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This is a transcript for dialogue with Irving Cheng.


GREETING GREETING Fear 100 Aiiiyeeeeah! Get away from me! {in the middle of an attack against his town} 1
GREETING Fear 100 Find a place to hide, comrade! {in the middle of an attack against his town} 2
GREETING Happy 100 I am Comrade Cheng, beloved leader of the people, shining servant of the community! How can I help you? {naively self-important} 3
GREETING Happy 100 Comrade! Hero of the people! Hello! {(naively) self important man showing genuine appreciation} 4
GREETING Happy 100 Hey comrade! Those Ghoul's seem like a real community, hey? Adversity must have made them strong. {(naively) self important man showing genuine appreciation} 5
GREETING Happy 100 Greetings hero-comrade! {(naively) self important man showing genuine appreciation} 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Good to see you again, Comrade. 7
MS12Basement Do you know anything about the basement level, comrade? Happy 50 Only that they keep generators down there... and some kind of emergency escape tunnels. {trying to be helpful} 8
Surprise 100 Oh, you know who you should talk to? Comrade Dashwood. He knows this place like the back of his hand. {just remembering something helpful} 9
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's great. Now that we have a real comrade around here to handle things. I'm appointing a special Security Subcommittee and I want you to chair it! {(naively) self important but showing appreciation} 10
What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 Things are going well, I'd say. We've all learned a thing or two about what makes a real community. Don't you think, comrade? {(naively) self important but showing appreciation} 11
MS12Greeting1 It's nice to meet someone with a sense of civic duty. Neutral 50 Thanks, comrade. I'm sure you'll agree the people are only as strong as their leader. That's why I do my best to serve the community to the fullest. {naively self-important} 12
Surprise 50 Speaking of service to the community... I don't suppose you are familiar with Ghouls, are you? More importantly, how to kill them? {hinting that the player can help him} 13
Happy 100 I've formed a committee to investigate the problem. {hoping the player will help} 14
MS12Greeting2 People don't need leaders, just good common sense. Sad 50 Ah, but not everyone has common sense. Do they? {naively self-important} 15
Happy 75 True happiness flows from respecting those in charge, because they have the happiness of the people at heart. {naively self important} 16
Happy 50 For example, I've appointed a committee to discuss this problem with the Ghouls trying to get in here. You know anything about Ghouls? {naively self important} 17
MS12Greeting3 What? Surprise 50 Not very bright, are you? Don't worry, comrade. Even the least of us have some small though important role to play in the community. {naively self-important} 18
Happy 50 For example, I've appointed a committee to discuss this problem with the Ghouls trying to get in here. You know anything about Ghouls? {naively self important} 19
MS12IntroToGhoul1 It will take more than a committee to deal with the problem. I think I can help. Happy 100 That's wonderful, comrade! Truly wonderful! Before you go Ghoul hunting, talk to Gustavo. He might be able to help you. {happy to finally have a hero} 20
MS12IntroToGhoul2 Committees won't help. You need to simply ignore them, or exterminate them. Sad 50 Well, I'll try to not be bothered then... and perhaps you should speak to comrade Gustavo about getting rid of them altogether. {mildly dejected} 21
MS12IntroToGhoul3 Don't worry about those Ghouls, comrade. You need to relax. Sad 50 Perhaps you're right. My wife is always going on about how crazy I make her. {a little depressed and ashamed} 22
MS12ResidentsBranch What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 50 Well comrade, things are great. The best of the best have made a community here. {naively self important} 23
Fear 50 Well, there is that problem with the Ghouls. But I think it'll be solved soon enough. {naively self important} 24
About these Ghouls...
What do you think of the whole situation with the Ghouls? Fear 100 I'm sure it will end in bloodshed. It's serious business, comrade. {nervous} 25
I think I can help with your Ghoul problem... Happy 100 Excellent. Speak with comrade Gustavo. He'll know what to do. {glad someone is taking charge} 26
Perhaps, comrade, the Ghouls will join your committee, comrade. Disgust 100 Are you mocking me, comrade? {self important indignation} 27
Interesting. Disgust 5 That's not the word I'd use for it, comrade. {bored by the conversation} 28
MS12ResidentsNeighbors How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 You've finally got around to asking me, comrade. {hesitant but sincere} 29
Happy 50 I've given it a lot of careful thought. I would welcome these Ghouls into our community. {hesitant but sincere} 30
Happy 100 I've already formed a welcoming committee! {excited} 31
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Fear 50 Ghouls wouldn't make the best of neighbors, comrade. {self important snob trying to be nice} 32
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 It's not really fair to deprive anyone of a community, is it? So we really ought to welcome them as comrades, shouldn't we? {hesistant but sincere} 33
MS12ResidentsNeighborsBad It's wise to be afraid of Ghouls. Neutral 50 Indeed, comrade. Indeed. I wonder though, if they might also need their own community? {snob losing prejudice} 34
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGood Comrade, I've met these ghouls. They seem friendly enough. More than this lot. Surprise 50 Well, perhaps you're right, comrade. Some of these folk have a few things to learn about camaraderie, that's for sure. {letting go of prejudice} 35
Happy 50 Well... alright. I'm willing to give them a chance. {letting go of prejudice} 36
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGoodPetition Would you tell Mister Tenpenny that you wouldn't mind Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 50 Alright, comrade. We'll welcome them into the community. 37
