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Irr. barrel cactus, short for irradiated barrel cactus is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


It is aesthetically identical to barrel cactus fruit, with a dose of radiation. This variety alleviates Starvation and Dehydration better than the normal variant.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+1 Hit Point for 5s, -1 Endurance for 2m-6 Starvation , -24 Dehydration 
20+1 Hit Point for 5s, -1 Endurance for 2m-7 Starvation , -28 Dehydration 
30+1 Hit Point for 5s, -1 Endurance for 2m-8 Starvation , -32 Dehydration 
40+1 Hit Point for 5s, -1 Endurance for 2m-9 Starvation , -36 Dehydration 
50+2 Hit Point for 5s, -2 Endurance for 2m-10 Starvation , -40 Dehydration 
60+2 Hit Point for 5s, -2 Endurance for 2m-11 Starvation , -44 Dehydration 
70+2 Hit Point for 5s, -2 Endurance for 2m-12 Starvation , -48 Dehydration 
80+2 Hit Point for 5s, -2 Endurance for 2m-13 Starvation , -52 Dehydration 
90+2 Hit Point for 5s, -2 Endurance for 2m-14 Starvation , -56 Dehydration 
100+3 Hit Point for 5s, -3 Endurance for 2m-15 Starvation , -60 Dehydration 
Note: Radiation is not affected by Survival skill level.



  • Eight can be found in the Searchlight fire station upstairs kitchen, most of them in a crate found on the shelves.
  • Like all irradiated food, it has a chance of appearing inside the refrigerator inside Hell's Motel.