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Jack was a programmer and member of the Sunshine Tidings co-op hippie commune in 2077.


A man of relative authority within the commune, he reported to Allen when he and his friends stole and reprogrammed a Mister Handy from the Nadaville suburbs. His beatnik commune, however, saw this theft (and possibly breaking and entering, and assault if their ideology was correct) as emancipation. They believed that all robots were slaves and must be freed from their owners, imprinting on them their own emotional and ideological hangups.[1]

Although his fate is unknown, in the devastation of the Great War, his commune was simply forgotten, passing from memory along with the co-op. For the next two hundred and ten years however, "Professor Goodfeels" continually hovered around the now desolate area and greeting the now feral residents.[2]


Jack is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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