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Always remember, Rory loves his little Murkies.Rory Rigwell

The Irish Pride Industries shipyard is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Once a small shipyard, Irish Pride Industries constructed midsize shipping vessels.[1] Around April 30, 2078, survivors of the Great War (Wayne Tournquist, Lance, and Leon Ames) stole a couple of trucks from the yard. Leon hotwired the trucks and Lance had the group pull them around to the edges of the yards, to start construction of defenses at the West Everett Estates. Wayne, however, flipped his truck and almost crushed his house.[2]

Long after the War, Rory Rigwell settled in the Irish Pride Industries shipyard to breed a colony of mirelurks (or "murkies") and keep them as pets, believing that they were not violent, merely misunderstood creatures.[1] Their natural aggression was an issue, so Rigwell recorded several peaceful and positive messages in an attempt to calm them down. However, this behavioral training did not go as he planned.[3] He is found dead at the location.


A run-down shipyard located directly north of Bunker Hill, across the water. There are two smaller buildings just outside, along with a few docks on the south side. The western entrance to the building opens into a small lobby area with a closet, as well as a restroom and side office down the hallway, leading into a break room. Going right in the break room, there is a slightly larger restroom, and going left there is a locker room.

Just past this break room area, the main part of the building, a large room with a dry dock, opens up. A ramp and a staircase leading to the roof of the break room area are outside each entrance to this main room. There are two walled-off workshop areas in the northeast and southwest corners of the room. In the center of the room, in the dry dock, is a fishing boat with planks leading onboard on the starboard side of the boat. Inside the room on the base level of the boat is a small eating area, with a few lockers. Up a staircase, near the back of the boat, is the pilothouse. In the pilothouse, there is a bed, a couple of chairs, and a desk with Rory's terminal on top. The locked door on the eastern side of the dock area leads outside, into a small shed on the back of the building.

Towards the front of the boat, on the right side, is a ramp leading down into the dry dock. Rory's body is found along with his stash in the southeast corner, off the stern on the starboard side of the boat, with the key to the door on the eastern side of the building. Additional mirelurks will spawn when the floor of the dry dock is explored.

There are a total of four leveled mirelurks (mostly in the area under the boat), two clusters of mirelurk eggs that will spawn mirelurk hatchlings when disturbed, and a couple of loose hatchlings crawling around.

Notable loot

  • Taboo Tattoos issue #12 - On a metal table, inside the docked ship, in the shipyard interior.
  • Several bags of cement - About three bags are in one of the yellow containers outside the ship, and several more bags are on the top shelf of a shelving unit and elsewhere in the area.
  • Irish Pride key - On Rory Rigwell, opens a door.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum or Nuka-Cherry - On the table in the break room area.


  • In the exterior building on the west side, there is a power armor station.
  • In the small exterior boat on the southwestern dock, there is a small caps stash.
  • On the exterior dock at the south end of the shipyard, there is a dead raider with some minor loot.
  • The positive messages playing over the speakers can be turned off using the terminal in the boat inside the shipyard.
  • In the southeast corner (behind the large red storage containers), a container containing a teddy bear playing checkers with a skeleton can be found. A caps stash and a cooler can be found on the floor nearby.
  • On top of the southwest office is a sleeping bag, a couple of bottles of vodka, and a newspaper.
  • On top of the northeast office is a skeleton with a duffle bag containing random loot and a caps stash.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the corpse of Rory Rigwell.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "This idiot got what was comin' to him."
Codsworth "Looks like the hand that feeds them has become the food."
Curie "Domestication of mirelurks may be impossible. Interesting."
Danse "This civilian's efforts to befriend these mirelurks was misguided... and fatal."
Deacon "Dogmeat, don't get any ideas."
John Hancock "You need more selective about your friend group, pal."
Nick Valentine "I expect he'd wished he'd kept birds about now."
Piper Wright "Nasty way to go."
Preston Garvey "Do you think he was trying to tame them?"
Robert MacCready "This idiot was trying to pal around with a bunch of mirelurks?"
X6-88 "Trying to live with Mirelurks? That's insane."


The Irish Pride Industries shipyard appears only in Fallout 4.



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