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Use the lure at (Location) to trap a Scorchbeast on the ground and defeat it!

Event: It's a Trap is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

The scorchbeast detector has gone off, reporting an attack. The Dwellers need to lure the scorchbeast to the marked location and trap it so that it is grounded, at least for a while.

The event requires Dwellers to first activate the lure, trapping the scorchbeast to make it easy to take down.

Detailed walkthrough

When the quest appears on the map, head to the location where a scorchbeast lure was set up by the Free States. Activate the lure, and a scorchbeast in the vicinity is drawn to it and will be forced to land near it. It is then left at the mercy of the Vault Dwellers for several minutes, while the batteries on the lure last for as long as they can. If the scorchbeast is killed before the timer expires, the quest is completed. If the timer expires, the batteries on the lure run out of power, and the scorchbeast escapes by going airborne again, failing the quest in the process.

As with all scorchbeasts, Scorched human infantry will attempt to protect it from any threat, thus they will also be attracted to the lure, and can serve as a needed distraction to protect the scorchbeast until the lure runs out of power.

Event stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Report to the <Alias=ParentLocation> Trap
Activate the LureThe Scorchbeast detector has gone off, reporting an attack. I'm at the nearest trap, so it falls on me to use it.
Prepare to FightI set off the lure and there are some crazy noises being blasted into the area. I guess this might attract trouble.
Defeat the ScorchbeastI managed to lure the Scorchbeast here and the trap is keeping it grounded, at least for a while.
SB Hurt, Map marker disappears
Quest timer elapsedFailed to kill scorchbeast
Quest timer elapsedLure was not started in time.
The Scorchbeast is dead!



Toxic Valley:

Ash Heap:

Savage Divide:

The Mire:

Cranberry Bog:


  • Mire quest rewards
  • Scorchbeast junk parts


  • One cannot trigger this event to start without first completing the quest Early Warnings.
  • After completing the event, it is put on a two-hour cooldown.