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This is a transcript for dialogue with JES-2R.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Greetings_Prep 0056B8A1 You look like you can handle yourself. (static) Otherwise, you may be in for a rough night. Shroud / Narrator
2 0056B8A2 Do you have what it takes to (static) really give them something to remember! Shroud / Kid
3 0056B8A3 Can I count on you, my capable companion? (static) There's nothing more despicable than betrayal. Mistress / Shroud
4 0056B8A4 Is everyone ready? A raid like this requires (static) countless accomplices, working in tandem to achieve their wicked goals. Mistress / Shroud
5 0056B8A5 Are we there yet? I'm getting (static) all our preparations perfectly in order. Kid / Mistress
6 Greetings_MakeMischief 0056B8A7 It's not enough! I want (static) complete and utter mayhem. The streets are awash with depravity- (static) Kid / Shroud
7 0056B8A8 What do you want? (static) There is still so much to do before this can be called a celebration. Kid / Mistress
8 0056B8A9 It's so peaceful. Perhaps... too peaceful. (static) We will not leave this problem unsolved! Mistress / Shroud
9 0056B8AA Think! In this situation, I should (static) call on your creativity, and you'll find countless ways to contribute. Shroud / Mistress
10 0056B8AB Next time you're looking for something to do, remember that (static) destruction comes in many forms- (static) Narrator / Shroud
11 Greetings_LightPyre 0056B8AD I will await your advisory alarm. (static) Let's make a fire! Mistress / Kid
12 0056B8AE Are we done already? (static) A single spark could have alerted the others to this precarious situation. Kid / Narrator
13 0056B8AF Is everyone finished? (static) Be sure to send me the signal. Kid / Mistress
14 Greetings_FinalWave 0056B8B1 People are dying every day, (static) and you think it's a tip-top time to talk to me? Narrator / Mistress
15 0056B8B2 This isn't teamwork! (static) Our allies are out there fighting for us. Shroud / Mistress
16 0056B8B3 Don't you have anything better to do? (static) There's a dangerous villain on the loose! Kid / Shroud
17 Hellos_Prep 0056B8E7 You're just in time for this jaunty junction of wills. Stay (static) and we will see justice dispensed! Mistress / Shroud
18 0056B8E8 Hello? Is someone there? (static) You're just in time for the main event. Kid / Narrator
19 0056B8E9 It's silly to shy away. (static) Come help me, come on! It'll be fun! Mistress / Kid
20 0056B8EA I must ask our listeners for a steady heart and an open mind, as we descend into (static) the deepest depths of depravity. Narrator / Mistress
21 0056B8EB Welcome back, dear listeners. It's time once again to (static) deliver foul justice to the evildoers! Narrator / Shroud
22 Hellos_NoCostume 0056B8ED To have one's face recognized is (static) the greatest of evils. We must banish it at once! Narrator / Shroud
23 0056B8EE Are you trying to get caught? (static) Cover your head; it's dangerous! Mistress / Kid
24 0056B8EF That outfit is boring. Are we playing dress up or not? (static) Find a fashion choice more fitting to the occasion, friend. Kid / Mistress
25 0056B8F0 Oh, this won't do. This won't do at all. (static) Where is your disguise? Mistress / Shroud
26 0056B8F1 See here, will you? (static) This capricious caper calls for a costume. Kid / Mistress
27 Idles_Prep 0056B878 The hand of justice never rests- (static) but in this case, I'm willing to wait awhile for sufficient support. Shroud / Mistress
28 0056B879 Tonight we bring you the next chapter of (static) a cruel and crafty revenge, this one even more terrible than the rest. Narrator / Shroud
29 0056B87A Will everyone come to my party? (static) A very good question indeed. Kid / Narrator
30 0056B87B When their plans for the evening take a chilling turn- (static) I look forward to it. Narrator / Mistress
31 0056B87C I wonder how it'll go this time. (static) Better, or worse? Only you can be the judge of that. Kid / Narrator
