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//begin 26th Sept 2000
name_null = {}
desc_null = {No description Available}

name_ammo9mmBall = {9mm ball}
//desc_ammo9mmBall = {A collection of ancient 9x19mm rounds. Heavy grease to preserve them from the environment. Standard bullets.}
name_ammo9mmAP = {9mm AP}
desc_ammo9mmAP = {Ammunition. Caliber: 9mm, Armor Piercing}
name_ammo9mmJHP = {9mm JHP}
desc_ammo9mmJHP = {Ammunition. Caliber: 9mm, Hollow Point}
name_ammo44Ball = {.44 Magnum Ball}
desc_ammo44Ball = {A brick of ammunition, .44 magnum caliber, Standard issue.}
name_ammo44AP = {.44 Magnum AP}
desc_ammo44AP = {A brick of ammunition, .44 magnum caliber, Armor Piercing.}
name_ammo44JHP = {.44 Magnum JHP}
desc_ammo44JHP = {A brick of ammunition, .44 magnum caliber, hollow-points.}
name_ammo50Cal = {.50 Cal}
desc_ammo50Cal = {A brick of ammunition, .50 caliber, Standard Issue.}
name_ammo12Guage = {12 ga. Shotgun Shells}
desc_ammo12Guage = {Shotgun ammunition. This particular ammo is marked: "12-gauge shells, not for use by children under the age of 3."}
name_ammo12Flechette = {12 ga. Flechette Shells}
desc_ammo12Flechette = {Ammunition. 12 Gauge Anti-personnel}
name_ammo12Slug = {12 ga. Slug Shells}
desc_ammo12Slug = {Solid-slug shotgun ammunition.}
name_ammo12Emp = {12 ga. EMP Shells}
desc_ammo12Emp = {Shotgun ammunition designed to deliver a concentrated EMP burst to a small area.}
name_ammo12Rubber = {12 ga. Rubber Bullets}
desc_ammo12Rubber = {Shotgun ammunition. Designed to stun or maim, but only occasionally kill.}
name_ammo2mmEC = {2mm EC}
desc_ammo2mmEC = {Ammunition.}
name_ammo556mm = {5.56mm}
desc_ammo556mm = {Ammunition. Caliber: 5.56mm.}
name_ammo762mm = {7.62mm}
desc_ammo762mm = {Ammunition. Caliber: 7.62mm.}
name_ammoBolt = {Speargun Bolt}
desc_ammoBolt = {A lethal looking bolt for a speargun}
name_ammoFusionCell = {Micro Fusion Cell}
desc_ammoFusionCell = {A medium sized energy production unit. Self-contained fusion plant.}
name_ammoSmallCell = {Small Energy Cell}
desc_ammoSmallCell = {A small, self-contained energy storage unit.}
name_ammoFlamer = {Flamethrower Fuel}
desc_ammoFlamer = {A cylinder containing an extremely flammable liquid fuel for flamethrowers.}
name_ammoNeedler = {HN Needler Cartridge}
desc_ammoNeedler = {Ammunition. This cartridge appears to be ammo for the HN Needler Pistol. Each 'bullet' is a small hypodermic designed to inject a target with its contents upon impact.}
name_ammoNeedlerAP = {HN AP Needler Cartridge}
desc_ammoNeedlerAP = {Ammunition. This cartridge appears to be armor-piercing ammo for the HN Needler Pistol. The hypodermic tips are made of a strange alloy and are incredibly sharp.}
name_ammoRocketExplosive = {Explosive Rocket}
desc_ammoRocketExplosive = {A rocket with a large explosive warhead.}
name_ammoRocketAP = {Rocket AP}
desc_ammoRocketAP = {A rocket shell, with a smaller explosive, but designed to pierce armor plating.}
name_ammoRocketElectrical = {Rocket Electrical}
desc_ammoRocketElectrical = {A rocket shell designed to produce a massive electrical discharge on impact.}
name_ammoRocketSabot = {Rocket Sabot}
desc_ammoRocketSabot = {A soft shell casing containing a hard core. Used for armor piercing}
name_ammoTankShell = {Tank Shell}
desc_ammoTankShell = {A 75mm Shell for use in tank mounted weapons}
name_ammo40mmGrenade = {40mm Grenade}
desc_ammo40mmGrenade = {A Grenade for a Grenade launcher.}
name_ammo45Calibre = {.45 Caliber}
desc_ammo45Calibre = {Ammunition. .45 Caliber.}
name_ammo308 = {.308 ammo }
desc_ammo308 = {A case of ammunition, .308 caliber.}
name_ammo3006 = {30.06 ammo }
desc_ammo3006 = {A case of ammunition, 30.06 caliber.}
name_ammoAcid = {Canister of Acid}
desc_ammoAcid = {Acid for use in the modified Supper Soaker}

name_bosLeather = {Leather Armor}
desc_bosLeather = {Your basic all leather apparel. Finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.}
name_bosLeather2 = {Leather Armor Mark II}
desc_bosLeather2 = {An enhanced version of the basic leather armor with extra layers of protection. Finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.}
name_bosMetal = {Metal Armor}
desc_bosMetal = {Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.}
name_bosMetal2 = {Metal Armor Mark II}
desc_bosMetal2 = {Polished metal plates, finely crafted into a suit of armor.}
name_bosTesla = {Tesla Armor}
desc_bosTesla = {This shining armor provides superior protection against energy attacks. The three Tesla Attraction Coil Rods disperse a large percentage of directed energy attacks.}
name_bosEnviro = {Environmental Armor}
desc_bosEnviro = {This Armor affords the wearer 60% protection against harmful airborne agents and radiation.}
desc_bosEnviro2 = {This Armor affords the wearer 90% protection against harmful airborne agents and radiation.}
name_bosPower = {Power Armor}
desc_bosPower = {A self-contained suit of advanced technology armor. Powered by a micro-fusion reactor, with enough fuel to last a hundred years.}
name_bosPower2 = {Advanced Power Armor}
desc_bosPower2 = {This powered armor is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The motion-assist servo-motors appear to be high quality models as well.}
name_mutantArmor = {Plating Mutant Armor}
desc_mutantArmor = {Crude armor that uses straps of leather and metal bands to form a sparse but effective covering. It can only be worn by mutants.}
name_mutantArmor2 = {Spiked Mutant Armor}
desc_mutantArmor2 = {Somewhat heavier armor using lightweight plastic straps and metal encased in leather panels. It can only be worn by mutants.}
name_ghoulArmor = {Ghoul Armor}
desc_ghoulArmor = {A light leather covering. It can only be worn by ghouls.}
name_ghoulArmor2 = {Superior Ghoul Armor}
desc_ghoulArmor2 = {A mixture of leather and metal patches, held together by rubber straps. It can only be worn by ghouls.}
name_raiderArmor = {Raider Armor}
desc_raiderArmor = {Rough leather panels held together with wire and string.}
//name_raiderArmor1 = {Vandal Armor}
desc_raiderArmor2 = {A superior version of the basic raider armor, incorporating metal plating under leather panels}
name_reaverArmor = {Reaver Banding}
desc_reaverArmor = {An effective armor made from woven cloth interspersed with steel cables.}
name_reaverArmor2 = {Greater Banding}
desc_reaverArmor2 = {A bulky but effective armor that combines woven steel cables with plates interlocking steel mesh, encased in cloth panels.}

name_fruitFood = {Fruit}
desc_fruitFood = {A strange piece of fruit. No preservatives and no additional food coloring added.}
name_iguanaFood = {Iguana-on-a-stick}
desc_iguanaFood = {A cooked iguana, roasted in its own skin.}
name_bugFood = {Bug-on-the-shell}
desc_bugFood = {A cooked desert beetle, roasted in its own shell.}
name_jerkyFood = {Meat Jerky}
desc_jerkyFood = {These smoked and dried chunks of beast-flesh remain chewy-licious and even somewhat nutritious for years, and years, and years....}
name_happyPie = {Happy Pie}
desc_happyPie = {Amazingly still edible.}
name_cookieFood = {Cookie}
desc_cookieFood = {A chocolate chip cookie. Yum!}
name_floaterPie = {Pie Floater}
desc_floaterPie = {A meat pie floating in a putrescent green liquid.}
name_stinkyFood = {Stinky Meat Platter}
desc_stinkyFood = {A selection of meats in a surprising state of decay, garnished with maggots.}
name_chitlinsFood = {Chitlins}
desc_chitlinsFood = {Chitlins, apparently.}
name_donutFood = {Pre-War Donut}
desc_donutFood = {Pre-war donuts, still "fresh"(TM).}
name_meat = {"Meat Pie"}
desc_meat = {Doubtful}

