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J. Schram's house[1] is an unmarked location close to Morgantown and directly north of Bolton Greens in the Forest region of Appalachia. It is the former home of notorious cat killer J. Schram.


Plastic cat bowls and old cat traps (actually repurposed lobster traps) are strewn all throughout the house, and several pots of moldy cat stew can be found in the emaciated kitchen. The upstairs is decayed, with missing floorboards and a hole in the roof above the bedroom. The only point of pride in the house that can be found are the cat head trophies which are proudly displayed near the front door underneath the only working light in the house.

Outside of the house itself, a number of harvestable crops can be found in the fields behind the home. The metal hangar on the property of the farm has two locked doors and containers and is a spawn point for random creatures.


J. Schram's house is referred to as "The Ailurophile's Farm" in the official game guide.[2]


J. Schram's house appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The house's owner, J. Schram, is a reference to former Bethesda level designer Justin Schram. Although he left the company in March 2017, he was credited with special thanks on Fallout 76.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Prior to patch, the name on the mailbox was floating above and off of it.[verified]



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