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We win town of the year every year, we've got no end of food, and no troubles at all.

Jack Smith is part of a family of inbred cannibals living in Andale, along with his wife and sister Linda and their son Junior in 2277.


House-proud and vehemently opposed to outside influences, the Smiths are a strange but reasonably friendly bunch. Jack seems to be Andale's patriarch, and he knows the best little town in America is here, where Linda bakes a delicious meat pie![1]

Jack reveals himself as a political conservative when chatting to the player, stating that in elections held in Andale, he never votes for "those beatnik liberal commies," instead claiming that it is "every American's civic duty to cast his vote for his favorite Republican candidate."

Proud to be an American, Jack and his wife (and sister) Linda have a son Junior Smith. While his wife cooks and cleans the house, he goes to work with his neighbor (and brother) Bill Wilson in the "family business," butchering the bodies of dead wastelanders in order to feed themselves and their families, which has been the way of life in Andale, ever since the Great War.

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  • Our Little Secret: Like all residents of Andale, Jack Smith is a cannibal. Uncover their secret and choose to let them continue their slaughter of wasteland inhabitants, or kill them all.


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Jack Smith appears only in Fallout 3.


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