name_nukaNormal = {Nuka-Cola}
desc_nukaNormal = {A bottle of Nuka-Cola, the flavored soft drink of the post-nuclear world. Warm and flat.}
name_nukaCherry = {Cherry Nuka-Cola}
desc_nukaCherry = {Interesting variant of the popular soft drink from the friendly Nuka_Cola people. Nobody liked the taste.}
name_nukaClassic = {Classic Nuka-Cola}
desc_nukaClassic = {After the marketing disaster that was Cherry, Nuka-Cola attempted to save the brand by introducing the classic. Tastes exactly the same as the original but comes in a new bottle.}
name_nukaUrine = {Yellow Nuka-Cola}
desc_nukaUrine = {A little known flavor of Nuka-Cola which is only available from the "crazy naked man". It has an "interesting" bouqette.}
name_rotGut = {Rot Gut}
desc_rotGut = {A very strong liquor or cleaning fluid, you decide.}
name_olFlakey = {Ol' Flakey}
desc_olFlakey = {The drink of choice for your typical alchy. Potent mixture of meths, acetone and other noxious chemicals.}
name_beer = {Beer}
desc_beer = {Beer, Similar to pre-war beer only warmer. You drink it, you fall over.}
name_xxxxxBeer = {XXXXXBeer}
desc_xxxxxBeer = {Very strong variety of beer originally imported from a far away land. Tastes a bit like weewee.}
name_booze = {Booze}
desc_booze = {An ancient liquor, from the pre-War era.}
name_gammaGulpBeer = {Gamma Gulp Beer}
desc_gammaGulpBeer = {A bottle of Gamma Gulp beer. It glows in the dark!}
name_RoentgenRum = {Roentgen Rum}
desc_RoentgenRum = {A bottle of Roentgen rum. It glows in the dark!}
//critter weapons - these will only ever be seen if the player can choose a critter for there squad
name_deathclawShred = {Shred}
desc_deathclawShred = {Classic Death Claw Attack}
name_deathclawGore = {Gore}
desc_deathclawGore = {Uses the Horns to Disembowel the victim}
name_waspStingAttack = {Sting}
desc_waspStingAttack = {Stinger Attack with a chance to poison}
name_radScorpPincer = {Pincer}
desc_radScorpPincer = {Pincer Attack}
name_radScorpSting = {Sting}
desc_radScorpSting = {Stinger Attack with chance to poison}
name_ratClaw = {Claw}
desc_ratClaw = {Claw Attack}
name_ratRake = {Rake}
desc_ratRake = {Rake Attack}
name_brahminGore = {Gore}
desc_brahminGore = {A typically Brahmin rather feeble attempt at goring an opponent}
name_brahminTrample = {Trample}
desc_brahminTrample = {Trample the opponent under hoof}
name_dogSnap = {Snap}
desc_dogSnap = {Fast Snap doing small amount of damage}
name_dogMaul = {Maul}
desc_dogMaul = {Slow Maul attack does serious damage}
name_lizardSpue = {Spew}
desc_lizardSpue = {Spew poisonous vomit at opponent}
name_lizardSnap = {Snap}
desc_lizardSnap = {Attempt to bite the opponent}
name_cockroachPierce = {Pierce}
desc_cockroachPierce = {Attempt to pierce the opponent}
name_cockroachSpit = {Spit}
desc_cockroachSpit = {Spit noxious poison at opponent}
name_robotSMG = {SMG}
desc_robotSMG = {Robot Semi-automatic machine gun attack}
name_robotRifle = {Rifle}
desc_robotRifle = {Robot Rifle attack}
name_robotHeavy = {Heavy Weapon}
desc_robotHeavy = {Heavy weapon attack}
name_robotMiniGun = {Mini Gun}
desc_robotMiniGun = {Robot Mini Gun}
name_robotGrenLauncher = {Grenade Launcher}
desc_robotGrenLauncher = {Robot Grenade Launcher attack}
name_robotFamer = {Flamer}
desc_robotFamer = {Robot Flamer attack}
name_robotRocket = {Rocket Launcher}
desc_robotRocket = {Robot Rocket Launcher attack}
name_robotLaser = {Laser}
desc_robotLaser = {Robot Laser Attack}
name_robotGattlingLaser = {Gattling Laser}
desc_robotGattlingLaser = {Robot Gattling Laser Attack}
name_robotPunch = {Punch}
desc_robotPunch = {Robot Punch attack}
name_robotExplode = {Explode}
desc_robotExplode = {Robot self destruct attack}
name_robotStomp = {Stomp}
desc_robotStomp = {Attempt to stomp opponent into a pile of detritus}
name_robotProngs = {Prong Attack}
desc_robotProngs = {Attempt to impale opponent on prongs}
name_robotElectrical = {Electrical}
desc_robotElectrical = {Attempt to Electrocute opponent}
name_robotKick = {Swivel Kick}
desc_robotKick = {Vicious high speed kick}
name_robotBlades = {Blades}
desc_robotBlades = {Use elbow blades to slash opponent}
name_robotRam = {Ram}
desc_robotRam = {Attempt to Ram opponent}
name_robotFlail = {Flail}
desc_robotFlail = {Bombard opponent with flail weapon}
name_robotSpikes = {Spikes}
desc_robotSpikes = {Try to pierce opponent with spikes}

//unarmed attacks
name_punchVersion1 = {Basic Punch}
desc_punchVersion1 = {Punch with a Basic Jab as a secondary attack}
name_punchVersion2 = {Strong Punch}
desc_punchVersion2 = {Strong Punch with a Basic Jab as a secondary}
name_punchVersion3 = {Advanced Punch}
desc_punchVersion3 = {Strong Punch with a Strong Jab as a secondary}
name_punchVersion4 = {Hammer Punch}
desc_punchVersion4 = {Hammer Punch with a Strong Jab as a secondary}
name_punchVersion5 = {Haymaker Punch}
desc_punchVersion5 = {Haymaker Punch with a Strong Jab as a secondary}
name_punchVersion6 = {Advanced Haymaker}
desc_punchVersion6 = {Haymaker Punch with a Palm Strike as a secondary}
name_punchVersion7 = {Extreme Haymaker}
desc_punchVersion7 = {Haymaker Punch with a Piercing Strike as a secondary}
name_kickVersion1 = {Basic Kick}
desc_kickVersion1 = {Kick with a Side Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion2 = {Strong Kick}
desc_kickVersion2 = {Strong Kick with a Side Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion3 = {Snap Kick}
desc_kickVersion3 = {Snap Kick with a Side Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion4 = {Advanced Snap Kick}
desc_kickVersion4 = {Snap Kick with a Hip Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion5 = {Power Kick}
desc_kickVersion5 = {Power Kick with a Hip Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion6 = {Advanced Power Kick}
desc_kickVersion6 = {Power Kick with a Hook Kick as a secondary}
name_kickVersion7 = {Extreme Power Kick}
desc_kickVersion7 = {Power Kick with a Piercing Kick as a secondary}

