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The Jackals are no more than a handful of scarred and tattooed reprobates, scraping out a living by preying on anything weaker than them.Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide

Jackal gang members are members of the Jackals tribal-gang in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281. These low-level raiders are encountered relatively early in Fallout: New Vegas, appearing primarily in the area south of Goodsprings and west of Camp Searchlight.


The Jackals are one of the three raider tribes that originated from the inhabitants of Vault 15 (the others being the Vipers and the Khans). The Jackals are a very weak group of raiders in Fallout: New Vegas, having been reduced to a shadow of their former strength by the law bringing forces of the NCR.


Most Jackal gang members are generally poorly equipped, with the majority of them being limited to low-level melee weapons such as knives or lead pipes. One or two Jackals in a group of 4-6 may carry a 10mm pistol or a varmint rifle, and a Jackal may extremely rarely be equipped with a cowboy repeater. Their armor is likewise very poor, with most wearing either wasteland outfits, merc outfits, or (slightly less commonly) leather armor.

Occasionally, a Jackal gang member may be equipped with metal armor. A low-level character can usually take them down with a minimal hit-point loss, although a Jackal with metal armor can resist weak firearms (with a DT as high as 12, although any AP ammunition will negate the entire resistance) and pose a moderate threat.

Most groups of Jackal gang members are lead by a Jackal gang leader, who has slightly superior health and combat skills. Jackals are hostile towards most other Mojave Wasteland inhabitants, including the player character and other raider groups such as the Powder Gangers and Vipers. They are mutually neutral towards giant mantises, which infest some of their hideouts such as the Nevada Highway Patrol station.


In their weakened state, the Jackals generally lack the resources to patrol the Mojave and are usually only encountered at specific Jackal hideouts, most of which are in the southwest quadrant of the world map. Jackals can be found encamped at the Nevada Highway Patrol station south of Primm, the Nipton Road pit stop on the road to Nipton, occupying the Prospector's Den, and occupying Bradley's shack. Two can also be found in a sheet metal shack south of the northern passage at the northern perimeter of the city of New Vegas.

Interactions with the player character

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After installing the 1.3 patch, Jackal gang members may carry grenade rifles at level 10 or above.


Jackal gang members appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.