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Ever since the city was scourged, we've done what everyone does: whatever's necessary to survive. I know my city seems barbaric to you, but it's the only way we can carve out a home in this hellhole, and it's kept these people alive. But that's enough stalling for time. So, do you know Wernher?

Ishmael Ashur, formally known as the Lord of The Pitt, is the leader of the raiders occupying the Pitt and a central character in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


The Scourge[]

Born on the West Coast, Ashur was picked for the Brotherhood of Steel expedition to D.C. under Star Paladin Owyn Lyons. With their innability to contact the Midwestern Brotherhood, the Brotherhood was forced to continue their mission and head towards Washington, D.C. During their travels, the expedition came across the ruins of the pre-War city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now known as "the Pitt", the city was lawless: gangs, raiders, slavers and many other kinds of horrors all freely wandered the streets, and anarchy ruled unchecked. The few innocent inhabitants had to scratch out a living in this terrorizing environment, most of who were either sick or dying from the combined effects of the intense radiation and pollution from pre-War industrial factories damaged by the bombs spewing into the atmosphere.

Horrified by what they saw, the Brotherhood attacked the Pitt in an event known as "the Scourge," as their forces combed the ruins and killed anyone who dared to put up a fight. Due to their sheer superior technological and combat abilities, the Brotherhood sustained virtually no losses but wiped out much of the Pitt's population. By the time The Scourge was over, only a handful of raider gangs still existed in any large form. Although the intent of the Scourge remains unclear, the Brotherhood took many non-mutated children, such as Paladin Kodiak, from the Pitt and placed them into initiate training.[3][4] In the midst of the Brotherhood's bloody purge, slaughtering resisting inhabitants and looting anything undamaged,[4] Ashur was caught in an explosion in the steel mill and ended up buried under rubble. Believed to be killed in action by his brothers, he was left behind as Lyons pulled out of the city.[2] However, he had survived, protected from being crushed to death by his power armor. He was eventually found by survivors trying to pull him out of the rubble and scavenge his armor. Ashur's awakening impressed them, with some of the scavengers even considering him a god. In the wake of the power vacuum left by the Brotherhood, the streets left deserted by the deaths of the raider gangs which once infested the streets, he brought many of the scavengers in the area together under his leadership, deciding to leverage their divine dedication, combine it with his leadership skills, and turn the Pitt around.[1]

The Scourge was a blessing in disguise as Ashur easily established himself as a leading presence in the chaotic aftermath. Presenting himself as a mere initiate dragged along unwillingly by the Brotherhood's dogma, he rallied the people around him. The Brotherhood had killed most of the trogs and the wildmen infesting the city at that time, giving the Pitt a reprieve, calming it down and allowing Ashur to rebuild. What's more, while the looting by Lyons was severe, it left behind a substantial amount of material and especially people to rebuild with. What the Brotherhood considered "damaged goods," Ashur saw as a readily available stockpile of material. Some choices were ironic: while the Brotherhood took Greg Bear, and left behind his elder brothers, considered too far gone, Ashur took them under his wing and molded them into some of his finest soldiers.[5]

Reviving the Pitt[]

Instead of trying to return to the Brotherhood, Ashur chose to remain and rebuild the Pitt to its former strength because he was touched by the tenacious locals who had endured great hardship before, during and after the Scourge. A more practical reasons was discovering that it contained the only operational steel mill anyone in the Brotherhood had ever seen, allowing the Pitt's denizens to build and maintain their own equipment versus scavenging pre-War ruins. To maintain control, Ashur formed his own organization and, using his Brotherhood training and expertise, quickly began killing off the leaders of the remaining raider gangs to cement his dominance. Low-ranking raiders who did not rebel were conscripted, and the "Lord of the Pitt" grew in power to the point where his territory extended from the steelyards to encompass most of the city's ruins. Ashur organized his forces into a functioning government under his autocratic rule, turning them into a standing army with the fiercest raiders becoming his top lieutenants. With the Pitt firmly under his control, Ashur occupied an intact skyscraper, renamed as Haven as his palace to watch over his city.[Non-game 2]

However, it was not long before he realized that raider gangs would not be enough to bring the Pitt to its full potential. He resorted to using slave labor overseen by his raiders to carry out the tasks necessary to fire up the old industries again, relying on slave hubs like Paradise Falls in the Capital Wasteland to provide the bodies necessary. Unlike the Legion from Arizona or the Slaver's Guild, Ashur does not believe in a firmly stratified society: he insists on referring to slaves as "workers", believing that this small difference is important in the big scheme of things, especially since he openly invites them to earn their freedom.[6] He also refers to his raiders as "soldiers", drawing a line between their past lives and their new role as footmen in his army. He's well aware his army is prone to cruelty, but he tries to limit the abuse slaves suffer, and if anyone proves to be particularly sadistic, he has them executed and hanged up in public as a reminder to everyone.[7] A lesser punishment is reassignment to border guard duty, though for some, it does not curb their sadistic streak in the slightest.[Non-game 3]

Though brutal, Ashur's measures have resulted in success and the Pitt's strength has grown in the decades since, with Ashur importing large numbers of slaves, even entire towns captured by slavers,[8] and conscripting or hiring raiders from the outside to fill out the ranks of his army. The growing size of the army also meant delegating an increasing number of duties, with policing the slaves and trogs assigned to his lieutenants.[Non-game 4]

Discovering a cure[]

One crucial obstacle to the Pitt's future was the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion that had been ravaging the city for decades, even before Ashur's time, and which made natural procreation and repopulation impossible. It was a stroke of luck that changed things: a scientist named Sandra Kundanika traveled to the city after hearing about the Pitt's status as an up-and-coming civilization in the wastes. Sandra managed to gain an audience with Ashur and was welcomed into his inner circle. The two developed feelings for each other, becoming life partners.