name_powerFist ={Power Fist}
desc_powerFist ={A "Big Frigger" Power Fist from BeatCo. Considered by many to be the ultimate weapon to use in unarmed combat. Others are just scared. Powered by small energy cells.}
name_punchGun ={Punch Gun}
desc_punchGun ={Hand held weapon that fires a single shotgun shell}
name_brassKnuckles ={Brass Knuckles}
desc_brassKnuckles ={Hardened knuckle grip that is actually made out of steel. They protect your hand, and do more damage, in unarmed combat.}
name_punchDagger ={Punch Dagger}
desc_punchDagger ={Spike which fits onto the back of the hand to increase the penetration of a punch}
name_sapGlove ={Sappers}
desc_sapGlove ={Lead filled glove which is ideal for beating the crap out of opponents}
name_tigerClaws ={Tiger Claws}
desc_tigerClaws ={Gloves with short claws built into the palms.}
name_adamClaw ={Razor Claws}
desc_adamClaw ={Gloves with extensible built in claws in the back of the hand.}
name_fingerClaws ={Shredders}
desc_fingerClaws ={Gloves with short claws built into the fingers}
name_razorGlove ={Lacerators}
desc_razorGlove ={Gloves with razor blades built into the back of the hand}
name_maceGlove ={Mace Glove}
desc_maceGlove ={Weighted gloves which are covered in spikes}
name_pistonGlove ={Impact Gloves}
desc_pistonGlove ={Gloves with a built in piston to deliver a punch with extra power}

name_baseballBat = {Slugger}
desc_baseballBat = {This all-American, hardwood, baseball bat will knock anything right out of the park.}
name_club = {Club}
desc_club = {A large home made club with spikes driven into it. Heavy wood (possibly mahogany).}
name_crowbar = {Crowbar}
desc_crowbar = {A very solid and heavy piece of metal, specially designed to exert leverage. Or pound heads.}
name_ironPipe = {Iron Pipe}
desc_ironPipe = {A short length of lead pipe. Useful for plumbing or pummeling.}
name_axeHandle = {Axe Handle}
desc_axeHandle = {A wooden axe handle. It would do more damage if the blade was still attached but it is still a useful weapon.}
name_cattleProd = {Cattle Prod}
desc_cattleProd = {A Farmer's Best Friend model cattle prod from Wattz Electronics. Uses small energy cells for power.}
name_clawHammer = {Claw hammer}
desc_clawHammer = {A large hammer with big handle. Very popular with the muscular crowd.}
name_microSledge = {Micro Sledge}
desc_microSledge = {A Micro Sledgehammer, manufactured by the Brotherhood of Steel, using the finest weapons technology available. Includes a kinetic energy storage device, to increase knock-back.}
name_monkeyWrench = {Rusty Old Monkey Wrench}
desc_monkeyWrench = {A typical wrench used by mechanics for hurting people.}
name_plunger = {Plunger}
desc_plunger = {Bludgeoning, thrusting or sucking, take your pick with this trusty weapon.}

name_shiv = {Shiv}
desc_shiv = {This home-made knife is as dangerous as it is easily concealed. Its presence can't be detected by others.}
name_switchblade = {Switchblade}
desc_switchblade = {The blade of this small knife is held by a spring. When a button on the handle is pressed, the blades shoots out with a satisfying "Sssssshk" sound.}
name_knife = {Knife}
desc_knife = {A sharp-bladed cutting and stabbing weapon.}
name_combatKnife = {Combat Knife}
desc_combatKnife = {A high-quality combat knife, the Stallona is from SharpWit, Inc. The edge of this blade is guaranteed sharp for over a decade of use!}
name_throwingKnife = {Throwing Knife}
desc_throwingKnife = {A knife, balanced specifically for throwing. Made of titanium, and laser sharpened.}
name_scalpel = {Scalpel}
desc_scalpel = {Scalpel with a nicely made surgical steel blade. Very sharp.}
name_ripper = {Ripper}
desc_ripper = {A Ripper(tm) vibroblade. Powered by a small energy cell, the chainblade rips and tears into its target.}
name_waspSting = {Wasp Sting}
desc_waspSting = {Stinger removed from a mutant wasp. It is still loaded with the original poison.}
name_filamentKnife = {Deco-Filament}
desc_filamentKnife = {Knife which uses an ultra fine wire as a blade.}
name_klingonKnife = {DakTarg}
desc_klingonKnife = {Weapon constructed for a bunch of obsessive TV fans in the 20 century. It works like a real weapon which is very sad.}
name_cleaver = {Cleaver}
desc_cleaver = {Heavy Butchers Cleaver. Great for cleaving off cuts of meat (from dead or living animals).}
name_machete = {Machete}
desc_machete = {Hack your way through flora and fauna with this handy gardening implement.}
name_brokenBottle = {Broken Bottle}
desc_brokenBottle = {The preferred weapon for advocates of the drunken brawl.}

name_sharpenedPole = {Sharpened Pole}
desc_sharpenedPole = {A wood pole sharpened at one end.}
name_spear = {Spear}
desc_spear = {A razor tipped pole arm. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is worked steel.}
name_dynamiteSpear = {Dynamite Spear}
desc_dynamiteSpear = {Spear with a stick of dynamite bound to the end.}
name_snakeSpear = {Snake Spear}
desc_snakeSpear = {A poison tipped pole arm. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is hollow steel filled with poison.}
name_festeringSpear = {Festering Spear}
desc_festeringSpear = {A spear with the tip coated with rotting animal remains. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is hollow steel.}
name_pistonSpear = {Piston Spear}
desc_pistonSpear = {Spear with a pneumatic piston built into the end. It is designed to do more impact damage.}
name_serratedBlade = {Serrated Blade}
desc_serratedBlade = {Spear with a Serrated Blade.}
name_barbedSpear = {Barbed Spear}
desc_barbedSpear = {Spear with a barbed blade on the end.}
name_diamondSpear = {Diamond Spear}
desc_diamondSpear = {A diamond tipped spear which offers great penetration.}

name_rock = {Rock}
desc_rock = {It's a rock.}
name_molotov = {Molotov Cocktail}
desc_molotov = {A home-made flammable grenade.}
name_dart = {Dart}
desc_dart = {It's a dart. It could get under the skin and cause a nasty infection.}
name_powderBag = {Powder Bag}
desc_powderBag = {A low-tech hunting weapon. When thrown in the face of the target, the powder puffs through the cloth of the bag, leaving the creature stunned.}
name_boomerang = {Boomerang}
desc_boomerang = {Ancient thrown weapon.}
name_phantasmBall = {Fantasy Ball}
desc_phantasmBall = {Looks like a shiny metal ball but it suddenly develops spikes in flight.}
name_chakram = {Chakram}
desc_chakram = {A razor edged throwing ring.}
name_throwingStars = {Throwing Stars}
desc_throwingStars = {Shiny metal Stars with very sharp edges designed for throwing. Min ST 1.}

name_fragGrenade = {Grenade (Frag)}
desc_fragGrenade = {A generic fragmentation grenade. Contains a small amount of high explosives, the container itself forming most of the damaging fragments. Explodes on contact.}
name_incendiaryGrenade = {Grenade (Incendiary)}
desc_incendiaryGrenade = {Antipersonnel grenade loaded with napalm.}
name_plasmaGrenade = {Grenade (Plasma)}
desc_plasmaGrenade = {A magnetically sealed plasma delivery unit, with detonating explosives. Creates a blast of superheated plasma on contact.}
name_pulseGrenade = {Grenade (Pulse)}
desc_pulseGrenade = {An electromagnetic pulse grenade, generating an intense magnetic field on detonation. Doesn't affect biological creatures. Contact fuse.}
name_tangleGrenade = {Tangle Grenade}
desc_tangleGrenade = {Grenade containing tangler polymid. Designed to incapacitate personel.}
name_smokeGrenade = {Smoke Grenade}
desc_smokeGrenade = {Creates a cloud of smoke which reduces perception in effected area.}
name_chemicalGrenade = {Chemical Grenade}
desc_chemicalGrenade = {Poisons and causes and a loss of perception in area of effect.}
name_flashGrenade = {Flash Grenade}
desc_flashGrenade = {Causes stun in area of effect.}
name_acidGrenade = {Acid Grenade}
desc_acidGrenade = {Designed to deliver a quantity of acid to a target.}
name_boomBug = {Boom Bugs}
desc_boomBug = {A giant mutant strain of ladybug with unstable body chemistry. Explodes when agitated, disturbed, angry or bored.}

