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My approach is to combine a rigorous scientific method while keeping an absolutely open mind. So much has been closed off to us simply because people assumed they already knew the answers.— Jack Cabot

Jack Cabot is a member of the Cabot family living in Cabot House in Boston in 2287.


Born sometime in the 19th century, Jack is the son of archaeologist Lorenzo Cabot. In 1894,[2] his father led an expedition to the Rub' al Khali desert in search of the fabled Ubar civilization.[3][4] After Lorenzo returned to Boston from the Middle East with an alien artifact, he was found to have been granted supernatural abilities, yet also been rendered insane by the effects of the crown.[5] For the safety of both Lorenzo and those around him, Jack, as superintendent, imprisoned the archaeologist along with his artifact at Parsons State Insane Asylum in 1898.[6]

Jack's life is devoted to investigating the artifact. His studies into the mysterious object subsequently resulted in the development of a serum derived from his father's blood that defied aging, halting and even reversing the process. In turn, Jack's special serums granted him and his family the ability to live for more than four hundred years.[4][7] Over that time, he has spent his time researching, protecting his family and their secrets from the outside world, and finding servants to help carry out his work.[8] He maintained his position by occasionally faking his death and "inheriting" the family property as a distant relative.[9] In the aftermath of the Great War, he and his newest helper, Edward Deegan, rushed to Parsons to secure his father's containment. This led to Deegan's ghoulification, which benefited Jack due to no longer needing to find replacement helpers. After the situation stabilized, Jack buried himself in his research while Deegan began handling the family's external affairs.[10][11]

More than two centuries after the Great War, he continues to live in Cabot House with his mother Wilhelmina and sister Emogene, furthering his research into a cure for his father's insanity. While he initially disagreed with his father's theory of an extraterrestrial precursor civilization, he has come to believe in it over the years and hopes to one day mount a similar expedition himself. He believes that humanity can recover from the nuclear devastation and regain its former glory.[12][13] His sister, Emogene, has a more negative view of his efforts, seeing him as controlling for trying to curb her trips outside the house and suspecting that he no longer truly cares to cure their father.[14][15]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Effects of player's actions[]

Other interactions[]

  • If the player character immediately leaves after speaking with Deegan in the quest Special Delivery, Cabot may start following them across the Commonwealth. He will return to Cabot House once spoken to.
  • After receiving the artifact gun from Jack, if the player character chooses to ask what Jack will do now, Jack will say he will travel to the Southwest, as his father believed that there was another alien city buried somewhere below the Mojave Desert.
  • Should Jack survive, one may randomly encounter him in the Commonwealth with Deegan. If asked about his presence there, he will explain his desire to explore the world around him. Subsequently, he will offer to buy fiber optics from the player character, although he only has a small amount of caps on him. If asked as to the reason he needs them, he will only state that the public is not quite ready for his experiments.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Cabot's lab coat Laser pistol Stimpak


  • Siding with Jack will cause him to permanently stay in the Parsons State Insane Asylum basement unless the player character decides to free Lorenzo before killing him.
  • Some in-game time later, Jack's appearance may change drastically (like his sister's) and he will appear old. He may also comment on his mother's death, mentioning that she could not survive long without the serum.
  • At one point, Jack Cabot will guess the Sole Survivor's age. Himself being 400 years old, Jack will estimate the Sole Survivor to be at least 200 years old, guessing they were born mid-21st century. The Sole Survivor can say he's correct, deny or evade the question, or inquire as to how he came to this conclusion, to which he replies their demeanor, appearance, health and manners are a dead giveaway. This puts the Sole Survivor's birth date reasonably anywhere from the early 2040s to the mid-2050s, given their accomplishments in life prior to the Great War.
  • Jack's terminal in the Cabot House has a glitch in which it displays his last name as "Cab0t" rather than "Cabot." This has apparently persisted ever since Jack first installed the terminal in 1968, and even RobCo technicians could not fix the glitch, much to his annoyance.[16] Secretly, this "glitch" was a prank played on Jack by Emogene via a bat file placed in the root directory of the database server.[17][18]


Jack Cabot appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Jack Cabot's appearance and mannerisms, and first name are based on real-life rocket scientist Jack Parsons, known for his experimental work with rocket propulsion in the 1940s and for being a leader of the OTO, a religious group which practices magic and rituals.
    • Jack Cabot's appearance is likely based on Grady Louis McMurtry, a friend of Jack Parsons.
    • His family's surname alludes to the real-world Cabot family, part of the Boston Brahmin, also known as the "first families of Boston." High Priestess Laurie Cabot, a living Salem-based occultist, claims to be related to the historic Cabot family.
  • When initiating his questline, his dialogue with the player character includes the line, "but that's a story for another time," and the phrase "hidden histories." This is a nod from the developers to the Shoddycast YouTube channel, which prominently features Bethesda games among other assorted franchises.
  • If the player character chooses the "I'm Impressed" dialogue option when accepting the artifact gun, he will reference GLaDOS from the Portal series "Still Alive" end-credit song with the line "You made a neat gun!"



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