A year before 2277, Sandra had become pregnant and gave birth to Ashur's child, a daughter named Marie. It was with the birth of his daughter that Ashur's mission had a breakthrough: Marie was born with a natural immunity to radiation as well as the mutating properties of the Pitt,[9][10] most importantly the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion that blighted the Pitt. Ashur and Sandra set to work on developing a cure for their fellow Pitt inhabitants.[11] If they could synthesize and mass produce it, the cure would remove the necessity to rely on outside sources for population growth, as the residents of the Pitt would be immunized and able to procreate without fear of miscarriages or stillbirths from disease. The city would at last be able to function without the involvement of slave labor to maintain the manpower necessary to operate.[12]

Ashur's ultimate goal is to create a strong foundation for a future nation capable of standing on its own. He truly believes he is on the right track, since in only a couple of decades, he managed to establish an army and a functioning industry, and with a few more years, a solution to the hellish radiation and contamination of the Pitt would come.[13]

Daily schedule[]

Ashur spends the majority of his time in his office at the top of Haven, but is occasionally seen giving speeches to the slaves of the Pitt every once in a while. He also runs the Pitt's radio station.

Interactions with the player[]

Interactions overview[]

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Citizens of The Pitt, workers of Downtown, traders of Uptown, and all fierce souls who do what must be done! I bring you good news! We stand at the dawn of a new golden age. Where others merely survive, we thrive! Our industry is the envy of the Commonwealth! Our safety is the envy of the Capital Wastes! Our might is the envy of Ronto! And while I have led your efforts, it has been by your own strength that you have earned all of the envy of the world. They envy the steel shaped by the workers in our mills, and they envy the strength of our traders and raiders who wield that steel for The Pitt. And most of all, they envy our victories in the struggle for freedom. Because, yes, freedom is what we all work towards. Freedom from fear, freedom from disease, freedom to live as once we did before we were shackled by atomic fire! And so, to celebrate this struggle, I ask my loyal workers: who among you is prepared to fight for your freedom? Who among you will risk your life in the crucible to create a new life of freedom in Uptown? Who will take this rare chance to thrive?



Despite insisting to the Lone Wanderer that the residents of Downtown be called "workers," Ashur himself still refers to them as "slaves" a few times in dialogue.

Notable quotes[]

  • "Nice work in the hole, new blood. Knew you couldn't be one of our normal workers. So, that begs the question: who are you, and what are you doing in my city?"
  • "Ever since the city was scourged, we've done what everyone does: whatever's necessary to survive. I know my city seems barbaric to you, but it's the only way we can carve out a home in this hellhole, and it's kept these people alive. But that's enough stalling for time. So, do you know Wernher?"


Ishmael Ashur appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Lord of The Pitt's first name, Ishmael is a reference to a figure of the same name present in the Hebrew Bible, while his last name is a reference to Ashur, an East Semitic god and the head of the Assyrian pantheon. The history of the ancient city of Assur also holds several similarities and symbolisms to Lord Ashur's life and the Pitt.
  • Ashur's previous rank in the Brotherhood before he became the Lord of the Pitt is inconsistently stated. While he refers to himself as being an initiate at the time of the Scourge,[1][2] his skill at leadership and having a prior education is consistent with being a paladin and he is even identified as such in the Official Game Guide.[Non-game 1]
  • Ashur's black-and-yellow-painted armor reflects the official colors of the real-world city of Pittsburgh.
Political themes
Main article: Pitt broadcast
  • The motivational speeches lean heavily on left-wing rhetoric, with at least two being (almost) straight quotes from communist thinkers.
    • "Let the ruling classes of the wasteland tremble at our new industrial revolution!" (Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto (1848): "Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.")
    • "'What is genuine is proved in the fire, what is false we shall not miss in our ranks.' Remember it well, my friends." (Friedrich Engels, Anti-Schilling (1841): "We are not afraid to fight. Nothing more desirable could have happened to us than for a time to be ecclesia pressa. There the minds part. What is genuine is proved in the fire, what is false we shall not miss in our ranks.")
  • One exception appears to be the speech "You are not collared beasts of burden. You are proud workers, building a home in the world. Work shall set us all free." segment, of which the last sentence evokes connotations with the cynical Nazi slogan "Arbeit macht frei". In far right thought, it was meant not as liberation through work, but extermination through forced labor.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes after the initial meeting dialogue with Ashur he will repeat the words "Don't let me keep you" a few times to before leaving. This appears to be a bug, supposedly caused by speaking to others in Haven before speaking to Ashur or by skipping through too much of Ashur's dialogue.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 After accessing the computer in the room with Marie, Ashur's corpse is very likely to disappear he has been killed, so be sure to loot his body before using it.[verified]
  • PCPC Ashur's speech prior to entering the arena is bugged. In the PC version of the game, he will skip every other text block, causing the speech to be much shorter (the skipped portions of the speech can be heard in the background playing at the same time as the heard portions). The full speech plays in the Xbox and PlayStation version of the game.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes when entering Haven and interrupting Ashur's talk with Kenshaw you cannot interact with him and he will stand there with his legs shaking.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Ashur may sometimes be killed by going to hear his speech, and then shooting the guards before your weapons will be put away. The Pitt Raider that stands up on the railing may start shooting him and kill him.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 When Ashur is delivering his speech, there may be 4 possible echoes instead of 1. He will say the last word 5 times (Once over the intercom, 4 echoes, all at the same volume) and may freeze up there.[verified]
  • PCPC If the player noclips up to Ashur's podium while he is delivering his speech, he will crouch as if he is fleeing, but it will state that "This character is busy."[verified]



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