name_berettaPistol = {9mm M9FS Beretta}
desc_berettaPistol = {One of the more common 9mm pistols, the Beretta is popular due to its reliability, 15 round magazine and good looks.}
name_colt45Pistol = {Colt 45}
desc_colt45Pistol = {The classic Colt M1911 A1. Easy to use, accurate and with tremendous stopping power, this weapon will not let you down.}
name_calicoPistol = {9mm Calico M-950}
desc_calicoPistol = {A 9mm Calico M-950. This odd-looking pistol uses a helical feed system that lets it carry startling amounts of ammunition.}
name_mauserPistol = {9mm HSI Mauser}
desc_mauserPistol = {A Mauser M/96, in 9x19mm Parabellum. In excellent condition. Extremely accurate.}
name_desertEaglePistol = {Desert Eagle Mark XIX 44}
desc_desertEaglePistol = {An ancient Desert Eagle pistol, in .44 magnum. Interest in late 20th century films made this one of the most popular handguns of all times.}
name_smithWessonRevolver = {44 M29 Revolver}
desc_smithWessonRevolver = {Smith & Wesson M29 .44 Magnum Revolver. The most powerful revolver of its time, with a muzzle energy 30% greater than its contemporaries.}
name_needlerPistol = {Needler Pistol}
desc_needlerPistol = {You suspect this Bringham needler pistol was once used for scientific field studies. It uses small hard-plastic hypodermic darts.}
name_flamerPistol = {Flamer Pistol}
desc_flamerPistol = {A poorly designed, misconceived weapon. Essentially a cut-down version of the Flambe 450. Amuse your friends as you set yourself and everything around you ablaze.}
name_laserPistol = {Laser Pistol}
desc_laserPistol = {A Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol. Civilian model, so the wattage is lower than military or police versions. Uses small energy cells.}
name_pulsePistol = {YK32 Pulse Pistol}
desc_pulsePistol = {The YK32 is an Electromagnetic pulse weapon that was developed by the Yuma Flats Energy Consortium. Though powerful, the YK32 was never considered a practical weapon due to its inefficient energy usage and bulky design.}
name_plasmaPistol = {Plasma Pistol}
desc_plasmaPistol = {Glock 86 Plasma Pistol. Designed by the Gaston Glock AI. Shoots a small bolt of superheated ionised gas. Powered by a small energy cell.}
name_gaussPistol = {PPK12 Gauss Pistol}
desc_gaussPistol = {Praised for its range and stopping power, the PPK12 Gauss Pistol is of German design. The pistol uses an electromagnetic rail to propel 2mm steel rounds at tremendous speed and punch through almost any armor.}
name_casullRevolver = {Casull Revolver}
desc_casullRevolver = {A Casull Revolver. The origins of the Casull are lost to the mists of time.}
name_browningPistol = {Browning HP}
desc_browningPistol = {Browning High Power Pistol. Originally made in Belgium, construction of North American models had a renaissance in the early 2010s.}
name_zipGunPistol = {Zip Gun}
desc_zipGunPistol = {A handmade single shot pistol.}
name_sigsauerPistol = {P220 Sig Sauer}
desc_sigsauerPistol = {P220 Sig Sauer. A Swiss designed pistol, the Sig Sauer benefits from compact and lightweight construction.}
name_grenadePistol = {Grenade Pistol}
desc_grenadePistol = {Single Shot Grenade Pistol. A heavily modified flare-gun, equipped to chamber 40mm grenades.}
name_alienBlaster = {Alien Blaster}
desc_alienBlaster = {A strange gun of obviously alien origin. Looks like it can support small energy cells, however.}

name_mp5Sub = {MP5 H&K}
desc_mp5Sub = {MP5 H&K. Probably the most widely used and trusted sub-machinegun of the late 20th century.}
name_mp38Sub = {MP38}
desc_mp38Sub = {The Schmeisser MP-38 9mm Machine pistol was introduced as the standard sub machine gun of the German Army in 1938. Cheap and reliable.}
name_waltherSub = {Walther MPL}
desc_waltherSub = {Walther MPL. A popular choice for border guards and other policing outfits. Collapsible stock optional.}
name_uziSub = {UZI}
desc_uziSub = {UZI 9mm. A classic amongst drug runners and elderly folk during the early stages of the 21st century, the UZI is cheap, light and jams only occasionally.}
name_scorpioSub = {Scorpio}
desc_scorpioSub = {The VZ61 Scorpio machine pistol. Used by members of the Spetsnaz.}
name_steyrSub = {Steyr}
desc_steyrSub = {Army Universal Gun Steyr. Invented in Austria, the Steyr's unique design and visual look was the perfect compliment to any war-time ensemble.}
name_rugerSub = {Ruger AC556F}
desc_rugerSub = {The Ruger AC556F is a development of the Ruger Mini 14, a 5.56 mm assault rifle originally used only by police forces, but also popular on the open market. A large magazine and full auto fire makes this weapon a real crowd pleaser..}
name_calicoLibertySub = {Calico Liberty 100}
desc_calicoLibertySub = {Calico Liberty 100. An extended variation of the Calico line, the Liberty is fully automatic. It carries a ludicrous amount of ammunition.}
name_p90Sub = {FN P90c}
desc_p90Sub = {The Fabrique Nationale P90c was just coming into use at the time of the war. The weapon's bullpup layout, and compact design, make it easy to control. The durable P90c is prized for its reliability, and high firepower in a ruggedly-compact package.}
name_spasmSub = {Spasm Gun}
desc_spasmSub = {Spasm Gun. An nasty little weapon that over-stimulates the synapses of the target, causing sensory overload and jerking motions. Some memory loss, brain damage, hemorrhaging and motor-control deterioration accompanies the light stunning effect.}
name_spearGunSub = {Spear Gun}
desc_spearGunSub = {Spear Gun. A simple weapon that uses a spring-loaded or compressed air powered mechanism to propel bolts of wood or metal into (and through) a target.}
name_grenadeLauncher = {M79 Grenade Launcher}
desc_grenadeLauncher = {M79 Grenade Launcher. A single shot grenade launcher.}
name_tommyGunSub = {Tommy Gun}
desc_tommyGunSub = {This Thompson M1928 submachine gun is a sinister looking weapon; every time you hold it, you have an urge to put on a fedora hat and crack your knuckles. The Thompson is well-fed by a large 50 round drum magazine.}
name_stenGunSub = {Sten Gun}
desc_stenGunSub = {The 9mm Sten Gun was developed by the British during WW2 as a cheap alternative to the more expensive Thompson SMG offered the the U.S. The Sten proved to be extremely reliable and, due to its fairly loose tolerances, could perform in poor conditions much more reliably than ostensibly better weapons...}
name_superSoakerSub = {Water Gun}
desc_superSoakerSub = {A modified water gun. The brightly colored casing of this seemingly harmless weapon belies the fact that it has been shielded with a ceramic coating, making it perfect for carrying acid loads.}