32 Idles_Hints 0056B87E One of my most treasured traditions was to (static) go door to door and take their candy! Haven't you heard of it? Mistress / Kid
33 0056B87F There, on the side of the building- (static) It could use some decoration, don't you think? Shroud / Mistress
34 0056B880 These walls look like they've barely been touched. (static) We can fix that, can't we? I have some paint and- (static) Mistress / Kid
35 0056B881 Trick-or-treat! Gimme some candy (static) or an explosive surprise. Kid / Shroud
36 0056B882 Gee, it sure is dark out here. I wonder if (static) a series of blazing fires could light the way. Kid / Narrator
37 0056B883 By the time our story is done, its setting should be (static) dangling over a pit of fire. Narrator / Shroud
38 0056B884 Pristine architecture, immaculate green lawns- (static) Just stick this in the ground, and they're in for a sharp surprise. (static) Narrator / Kid
39 0056B885 Come with me! We're going to make some (static) abject chaos. Activities such as arson, vandalism, and murder- (static) Kid / Narrator
40 0056B886 Those who surmise to stand against us will be (static) sent back to the mechanical hell that spawned them! Mistress / Shroud
41 0056B887 Such a picturesque evening- (static) It would be unthinkable to let this pass quietly! Narrator / Shroud
42 Idles_FinalWave 0056B889 This story could have only one outcome: (static) the head of evil, crushed beneath my foot! Narrator / Shroud
43 0056B88A And so our heroes found themselves in a terrible struggle with (static) forces greater than our own, yet weak with depravity! Narrator / Shroud
44 0056B88B Begone, villains! The likes of you should (static) understand how I felt, now. Shroud / Kid
45 0056B88C I-I'm so s-scared... (static) Is that what you expected me to say? How silly of you. Kid / Mistress
46 0056B88D Come at me if you dare, but you'll never (static) see my real face again. Shroud / Mistress
47 Idles_Nuked 0056B88F Did you see what's in the bowl? It's (static) a necessity in this kind of weather. Kid / Shroud
48 0056B890 Look around! There's no need to fear, for (static) we have my favorite candy, in the bowl over there. Try some! Shroud / Kid
49 0056B891 For this kind of situation, there are stations scattered around the area (static) offering sure safety from the storm. Narrator / Mistress
50 0056B892 I love candy! This one is so sweet that it makes (static) resistance against the mightest of forces. Kid / Shroud
51 0056B893 Such a savage storm. If this doesn't subside, we'll have to (static) find other ways to survive. Mistress / Narrator
52 Shared_FollowMe 0056B895 Let's go, let's go! I can't wait to (static) show these villains what they have to fear! Kid / Shroud
53 0056B896 It's time, dear listeners, to open your (static) most nefarious instincts, with nothing held back. Narrator / Shroud
54 0056B897 The time has come! Follow at my heels, and we'll (static) turn the world as it we know it upside down. Shroud / Narrator
55 0056B898 Now, could I compell you to (static) make a big mess! The biggest you've ever seen! Mistress / Kid
56 0056B899 Follow me, follow me! (static) We have much to do, my audacious allies. Kid / Mistress
57 Shared_HeresWhy 0056B89B I wanted to stay here forever, but the other kids- (static) They roam freely, while I watch from the shadows. Kid / Shroud
58 0056B89C Well, I worked here, once upon a time. I was (static) thrown away like a piece of garbage! Mistress / Kid
59 0056B89D At this peculiar resort, the unsuspecting patrons are (static) due for a harsh reality check. Narrator / Shroud
60 0056B89E It has been said that money is the root of all evil. So, when greed knows no bounds, (static) perhaps proper punishment is in order. Narrator / Mistress
61 0056B89F To lounge in the lap of luxury, watching while the rest of the world falls apart- (static) It's not fair! It's not fair! Mistress / Kid
62 E03A_Mischief_FinalWaveScene 0056B872 I sense a rather robust resistance, roiling toward us. (static) We must have really bugged them. Mistress / Kid
