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J. Hendricks was the last known overseer of Vault 22.


In February of 2096, Hendricks left Vault 22 with 117 of his fellow vault dwellers when an outbreak of mutated spores took over the vault. Arriving in Zion Canyon on February 11th, he and the other former vault dwellers were surprised to find a group of Mexican tribals. The holodisk he left claims that the vault dwellers were "attacked by primitives" but there is no independent verification of this version of the facts. It is quite possible that the creators of the game meant for Hendricks to be seen as an "unreliable narrator." The further fact that Randall Clark verified that the vault 22 survivors chose to kill and eat the 2 Mexican tribal women and 5 children they deemed "primitive" lends credence to the idea that when the Mexican tribals met the vault dwellers, the "attack" was more than likely initiated by the vault dwellers or a mutually hostile situation from the beginning. Given that Randall Clark is depicted as an avenging angel, the Mexican tribals were not the first to attack seems possible. After J. Hendricks and his fellow vault dwellers ate the tribals, they were repeatedly attacked by an "evil spirit" that killed a large number of vault dwellers. Many of those not killed by the "vengeful spirit" died from the same spores that had driven them from Vault 22. After the deaths of 6 overseers, Hendricks was promoted to overseer of the remaining 33 survivors. His first order as overseer was to immediately evacuate the vault dwellers from Zion.[1]


J. Hendricks is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenesEdit

J. Hendricks is a reference to rock musician Jimi Hendrix.