name_ithacaShotgun = {Pump-action Shotgun}
desc_ithacaShotgun = {Found everywhere, the 12 gauge pump is a popular means of self-defense due to its wide area of effect and large ammunition capacity.}
name_berrettaShotgun = {Beretta 470 Silverhawk}
desc_berrettaShotgun = {A good looking Italian double barrel weapon. A low rate of fire, but potentially devastating if both barrels are fired together.}
name_pancorShotgun = {Pancor Jackhammer}
desc_pancorShotgun = {The Jackhammer, despite its name, is an easy to control shotgun, even when fired on full automatic. The popular bullpup design, which places the magazine behind the trigger, makes the weapon well balanced & easy to control.}
name_cawsShotgun = {H&K CAWS}
desc_cawsShotgun = {The CAWS, short for Close Assault Weapons System, shotgun is a useful tool for close-range combat. The bullpup layout gives the weapon a short, easily handleable length while still retaining enough barrel length for its high velocity shells.}
name_combatShotgun = {Neostead Combat SG}
desc_combatShotgun = {An automatic, 12 gauge military shotgun. The best weapon for close quarters, except for a flamethrower.}
name_fnfalRifle = {7.62 FN fal}
desc_fnfalRifle = {This rifle has been more widely used by armed forces than any other rifle in history. It's a reliable assault weapon for any terrain or tactical situation.}
name_huntingRifle = {Hunting Rifle}
desc_huntingRifle = {A Colt Rangemaster semi-automatic rifle, chambered for 7.62. Single-shot only.}
name_m16Rifle = {M16A1}
desc_m16Rifle = {M16A1 Rifle. The chief rifle used by the US army during the middle part of the 20th century. Composed of durable aluminum alloy and hardy plastic.}
name_ak47ifle = {AK47}
desc_ak47ifle = {The AK-47 and its derivatives formed the mainstay of the Soviet Armies. Its reliability, ruggedness and accuracy have earned it the reputation of being the best assault rifle ever made.}
name_enfieldRifle = {XL70E3 Enfield}
desc_enfieldRifle = {This was an experimental weapon at the time of the war. Manufactured, primarily, from high-strength polymers, the weapon is almost indestructible. It's light, fast firing, accurate, and can be broken down without the use of any tools.}
name_sniperRifle = {Sniper Rifle}
desc_sniperRifle = {A DKS-501 Sniper Rifle. Excellent long range projectile weapon. Originally .308, this one is chambered in the more common 7.62 caliber.}
name_laserRifle = {Sunbeam Laser Rifle}
desc_laserRifle = {A Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle. Uses micro fusion cells for more powerful lasers, and an extended barrel for additional range.}
name_plasmaRifle = {Plasma Rifle}
desc_plasmaRifle = {A Winchester Model P94 Plasma Rifle. An industrial-grade energy weapon, firing superheated bolts of ionised gas down a superconducting barrel. Powered by Micro Fusion Cells.}
name_pulseRifle = {YK42B Pulse Rifle}
desc_pulseRifle = {The YK42B is an electromagnetic pulse weapon that was developed by the Yuma Flats Energy Consortium. It is considered a far superior weapon to the YK32 pistol, having a greater charge capacity and range.}
name_gaussRifle = {M72 Gauss Rifle}
desc_gaussRifle = {The M72 rifle is of German design. It uses an electromagnetic field to propel 2mm steel rounds at tremendous speed... and pierce almost any obstacle. Its range, accuracy and stopping power is almost unparalleled.}
name_garandRifle = {M1 Garand}
desc_garandRifle = {The .30 Cal Garand was the first automatic rifle to be used as the standard infantry weapon of a major army when it was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1936. Its rugged construction and reliability make this weapon a popular and valuable addition to anyone's arsenal.}
name_browningRifle = {Browning Auto Rifle}
desc_browningRifle = {The .30 Cal Browning Automatic Rifle was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1918 as a squad automatic weapon. Despite its small magazine, it remained in service for over thirty years.}
name_m14Rifle = {M-14}
desc_m14Rifle = {The M-14 succeeded the M1 garand as the standard U.S. Army Rifle. It chambered the NATO Standard 7.62 mm round and, like its predecessor, was noted for its reliability and ease of operation.}

name_m60Heavy = {M60}
desc_m60Heavy = {The 7.62mm M-60 saw widespread use with U.S. and allied forces during the latter half of the 20th Century as a light machine gun. It could also be mounted on vehicles.}
name_supportWeaponHeavy = {M249 SAW}
desc_supportWeaponHeavy = {The Belgian made M-249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) was adopted widely in the late 20th Century as a squad level light machine gun, vastly increasing the firepower available to individual squads..}
name_flamerHeavy = {Flamer}
desc_flamerHeavy = {A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flamable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly.}
name_brenGunHeavy = {Bren Gun}
desc_brenGunHeavy = {This British adaptation of a Czech design was adopted as the standard light machine gun of British and Commonwealth forces in 1938. The .303 Cal Bren was among the most liked and respected weapons available to the British in WW2, due to its exceptional ruggedness, accuracy and simplicity, and remained in service with British forces for almost 50 years}
name_lewisHeavy = {Lewis MKII}
desc_lewisHeavy = {Invented by an American, the .303 Cal Lewis Gun was adopted by the British Army during WW 1 and remained in service with allied forces until well into the 1940's. An efficient and reliable weapon. .}
name_uselessHeavy = {Chauchat}
desc_uselessHeavy = {Renowned as the worst machine gun ever issued to any army at any time in history. Unreliable and poorly constructed, it was considered unusual if the gun fired more than one burst before jamming. It makes a a completely useless addition to any arsenal.}

//Mini Guns
name_lightMiniGun = {Avenger MiniGun}
desc_lightMiniGun = {Rockwell designed the Avenger as the replacement for their aging CZ53 Personal Minigun. The Avenger's design improvements include improved, gel-fin, cooling and chromium plated barrel-bores. This gives it a greater range and lethality.}
name_heavyMiniGun = {Vindicator MiniGun}
desc_heavyMiniGun = {The German Rheinmetal AG company created the ultimate minigun. The Vindicator throws over 90,000 caseless shells per minute down its six carbon-polymer barrels. As the pinnacle of Teutonic engineering skill, it is the ultimate hand-held weapon.}
name_laserMiniGun = {Sunbeam Gattling Laser}
desc_laserMiniGun = {An H&K L30 Gatling Laser. Designed specifically for military use, these were in the prototype stage at the beginning of the War. Multiple barrels allow longer firing before overheating. Powered by Micro Fusion Cells.}
name_gaussMiniGun = {MEC Gauss MiniGun}
desc_gaussMiniGun = {The MEC Gauss is of Chinese design. It uses multiple electromagnetic fields to propel over 90,000 rounds per minute to relativistic velocities.}

name_rocketLauncher = {Rocket Launcher}
desc_rocketLauncher = {A Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher. With the deluxe 3 lb. trigger. Fires AP or Explosive Rockets.}

name_dynamite = {Dynamite}
desc_dynamite = {A high explosive, consisting of nitroglycerin mixed with the absorbent substance kiselguhr. Includes a timer.}
name_plastique = {Plastique}
desc_plastique = {A chunk of Cordex, a military brand of plastic explosives. Highly stable, very destructive. Includes a timer.}
name_largeMine = {T45LE Mine}
desc_largeMine = {Will blow a medium sized vehicle several meters into the air.}
name_smallMine = {T45SE Mine}
desc_smallMine = {Will do serious damage to a small vehicle and kill personnel.}
name_antiPersonnelMine = {T13 Antipersonnel Mine}
desc_antiPersonnelMine = {Designed to maim and kill personnel.}
name_acidMine = {T86 Acid Sprayer}
desc_acidMine = {Designed to maim personnel and damage machinery.}
name_pufferMine = {Puffer}
desc_pufferMine = {Low tech tribal weapon made from a fungus. It releases a cloud of toxic spores when compressed.}

name_tankGun = {Tank Gun}
desc_tankGun = {Heavy Tank mounted artillery. Uses tank shells.}