63 0056B873 An alarm pierced through the quiet night, and (static) the scoundrels finally reveal their faces. Narrator / Shroud
64 0056B874 Neener neener neener! (static) We've been caught! So much for a quiet entrance. Kid / Shroud
65 0056B875 What happens next is quite a turn, for (static) the assailants become the ambushed, and must fight for their lives. Narrator / Mistress
66 0056B876 Seems we created quite a stir. So much that (static) the authorities are on their way already. Mistress / Shroud


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
67 DefaultGreetings 0056B8C9 What can an ordinary citizen do in the face of something so powerful, so terrible, (static) and with no hand to control it? Narrator / Mistress
68 0056B8D3 Do you really think you could do it? Could you (static) put aside all that you think you know, all you believe to be true. Kid / Narrator
69 0056B8D4 Dear listener, if you feel tired and confused- (static) You are not alone, my dear. Narrator / Mistress
70 0056B8D5 In a situation such as this, the best anyone can do is (static) stick together and support each other's missions. Narrator / Mistress
71 0056B8D6 Do you know who I am? (static) Of course not, dummy. Shroud / Kid
72 0056B8D7 Take a good look around. Do you really think (static) this is real? It can't be. Shroud / Kid
73 0056B8D8 Were you wondering where I've been? Well, (static) in a deep, dark hole, where no other living creature can be found. Mistress / Narrator
74 0056B8D9 Shall I let slip a little secret? (static) I miss home! I don't want to be here anymore! Mistress / Kid
75 0056B8DA It's good to be back! (static) But the feeling is bittersweet. Mistress / Narrator
76 0056B8DB If you inquire on what's important, you may find (static) there is no clear answer. The investigation continues- (static) Mistress / Narrator
77 0056B8F3 I won't say I'm apprehensive, but (static) I'm keeping my eye on you. Mistress / Shroud
78 DefaultHellos 0056B8F4 Suspicious stranger, is it safe to say that (static) y-you won't hurt me? You p-promise? Mistress / Kid
79 0056B8F5 Have you an inkling of my identity? (static) You first! It's only fair! Mistress / Kid
80 0056B8F6 Gee, hello there! Are you (static) an instrument of justice, or a foul inventor of evil? Kid / Shroud
81 0056B8F7 Hey, you wanna play? (static) We hope you'll tune in again at our regularly scheduled- (static) Kid / Narrator
82 0056B8F8 Slowly now, reveal yourself! (static) I-I'm not afraid of strangers! No siree! Shroud / Kid
83 0056B8F9 Stop! You tread in the presence of (static) many unsolved mysteries. Does it make you wonder? Shroud / Narrator
84 0056B8FA Now, tell us! Who leads you? Who's responsible for all these (static) grim and grisly outcomes. Shroud / Narrator
85 0056B8FB On this fateful night, something sinister is afoot. (static) You cannot hide from the- (static) Narrator / Shroud
86 0056B8FC Welcome back, dear listeners. (static) Do you have anything to say for yourself, before I- (static) Narrator / Shroud
87 Hellos_PlayerInCostume 0056B8FE And you, in the disguise! Who are you? (static) Don't answer that. Your dedication to secrecy speaks for itself. Shroud / Mistress
88 0056B8FF Today we greet a character whose identity is uncertain. (static) There is no greater protection! Narrator / Shroud
89 0056B900 Wow! That's a cool costume! (static) Do not remove it, or by my word, I'll remove your head. Kid / Shroud
90 0056B901 I can barely recognize you in that costume! (static) And what a boon it is, being protected by privacy. Kid / Mistress
91 0056B902 I would recognize that Shroud anywhere. (static) Stay close, won't you? Mistress / Kid
92 DefaultIdles 0056B8BA (radio static)
93 0056B8BB (radio static)
94 0056B8BC (mysterious beeping) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcv_cGLjxCY
95 0056B8BD (mysterious beeping) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcv_cGLjxCY
96 0056B8BE (mysterious beeping) Garbled Morse code for "hiding"
97 0056B8BF (mysterious beeping) Garbled Morse code for "Safe yet?"