MS12ResidentsNeighborsNeutral Whatever. Disgust 50 I have something to do, comrade. If you'll excuse me... {trying to get out of the conversation} 38


DialogueTenpennyConv00 DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 I wouldn't know. She's avoiding me lately. {sad} 39
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 10 No worries, Comrade. Everyone else has trouble making the meetings, too. When I get my computer working, I'll get you a copy of the minutes. {a bit sad no one comes to his committee meetings, but trying to sound happy} 40
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 <Sigh.> I don't know what to do, Comrade. Every day I fix it, but it always breaks again. {depressed} 41
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 I shouldn't. A good leader, leads by example. But thank you anyway. {turning down a drink of alcohol} 42
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Neutral 50 Right, Susan. Whatever you say. {trying to please} 43
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 Oh. Okay, dear. Goodbye. {feeling helpless to stop her} 44
DialogueTenpennyConv01 DialogueTenpennyConv01 Sad 50 Oh, I don't know. Not so good I guess... Women. Can't live with them. Can't live without them. Know what I mean, Comrade? {dejected} 45
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Sad 10 Well, Comrade. My computer keeps breaking, and I have to start over each day. Not to worry though. I've got it practically memorized by now! {trying to look on the bright-side (his magnum opus keeps getting erased from his computer)} 46
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 50 Because, while it's true, some of us are better suited to lead the community, by calling you all comrades, I'm helping you not feel envy or sadness. {with naive arrogance} 47
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Fear 50 Um. Hi. {nervous around a woman he has a crush on} 48
DialogueTenpennyConv02 DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Right, comrade! I see. The fabulous comes from the inside out. I will have to remember that. Thank you! {grateful} 49
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 50 Oh. I'm sorry Comraaa - err, CHIEF Gustavo! {(apologetic) about to say "comrade" but catches himself before he says it} 50
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 Every day it erases everything. Each day I have to start over again. But it's not the end of the world. I have everything memorized. Never mind. {despondent} 51
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 75 Yes, you are right, comrade. But I'm afraid I've done something to upset her, and now she isn't talking to me. Never mind. I'll figure something out. {depressed} 52
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 50 That's an excellent idea, comrade! I have to get her to stop and listen to me for a moment to even ask her if she'd like that. But thank you though. {hopeful} 53
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 Oh, I see. Well, maybe you're right. Mrs. Cheng spends a lot of time drinking in the lounge, doesn't she. {unsure} 54
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Oh... oh. Alright Susan. I'll see you later then? {nervously excited} 55
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 I don't know why I'm so stupid. Never mind. I'll go work on my projects. {sad and confused} 56
DialogueTenpennyConv03 DialogueTenpennyConv03 Sad 75 Ohhh. Well, comrade. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that. {despondent he can't make his wife happy.} 57
DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic Neutral 50 I'm hungry. {hungry and on his way to get food} 58
DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic Neutral 50 I'm tired. I'm going to bed. {tired and heading off to bed} 59
DialogueTenpennySusanSleepWithStartTopic DialogueTenpennySusanSleepWithStartTopic Happy 50 SHE never yells at me. SHE appreciates me. Unlike some people. {to himself under his breath, thinking about his mistress} 60
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Later comrade. {naively self important} 61
I have to go now. Happy 50 Until next time, comrade. {naively self important} 62
I have to go now. Happy 50 Good travels to you, comrade. {naively self important} 63
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 Are you alright, Comrade? {confused and slightly suspicious} 64
HELLO Surprise 50 Are you alright, Comrade? {confused and slightly suspicious} 65
HELLO Sad 50 Comrade. Do you have something that will make me, you know, look attractive? {asking for fashion help} 66
HELLO Happy 50 Comrade, how are you doing? 67
HELLO Happy 50 Comrade Gustavo! How are things? {greeting a friend} 68
HELLO Happy 50 Comrade Gustavo! {greeting a friend} 69
HELLO Surprise 25 Comrade Dashwood. Do you know much about computers? My computer is not cooperating with me lately. {hopeful} 70
HELLO Surprise 50 I've been thinking about taking up adventuring as a profession. What would I need to know before I do that, comrade? {self-consciously taking to his hero} 71
HELLO Surprise 50 Comrade Lydia, do you have something in your shop that my wife would like? {hopeful} 72
HELLO Happy 50 You have a nice shop, comrade Lydia. {making small talk with a vendor} 73
HELLO Happy 50 You make the BEST sandwiches ever, comrade Margaret! {sincerely praising} 74
HELLO Happy 50 I think sometime soon I'll try that Iguana Bits sandwich Mr. Tenpenny is always ordering. {chatting with the chef} 75
HELLO Surprise 50 Comrade Hawthorne. You seem to get along okay with the ladies. What's your secret? {self conscious} 76
HELLO Happy 50 Cheers! {greeting a friend in a toast} 77
HELLO Fear 50 Ummm. Errrr. Ahh... {stammering trying to say hello to a woman he has a crush on} 78
HELLO Happy 50 Su-su-susan! Hello! I uh... well. You know. {stammering trying to say hi to his mistress who he is googoo over} 79
HELLO Fear 50 Tiffany. Why are you always off doing your own thing? {trying to confront his wife who is avoiding him} 80
HELLO Fear 50 Tiffany? {hesitant} 81