name_alarmTrap = {Bull Horn Trap}
desc_alarmTrap = {A bullhorn and battery set up that lets out a loud tone when the alarm is tripped.}
name_silentTrap = {Silent Alarm}
desc_silentTrap = {Notifies the trapper over a radio link without alerting the opponent that they have tripped the alarm.}
name_gasTrap = {Gas Trap}
desc_gasTrap = {Releases a cloud of a variety of gases.}
name_spikeTrap = {Spiker}
desc_spikeTrap = {A shaft of spring-steel studded with 6-inch metal spikes.}
name_claymoreTrap = {Claymore}
desc_claymoreTrap = {A small charge designed to both wound the target and alert the trapper.}
name_grenadeTrap = {Explosive Trap}
desc_grenadeTrap = {Generic explosive trap. Use it to trap doors, objects etc.}
name_remoteTrap = {Remote Det. Trap}
desc_remoteTrap = {Used in conjunction with the Remote Detonator.}
name_electroTrap = {EMP Trap}
desc_electroTrap = {Creates a highly concentrated and localised EMP field. Does some damage to life forms but mainly to electronic circuits.}
//general items
name_brocFlower = {Broc Flower}
desc_brocFlower = {The plentiful flower that forms the base for the powder of healing.}
name_xanderRoot = {Xander Root}
desc_xanderRoot = {The rare root that gives healing properties to the powder of healing.}
name_rope = {Rope}
desc_rope = {A strong, thick line. About 45 feet in length.}
name_detonator = {Detonator}
desc_detonator = {Used in conjunction with planted charges, the detonator allows the user to get to a safe distance before setting off the charge.}
name_scorpionTail = {Scorpion Tail}
desc_scorpionTail = {The severed tail of a radscorpion. Can be used to create poison.}
name_waspStinger = {Wasp Stinger}
desc_waspStinger = {The stinger from a giant wasp. Can be used to create poision or as a melee weapon. Paralysis}
name_giantRatPelt = {Giant Rat Pelt}
desc_giantRatPelt = {This is the dried and cured hide of an enormous rodent. Very warm.}
name_cockroachGuts = {Cockroach Guts}
desc_cockroachGuts = {Useful in the treatment of radiation poisoning. Tastes like chicken, but it sure don't feel like it.}
name_komodoPelt = {Komodo Pelt}
desc_komodoPelt = {This is the dried and cured hide of the Komodo. Used in the creation of leather armor.}
name_brahminHorn = {Brahmin Horn}
desc_brahminHorn = {Said to be a powerful aphrodisiac.}
name_holo1Good = {Holodisk}
desc_holo1Good = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Good Condition}
name_holo2Good = {Holodisk}
desc_holo2Good = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Good Condition}
name_holo3Good = {Holodisk}
desc_holo3Good = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Good Condition}
name_holo4Average = {Holodisk}
desc_holo4Average = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Average Condition}
name_holo5Average = {Holodisk}
desc_holo5Average = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Average Condition}
name_holo6Average = {Holodisk}
desc_holo6Average = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Average Condition}
name_holo7Average = {Holodisk}
desc_holo7Average = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Average Condition}
name_holo8Poor = {Holodisk}
desc_holo8Poor = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Looks prety battered}
name_holo9Poor = {Holodisk}
desc_holo9Poor = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Looks prety battered}
name_holo10Poor = {Holodisk}
desc_holo10Poor = {A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. Looks prety battered}
name_keyHouse1 = {House Key}
desc_keyHouse1 = {A key. A key will open a particular lock.}
name_keyHouse2 = {House Key}
desc_keyHouse2 = {A key. A key will open a particular lock.}
name_keyHouse3 = {House Key}
desc_keyHouse3 = {A key. A key will open a particular lock.}
name_keyPrison = {Prison Door Key}
desc_keyPrison = {An older style key (round head, simple teeth.)}
name_keySpecial = {Key}
desc_keySpecial = {A bizarre looking key.}
name_keyPassBlue = {Blue Pass Key}
desc_keyPassBlue = {A electronic security key, color coded blue.}
name_keyPassYellow = {Yellow Pass Key}
desc_keyPassYellow = {An electronic security key, color coded yellow.}
name_keyPassRed = {Red Pass Key}
desc_keyPassRed = {A electronic security key, color coded red.}
name_keyBOSGreen = {Green Pass Key}
desc_keyBOSGreen = {A electronic security bracelet, color coded Green}
name_keyBOSBlue = {Blue Pass Key}
desc_keyBOSBlue = {A electronic security bracelet, color coded blue.}
name_keyBOSYellow = {Yellow Pass Key}
desc_keyBOSYellow = {An electronic security bracelet, color coded yellow}
name_keyBOSRed = {Red Pass Key}
desc_keyBOSRed = {A electronic security key, color coded red.}
name_keyBOSWhite = {White Pass Key}
desc_keyBOSWhite = {A electronic security bracelet, color coded white.}
name_pullTabs = {Ring Pulls [RPs]}
desc_pullTabs = {Legal tender for the world of the wastes.}
name_scripBOS = {Brotherhood Scrip}
name_clipBoard01 = {Clipboard}
desc_clipBoard01 = {no desc.}
name_clipBoard02 = {Clipboard}
desc_clipBoard02 = {no desc.}
name_clipBoard03 = {Clipboard}
desc_clipBoard03 = {no desc.}
name_papers = {Papers}
desc_papers = {no desc.}
name_passport = {Passport}
desc_passport = {no desc.}
name_pamphlet01 = {Pamphlet}
desc_pamphlet01 = {no desc.}
name_pamphlet02 = {Pamphlet}
desc_pamphlet02 = {no desc.}
name_spectacles = {Spectacles}
desc_spectacles = {A set of spectacles for eye correction.}
name_goldLocket = {Gold Locket}
desc_goldLocket = {A valuable gold locket with a picture of beautiful woman inside.}

name_noteBook = {Note Book}
desc_noteBook = {A black book with red corners and stitching.}
name_scienceBook = {Big Book of Science}
desc_scienceBook = {A set of books, containing information about different scientific fields.}
name_repairBook = {Deans Electronics}
desc_repairBook = {A study book on the field of electronics. A note on the cover says that it is for the "budding young electrician in everyone!"}
name_firstAidBook = {First Aid Book}
desc_firstAidBook = {A study book on the concepts and practical use of first aid skills.}
name_scoutBook = {Scout Handbook}
desc_scoutBook = {A book on the methods and ideals of Scouting. Very practical information regarding outdoor life.}
name_gunsBook = {Guns and Bullets}
desc_gunsBook = {A gun rag. A magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review.}
name_trapsBook = {Maddock's Tricks & Traps}
desc_trapsBook = {Impress your friends and colleagues with this easy how-to guide to traps and antipersonnel devices. Great Fun!}
name_pilotBook = {Zen a/t Art of Piloting}
desc_pilotBook = {Essential reading for anyone who wants to advance their driving skills.}
name_bag = {bag}
desc_bag = {An average sized bag. Made from weaved Brahmin hairs.}
name_backPack = {Back Pack}
desc_backPack = {A basic backpack, with optional carrying straps.}
name_firstAidKit = {First Aid Kit}
desc_firstAidKit = {A small kit containing basic medical equipment. Bandages, wraps, antiseptic spray, and more.}
name_doctorsBag = {Doctor's Bag}
desc_doctorsBag = {This brown bag contains instruments and chems used by doctors in the application of their trade.}
name_fieldMedicKit = {Field Medic F/A Kit}
desc_fieldMedicKit = {A small kit containing basic emergency medical equipment. Bandages, wraps, antiseptic spray, and more.}
name_paramedicsBag = {Paramedics Bag}
desc_paramedicsBag = {This bag contains instruments and chems used by paramedics in the field. The tools contained are specifically designed for high trauma and emergency cases.}
name_lockPicks = {Lockpicks}
desc_lockPicks = {A set of locksmith tools. Includes all the necessary picks and tension wrenches to open conventional pin and tumbler locks.}
name_expandedLockPicks = {Expanded Lockpick Set}
desc_expandedLockPicks = {A set of locksmith tools. Includes all the necessary picks and tension wrenches to open conventional pin and tumbler locks. This set also includes some special tools for more difficult mechanical locking mechanisms.}
name_electronicLockPick = {Electronic Lockpick}
desc_electronicLockPick = {A Wattz Electronics Micromanipulator FingerStuff electronic lockpick. For defeating electronic locks and security devices.}
name_electronicLockPickMKII = {Electronic Lockpick MKII}
desc_electronicLockPickMKII = {This is the second generation Wattz Electronics Micromanipulator FingerStuff electronic lockpick. For defeating electronic locks and security devices. This Mark II version includes updated software and interface tools.}
name_toolKit = {Tool Kit}
desc_toolKit = {A tool set, containing various useful tools, including pliers.}
name_superoolKit = {Super Tool Kit}
desc_superoolKit = {An impressive tool set made by "Snap-Off".}
name_rubberBoots = {Rubber Boots}
desc_rubberBoots = {An old pair of sturdy rubber work boots. They look durable enough to keep out sludge, at least for a while.}
name_stealthBoy = {Stealth Boy}
desc_stealthBoy = {A RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 personal stealth device. Generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other.}
name_motionSensor = {Motion Sensor}
desc_motionSensor = {A Wattz Electronics C-U model motion sensor. Detects the movement of biological material over a distance of meters using a tuned radar device. Having one in your inventory will also help you avoid outdoor encounters (+20% Outdoorsman skill).}
name_geigerCounter = {Geiger Counter}
desc_geigerCounter = {A Wattz Electronics C-Radz model Geiger Counter. Detects the presence and strength of radiation fields.}
name_flare = {Flare}
desc_flare = {A flare. Creates light for a short period of time. The paper is a little worn, but otherwise it is in good condition. Twist the top to activate it.}
name_torch = {Torch}
desc_torch = {A torch. Creates light for a short period of time. Watch the batteries as a recharge is a long way away}
name_nightVisionGoggles = {Night Vision Goggles}
desc_nightVisionGoggles = {A pair of infra red goggles. Should increase perception at night.}
name_audioAmplifier = {Audio Amplifier}
desc_audioAmplifier = {Allows the user to perceive the movement of others around them to far greater ranges. Includes EarShield[tm] technology to prevent deafness from sudden, excessive noise.}

