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Jack Rockford's log is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found in the Intern's terminal located at the 28th floor of the Mass Fusion building in a terminal near the safe containing the Freefall Legs.


Welcome, Jack. Please select an entry.


So excited to be working at Mass Fusion. The other interns seem cool. Dan's a postdoc in nuclear physics - I'm sure he'll get to work on the reactor. Alyssa's a specialist in electrical engineering and energy capture. It kind of makes materials science sound lame, but at least we're getting along well.


This sucks. The north elevator was down for maintainenceIn-game spelling again today, and the south elevator prioritizes the lower floors, so it took over an hour just to get out of the building tonight.

I would have walked down, but there aren't any emergency stairs on this level. I can't believe they didn't put in stairs. Isn't that a code violation or something? What if both elevators failed? Sure, sure, "redundant systems." But it could happen. How would we get down?


Idea. How about boots that could absorb the impact of a fall?

It's like Power Armor. Power Armor has an integrated hydraulic show absorbtionIn-game spelling system, but that's too bulky to be usable without the frame to provide support. But if you could replace the hydraulics with a kinetic repulsion system, the same principles would apply. Could be worth a try.


They work.

I need some way to show them off. I heard the holiday party is up on the roof this year. That's my chance - have a few drinks, and then just whoops, fall off the building. can't wait to see the look on their faces. I'll get the job for sure.

Until then, I'm keeping them locked in my safe. Better if this is a surprise.


The key. I forgot the key.


It's been three days now. I think. It's hard to tell.

I only stopped in for a few minutes - I was just going to pick up some papers. And then I heard the bombs. It sounded like the whole tower was coming apart. Nearly did. The hall outside is a wreck. I can't even get the door open.

The boots are in the safe, but I can't get them out. I drank the last of the Nuka last night. All I can do now is wait.