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Commander Jabsco is the leader of the Talon Company mercenary organization in 2277.


Leader of the Talon Company mercenaries, Jabsco says he has proved his worth in the combat zone countless times, although his troops haven't seen evidence of this. Nor are they likely to; Jabsco plans attacks on all foes from a bunker deep within Fort Bannister. Face him with considerable force, and you may see why his critics have dubbed him "Jetting Jabsco" for his tendency to flee combat.[1]

Commander Jabsco operates out of Fort Bannister, from the CO bunker, and is protected by Talon Company mercenaries. Unlike other Talon Company mercenaries, he wears metal armor and a Talon Company combat helmet, a unique piece of armor. For protection, he uses a missile launcher in combat, falling back to a Chinese pistol sidearm and Occam's Razor, a unique combat knife for close combat.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Severed.finger colored.png
This character drops a finger upon death (Lawbringer).

Other interactions

  • Commander Jabsco is a hostile non-player character. Fighting him is the only interaction possible.
  • Upon encountering Commander Jabsco, two to three Talon mercenaries will spawn to assist him. They are comparatively short non-player characters, and almost resemble children in size.
  • At the beginning of the fight, he will run to a terminal and activate a Mister Gutsy to assist him. He is supported by a pair of automated turrets in his lair, but the targeting parameters of these turrets can be reset to fire on him by using the terminal on the wall right before entering his lair.
  • Jabsco has decent armor and a very large amount of health (with more hit points than a deathclaw or most non-player character companions).



Killing Commander Jabsco before completing the Take it Back! main quest will prevent the occurrence of a special encounter in the Broken Steel add-on, in which Paladin Jensen and a squad of Brotherhood of Steel paladins launch an attack on the Talon Company forces around Fort Bannister.


Commander Jabsco appears only in Fallout 3.