial Hospital

The cache is on the third level. It is on the east side of the map near the medical lockup. The hospital will be overrun with super mutants.

Pinnacle Highrise

Entrance to the ruined skyscraper is just up through the fallen skybridge or from a fire escape.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Secure the DIA cachePAM is sending me to secure a DIA Cache that is hidden in an old world building. I have a RFID device that will unlock the cache when I get nearby.
200 Report back to P.A.M.As soon as I got near the DIA Cache it opened like magic. There were a whole bunch of goodies inside. Runners will pick it up later. Time to report back to PAM.
300Quest finishedQuest completeThe DIA Cache is secure and the Railroad has more tools to help Synths.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


  • If the conversation with Tinker Tom after finishing the first Jackpot mission, but before leaving the Railroad HQ, that unlocks the Ballistic weave is not taken, the next time he will no longer offer the option, necessitating a reload to a previous save.
  • While Railroad members say the player should leave everything there to be picked up later, one can still loot everything in the cache without repercussions.
  • Finishing the first Jackpot mission and talking with Tinker Tom before leaving the HQ will result in him having armored "covert" clothing items for sale. These can include suits, dresses, casual wear or even a bathrobe. They look ordinary from the outside but are all boosted with ballistic weave, and offer a lot of defense, even more than some armor sets.
  • Finishing the first Jackpot mission and talking with Tinker Tom will also allow him to unlock the ability for the player to upgrade many articles of clothing with ballistic weave, according to the current level of the Armorer perk.
  • After turning in the third Jackpot mission, the Sole Survivor is given two rewards. Having Rank I and/or II of Idiot Savant can activate on both of these if done right.
  • After retrieving a cache, one can return to the cache at a later time and items will have respawned. Medford Memorial Hospital can frequently benefit from this as radiant quests can send the player to this location many times.
  • The location of the first mission is chosen after building the defenses in Mercer Safehouse, the second and third locations are chosen randomly when turning in the previous Jackpot quest, making it possible to choose the location of the next mission.


  • PCPC Due to the dialogue flag setting, it is possible to miss the chance of learning Ballistic weave mod. Drummer Boy will keep saying that Tinker Tom wanted to see the Sole Survivor but Tinker Tom will not initiate the corresponding dialogue. Console command SetStage 5BC93 260 will fix this.[verified]
    • One may also unlock Ballistic weave mod without doing P.A.M.'s mission with the following console commands:
      Set RailroadClothingArmorModAvailable to 1
      Set RailroadClothingArmor_ChanceNone to 0