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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jack O' Lantern.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 0014778A 0014BE6D Miscellaneous Greetings You there! Wait, I know you. Welcome back!
2 003232A5 You don't have enough! Search the area for wild pumpkin vines.
3 0052B652 You there! Let me take a look at you. Yes, yes, you'll do nicely. Preoccupied, glad somebody finally came along.
4 0052B654 You there! Yes, I remember you! Back for more seeds, are you? Familiar, friendly
5 0052B64B 0052B655 Miscellaneous Idles So many pumpkins to carve, so little time!
6 0052B656 On days like these, I wonder what I'm even carving for.
7 0052B658 It can't be called the Pumpkin House without more pumpkins!
8 0052B659 There's no such thing as too many pumpkins!
9 0058487B 00584882 See you later. Indeed!
10 0058487C 0052B651 Here are your pumpkins. Yes, yes! So many fresh pumpkins! I'll get to carving right away!
11 As for your reward, I've gathered some... slightly radioactive seeds from the rotten pumpkins.
12 They may not seem like much, but they're a key ingredient for baking fresh, homemade Pumpkin Grenades! Erm... use with caution.
13 Stop by again soon, will you? A carver's work is never done!
14 0052B653 Here are your pumpkins. As usual, many thanks for your service. As promised, here are your seeds.
15 0058487D 00584884 Why are you still maintaining this place? Because my programming demands it. But he loves it
16 "Priority 0: Gather pumpkins and prepare for the festival."
17 See, the mandate couldn't be clearer.
18 0058487E 00584883 You're positively chipper. Oh yes, indeed. It's good to have a purpose.
19 Even if, admittedly, the festival turn out looks like it will be a tad low.
20 0058487F 00584885 How can I help? To the point! Visitors demand perfectly carved pumpkins for the fall festival but they simply won't stop rotting away! Erm... that's where you come in.
21 Kindly fetch me some pumpkins to carve, will you? You will be adequately compensated, I assure you.
22 00584886 I'm back to help again. Kindly fetch me some pumpkins to carve, will you? You will be adequately compensated, I assure you.
23 00584880 00584881 Where are my manners? Welcome to the Pumpkin House, one of the most popular attractions in Appalachia. I'm Jack, the caretaker here!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 001A179A 001A179B Welcome to the Pumpkin House! Upbeat