name_fridge = {Fridge}
desc_fridge = {A refrigerator. Out of coolant.}
name_iceChest = {Ice Chest}
desc_iceChest = {On old-style ice chest. The hinges are in good working condition.}
name_footlocker = {Footlocker}
desc_footlocker = {Your basic footlocker. Holds stuff, sits at foot of bed, can be locked.}
name_locker = {Locker}
desc_locker = {A storage container.}
name_bookshelf = {Bookshelf}
desc_bookshelf = {A wooden bookshelf.}
name_shelves = {Shelves}
desc_shelves = {A set of wooden shelves.}
name_shelf = {Shelf}
desc_shelf = {A wood shelf with miscellaneous items.}
name_workbench = {Workbench}
desc_workbench = {A workbench. Yep, your standard old, run of the mill, workbench. Looks nice sitting there, too.}
name_stuff = {Stuff}
desc_stuff = {These are miscellaneous items, also known as "stuff".}
name_crate = {Crate}
desc_crate = {A wooden crate filled with generic stuff.}
name_desk = {Desk}
desc_desk = {A generic desk. Seen one desk, you've seen them all.}
name_pot = {Pot}
desc_pot = {A finely crafted clay pot.}
name_chest = {Chest}
desc_chest = {A wooden chest.}

//The following are cool items which we should consider doing
name_dogTags = {Dog Tags}
desc_dogTags = {A set of military dog tags. The name Darkwater is readable, but not much else is.}
name_briefcase = {Briefcase}
desc_briefcase = {A briefcase, with a Made-in-the-USA label. Leather. Good condition, but the combination lock is broken.}
name_junk = {Junk}
desc_junk = {A pile of junk parts. A little bit of everything.}
name_smallStatuette = {Small Statuette}
desc_smallStatuette = {You think this might be a carving of the "Pip Boy" but you can't be sure.}
name_RobotParts = {Robot Parts}
desc_RobotParts = {A pile of damaged robot parts.}
name_humanBrain = {Human Brain}
desc_humanBrain = {A typical human brain. Normally they are found in human skulls. Yuck.}
name_chimpanzeeBrain = {Chimpanzee Brain}
desc_chimpanzeeBrain = {A monkey brain. It's soft and squishy.}
name_abnormalBrain = {Abnormal Brain}
desc_abnormalBrain = {Quite possibly a human brain. The color doesn't seem quite right and the left hemisphere of the brain has caved in on itself.}
name_dice = {Dice}
desc_dice = {A standard pair of gambling dice. It'd be cool to get a fuzzy pair for your car.}
name_loadeddice = {Loaded Dice}
desc_loadeddice = {A pair of loaded dice. Don't be flashing these around the casino.}
name_g.E.C.K. = {G.E.C.K.}
desc_g.E.C.K. = {The Garden of Eden Creation Kit. This unit is standard equipment for all Vault-Tec vaults. A GECK is the resource for rebuilding civilization after the bomb. Just add water and stir.}
name_goldNugget = {Gold Nugget}
desc_goldNugget = {A nugget of gold.}
name_mirroredShades = {Mirrored Shades}
desc_mirroredShades = {This is a pair of fashionable and deadly-looking mirrored shades. Just having them in your inventory makes you feel cool.}
name_deckofCards = {Deck of Cards}
desc_deckofCards = {A standard set of playing cards.}
name_packofMarkedCards = {Pack of Marked Cards}
desc_packofMarkedCards = {Every card in this set is a red queen. Must make for some boring games.}
name_falloutBOSHintbook = {Fallout BOS Hintbook}
desc_falloutBOSHintbook = {Well, THIS would have been good to have at the beginning of the goddamn game.}
name_refinedUraniumOre = {Refined Uranium Ore}
desc_refinedUraniumOre = {A chunk of Uranium Ore. This ore seems to have been processed somehow. It seems heavier.}
name_decomposingBody = {Decomposing Body}
desc_decomposingBody = {This is a partially decomposed body of a humanoid creature.}
name_rubberDoll = {Rubber Doll}
desc_rubberDoll = {An inflatable rubber sex doll. This model is called "Tandi".}
name_damagedRubberDoll = {Damaged Rubber Doll}
desc_damagedRubberDoll = {This inflatable rubber sex doll has a torn seam. It's obviously been well used.}
name_bottleCaps = {Bottle Caps}
desc_bottleCaps = {These are worthless bottle caps. You've heard that at one time they were used as money, though you suspect its only a story.}
//weapon upgrades - these may not be used at all in Tactics
name_superCattleProd = {Super Cattle Prod}
desc_superCattleProd = {A Farmer's Best Friend model cattle prod from Wattz Electronics. This model has been upgraded to increase the electrical discharge.}
name_improvedFlamer = {Improved Flamer}
desc_improvedFlamer = {A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flamable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly. This model has been modified to fire a hotter mixture which causes greater combustibility.}
name_laserRifle(ExtCap) = {Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.)}
desc_laserRifle(ExtCap) = {This Wattz 2000 laser rifle has had its recharging system upgraded and a special recycling chip installed that reduces the drain on the micro fusion cell by 50%.}
name_magneto-LaserPistol = {Magneto-Laser Pistol}
desc_magneto-LaserPistol = {This Wattz 1000 laser pistol has been upgraded with a magnetic field targeting system that tightens the laser emission, giving this pistol extra penetrating power.}
name_fNFAL(NightSight) = {FN FAL (Night Sight)}
desc_fNFAL(NightSight) = {This rifle has been more widely used by armed forces than any other rifle in history. It's a reliable assault weapon for any terrain or tactical situation. This weapon has been equipped with a night sight for greater night accuracy.}
name_desertEagle(Exp.Mag.) = {Desert Eagle (Exp. Mag.)}
desc_desertEagle(Exp.Mag.) = {An ancient Desert Eagle pistol, in .44 magnum. Interest in late 20th century films made this one of the most popular handguns of all times. This one has been equipped with an expanded magazine for longer fun and games!}
name_assaultRifle(Exp.Mag.) = {Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.)}
desc_assaultRifle(Exp.Mag.) = {This Assault Rifle has an extended, military sized, ammunition clip. The expanded magazine capacity makes it more fun than ever to Spray-and-Pray.}
name_plasmaPistol(Ext.Cap.) = {Plasma Pistol (Ext. Cap.)}
desc_plasmaPistol(Ext.Cap.) = {This Glock 86 Plasma Pistol has had its magnetic housing chamber realigned to reduce the drain on its energy cell. Its efficiency has doubled, allowing it to fire more shots before the battery is expended.}
name_megaPowerFist = {Mega Power Fist}
desc_megaPowerFist = {A "Big Frigger" Power Fist from BeatCo. Considered by many to be the ultimate weapon to use in unarmed combat. This one has upgraded power servos for increased strength. Powered by small energy cells.}
name_turboPlasmaRifle = {Turbo Plasma Rifle}
desc_turboPlasmaRifle = {A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process.}
name_lightSupportWeapon = {Light Support Weapon}
desc_lightSupportWeapon = {This squad-level support weapon has a bullpup design. The bullpup design makes it difficult to use while lying down. Because of this it was remanded to National Guard units. It, however, earned a reputation as a reliable weapon that packs a lot of punch for its size.}