98 0056B8C0 Yes! It is time we knew the truth. (static) Such a fickle phenomenon. If only we could reproduce it with regularity. Shroud / Mistress
99 0056B8C1 For the moment, it seems that all is quiet and still. But looks can be deceiving, and (static) nothing is what it seems. Narrator / Shroud
100 0056B8C2 I always believed in the good in people. It made me (static) a first class fool! I'm so embarrassed! Mistress / Kid
101 0056B8C3 In tonight's episode, we follow the story of (static) an innocent who was cast out, found alive in the- (static) Narrator / Mistress
102 0056B8C4 In my current condition, my only forecast for myself is (static) a long nap in a deep hole! Mistress / Shroud
103 0056B8C5 M-Mommy? Can I come out now? (static) Fool! Did you learn nothing from your failures? Kid / Shroud
104 0056B8C6 This place reminds me of (static) a time from long ago, once familiar, now hauntingly distant. Kid / Narrator
105 0056B8C7 Those who have more than others, and choose to hoard their possessions- (static) So, evil does have a name. Narrator / Shroud
106 0056B8C8 Next, we observe the effects of (static) a lavish land, left to languish. Can new life find a way here? Narrator / Mistress
107 0056B8D2 My head feels funny... (static) It's just more of the same. Kid / Shroud
108 Greetings_EventSucceededRecently 0056B8CB If the moral is revenge is sweet, (static) do you agree? Narrator / Mistress
109 0056B8CC To end it here would be (static) a scheme short-lived. Shall we do it again? Narrator / Mistress
110 0056B8DD And that brings an end to our tale. Be sure to tune in (static) and stand by us again, for your help was invaluable. Narrator / Shroud
111 0056B8DE You played a pivotal part in this prosperous outcome. I hope you'll (static) come back again soon! Mistress / Kid
112 0056B8DF Gratitude is in order, for (static) a super fun time! That was a blast! Shroud / Kid
113 0056B8E1 Thanks to your help, (static) it would suffice to say that was a scintillating success. Kid / Mistress
114 Greetings_EventFailedRecently 0056B8B8 So much lost, and so little learned. (static) Shall we try that again? Narrator / Mistress
115 0056B8E3 How... disappointing! Don't tell me (static) is that the best you have? I can't believe it. Shroud / Kid
116 0056B8E4 It's another chilling reminder, dear listeners, to (static) try harder! Can't you do any better? Narrator / Kid
117 0056B8E5 If there's anything we can learn from, it's (static) the series of choices that led to this point. Mistress / Narrator
118 Idles_EventSucceededRecently 0056B8CD Sweet victory! (static) Now that I've tried it, to turn back would be a travesty. Shroud / Mistress
119 0056B8CE What chaos and confusion! This (static) story will be remembered for years to come. Mistress / Narrator
120 0056B8CF I feel a little better now, but (static) what could make up for years of baseless debauchery? Kid / Shroud
121 0056B8E0 And so our unlikely heroes emerged from this encounter both victorious and intact. (static) I can't wait to do it again! Narrator / Kid
122 Idles_EventFailedRecently 0056B8B4 There's always next time- (static) But I want it now! Now! Mistress / Kid
123 0056B8B5 I... I only wanted to (static) see my ambitions arrive at actuality. Kid / Mistress
124 0056B8B6 An utter failure! How could this (static) be the outcome, when so much has gone right before. Shroud / Narrator
125 0056B8B7 Following a series of flimsy failures, (static) this tale, like so many others, ends in tragedy. Mistress / Narrator