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General informationEdit

Traits in J.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game are optional character modifications that affect the player character. Traits modify different aspects of gameplay, including (but not limited to): Primary statistics, derived statistics and skills. Traits always have both positive and negative results.

One can choose up to two traits when designing a character (or none at all).

List of traitsEdit

Trait Benefit Penalty
Bruiser +2 Melee Damage, +2 Unarmed Damage -4 Combat Sequence
Chem Reliant Faster recovery from chem side effects Doubles chance for addiction
Clean Living 50% less addiction chance 50% less duration for chem effects
Fast Shot Can fire firearm instead of charging during the charge phase Critical Hits with firearms come in 6 point increments
Finesse +2 to attack rolls for determining Critical Hit results -2 to damage
Gifted +1 to each primary attribute Earn perks only once every 4 levels
Good Natured +2 to Medic, Persuasion and Science -4 Combat Sequence
Increased Metabolism +2 to healing rate -10% Radiation and Poison Resistance
Kamikaze +4 Combat Sequence -2 Evade
Night Person +2 to all skill checks from 6:01 PM to 6:00 AM -2 to all skill checks from 6:01 AM to 6:00 PM
One Hander +2 to hit with one-handed weapons -2 to hit with two-handed weapons
One In a Million
Skilled Additional Tag skill -1 Skill points at level up
Small Frame +2 Evade -50 Carry Weight

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