name_buffoutChem = {Buffout}
desc_buffoutChem = {Highly advanced steroids. While in effect, they increase strength and reflexes. Very addictive.}
name_healingPowder = {Healing Powder}
desc_healingPowder = {A very powerful healing magic- though it will bring the feeling of sleep to your head.}
name_afterBurner = {After Burner Gum}
desc_afterBurner = {After Burner is a powerful met amphetamine chewing gum that stimulates the central nervous system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength.}
name_mentatsChem = {Mentats}
desc_mentatsChem = {A pillbox of mind-altering chems. Increases memory related functions, and speeds other mental processes. Highly addictive.}
name_psychoChem = {Psycho}
desc_psychoChem = {An unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.}
name_radawayChem = {RadAway}
desc_radawayChem = {A chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system. Takes time to work.}
name_radxChem = {Rad-X}
desc_radxChem = {Anti-radiation chems to be taken before exposure. No known side effects.}
name_stimPack = {Stimpak}
desc_stimPack = {A healing chem. When injected, the chem provides immediate healing of minor wounds.}
name_superStimpack = {Super Stimpak}
desc_superStimpack = {A very powerful healing chem. Superstims will cause a small amount of damage after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used.}
name_ultraStimpack = {Ultra Stimpak}
desc_ultraStimpack = {An advanced healing chem. Ultra Stims will cause a large amount of damage after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used.}
name_traumaPack = {Trauma Pack}
desc_traumaPack = {An extremely potent healing chem designed for immediate treatment of major injuries taken during combat. It will cause massive amount of damage after a period of time.}
name_mutieChem = {Mutie}
desc_mutieChem = {A powerful mutagenic compound designed to give the user abilities resembling those of a super mutant. It has very nasty side effects.}
name_voodooChem = {Voodoo}
desc_voodooChem = {Voodoo is a tribal concoction, made from the left-over byproducts of various critters. It imbues the user with greater agility and a sense of invincibility.}
name_poisonChem = {Poison}
desc_poisonChem = {A hypodermic needle full of powerful poison.}
name_poisonAntidote = {Poison Antidote}
desc_poisonAntidote = {A bottle containing a home-brewed antidote for poison. A milky liquid with floating pieces of radscorpion flesh.}
name_tangleBGone = {Tangle-B-Gone}
desc_tangleBGone = {Aerosol Can containing anti-tangler grenade spray.}

//end 26th Sept 2000
name_ammo50CalDU = {.50 Cal DU}
desc_ammo50CalDU = {A brick of ammunition, .50 caliber, Depleted Uranium. Designed for maximum penetration.}
//start 15th October 2000
desc_ammo9mmBall = {A collection of ancient 9mm rounds. Heavy grease to preserve them from the environment. Standard bullets.}

//start 21st November 2000
name_browningM2 = {Browning M2}
desc_browningM2 = {A heavy machine gun developed in 1918 and still in use right up until the outbreak of war.}

//start 22nd November 2000
name_crateMetal = {Crate}
desc_crateMetal = {A metal crate.}
name_shelfMetal = {Metal Shelf}
desc_shelfMetal = {A set of metal shelves.}
name_vendingMachine = {Vendomax}
desc_vendingMachine = {An ancient but reliable vending machine.}
name_cabinet = {Cabinet}
desc_cabinet = {A robust cabinet.}
name_table = {Table}
desc_table = {A stock-standard, run-of-the-mill table.}

// end December rec

name_m14Rifle = {M-14 Rifle}

//end 2001-01-24

name_diabloPlate = {Devilthorn Jacket}
//Note this is a joke item. The following line should be copied exactly just translate the english words.
desc_diabloPlate = {<Jc><rgb:254,243,115>Unique Item<rgb:90,172,254>\n100 AC\n+10 Strength\n+50% Resist fire\n-6 Damage from enemies\nIndestructible}

desc_scripBOS = {The standard unit of exchange within the Brotherhood.}

sentinel = {!}

//end 2/6/2001

name_jetBikeKey = {Jet Bike Key}
desc_jetBikeKey = {The ignition key for the MX-1000E Jet Bike. The key was still warm when you found it...}

name_nakedMooseMag = {Naked Moose Mag.}
desc_nakedMooseMag = {An under the counter magazine featuring the finest moose flesh in the land. The articles are exceptional.}

name_catsPawMag = {Cat's Paw Magazine}
desc_catsPawMag = {An issue of Cat's Paw Magazine.}

name_vehicleAPC = {APC}
name_vehicleTank = {Tank}
name_vehicleHummer = {Hummer}
name_vehicleScout = {Scouter}
name_vehicleBuggy = {Buggy}
name_vehicleNuke = {Nuke Carrier}

name_Turret = {Turret}

name_ammo303 = {.303 ammo }
desc_ammo303 = {A handful of .303 ammunition.}

// added 18/02/2001

name_m05_powercell = {Fusion Battery}
desc_m05_powercell = {A sophisticated power storage device, compatible with many pre-war artifacts.}

name_bosEnviro2 = {Environmental Armor II}

// addedd 20/02/2001

name_m12_generalsLetter = {Barnaky's Letter}
desc_m12_generalsLetter = {A letter from General Barnaky to his wife, Maria.}

name_m06_alarm = {Alarm}

// added 22/02/2001

name_safe = {Safe}

name_fusionCola = {Fusion Cola}
desc_fusionCola = {This bottle contains the concentrated essence of countless nuka-cola dregs, combined with a form of "fusion".}

name_elixirOfLife = {Elixir of Life}
desc_elixirOfLife = {This bottle contains a heavy viscous liquid. The way it reflects light is mesmerizing.}

name_mouseDebacle = {Strange Papers}

name_CORE_mis06_generator = {Generator}

// added 25/02/2001
name_CORE_brahminArmor = {Brahmin Armor}
desc_CORE_brahminArmor = {A special suit of Armor. When worn, you can move unseen through herds of brahmin!}

name_TitanicSketch = {Sketch}
desc_TitanicSketch = {A sketch of a stick figure with crudely drawn breasts.}

name_TitanicGem = {Gem}
desc_TitanicGem = {A bloody enormous gemstone.}

// added 26/02/2001
name_raiderArmor2 = {Vandal Armor}

// added 27/02/2001
name_CORE_fuelTank01 = {Fuel Tank}
name_CORE_gasTank = {Gas Tank}
name_CORE_gasTanks = {Gas Tanks}
name_CORE_oilDrum = {Oil Drum}
name_CORE_oilDrums = {Oil Drums}
name_CORE_petrolTank = {Petrol Tank}

// added 28/02/2001
name_Door = {Door}
name_forceBarrier = {Force Barrier}
name_fenceGate = {Fence Gate}
name_Gate = {Gate}

// added 01/03/2001
name_CORE_flag = {Flag}
desc_CORE_flag = {This is a flag. Pretty nifty, isn't it?}

name_mis11_nuke = {Nuke}

// added 02/03/2001
name_barricade = {Barricade}
name_switch = {Switch}
// added 04/03/2001
name_mis25_SeveredHead = {Severed Head}
desc_mis25_SeveredHead = {The severed head of an unfortunate Vault 0 scientist.}

name_mis24_beacon = {Fire-Support Beacon}
desc_mis24_beacon = {Fire-Support Beacon. Once a beacon is placed, artillery fire will be concentrated on its position.}

name_mis23_Locket = {General's Locket}
desc_mis23_Locket = {General Barnaky's locket. It contains a picture of himself and his wife, Maria.}

name_pulseRifleA = {Pulse Rifle Prototype}
desc_pulseRifleA = {This is the prototype for a modified electromagnetic pulse weapon. Min ST: 3.}

name_mis17_PABroken = {Broken Power Armor}
desc_mis17_PABroken = {A suit of Power Armor, broken beyond your ability to repair.}

name_m03_Cell01Key = { A Key }
desc_m03_Cell01Key = { The key to the prisoner's cell }

name_m03_Cell02Key = { Prison Key }
desc_m03_Cell02Key = { The key to the Scientist's cell }

name_m03_LeaderKey = { Gate Key }
desc_m03_LeaderKey = { The key to the Gate Switch room }

name_mis03RobotArm = { Mechanical Arm }
desc_mis03RobotArm = { Some kind of mechanical artefact }

name_M01_guardsKey = { Master Key }
desc_M01_guardsKey = { A master key to many locks within the camp. }

name_mis15_RobotFake = {Robot Part}
desc_mis15_RobotFake = {This is a fake. Its components aren't robotic, but an antique toaster cooking device, an electronic mixer or blender, and a vibrating sex toy. You have been duped.}