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Mysterious beings from the outer reaches of space are invading our skies and stealing the brainwaves from lifeforms throughout Appalachia! Work together with other humans to fight back against the alien scum and send them fleeing back into their ships before they can complete their “research.”FALLOUT 76: INVADERS FROM BEYOND PTS FEATURES AND UPDATE LOG

Invaders from Beyond is the eleventh major update for Fallout 76. It focuses on alien-themed content. It was preceded by Night of the Moth and was followed by Test Your Metal.


  • Event: Invaders from Beyond (Seasonal)
  • Campfire Tales has a third new ending; Nia now has her own holotape and the event may end with multiple Flatwoods monsters
  • Season 8: A Better Life Underground
  • SCORE is now obtainable in Public and Custom Worlds
  • More Custom World settings, such as carry weight, dismemberment, perk effects, and V.A.T.S. disabling
  • Buildable Pirate Radio
  • "Show Backpack" setting which hides backpacks on the user but lets them keep the benefits. This is a global change so backpacks are hidden for everyone.
  • The weight of stimpaks and diluted stimpaks is reduced by 25%, and their prices by 25% as well, to help newer players. More stimpaks and diluted stimpaks will appear in medical vending machines.
  • Zetan-related random encounters.
  • Minerva has a wider inventory with 35 more items she can sell. They were Overseer rank rewards. A list can be found on the miscellaneous items section below.
  • Damage calculation fixes.
  • Alien blaster rounds can now be crafted.

Atomic Shop[]

Microtransactions subject to change


  • Firewall outfit
  • Firewall helmet

Player icons

  • Responders Fire Department player icon


  • Alien Flag emote


  • Army Issue double barrel shotgun paint
  • Army Issue plasma caster paint
  • Dastardly Duo double barrel shotgun paint
  • Charleston Spark power armor paint
  • Locomotive railway rifle paint

Workshop objects

  • Blue shipping container with door
  • Blue shipping container with windows
  • Red shipping container with door
  • Red shipping container with windows
  • Solid blue shipping container
  • Solid red shipping container
  • Solid yellow shipping container
  • Yellow shipping container with door
  • Yellow shipping container with windows
  • Zetan power generator (fusion generator)
  • Zetan bench
  • Zetan chair
  • Zetan stasis chamber
  • Zetan dining table
  • Zetan conference table


Rewards subject to change
  • Harmaceudical chemistry workstation
  • Vault survivor hood
  • RobCo jumpsuit
  • Vault survivor outfit
  • Lite Ally: Sam Nguyen
  • Vault-Tec twin bed
  • Yellow wooden door
  • Black modular mainframe set
  • Vault 76 stein
  • Blue shag carpet floor and foundations
  • Cream modular sofa set
  • Responders kit (walls and roofs)
  • Elaborate silver chandelier
  • Hot rod mailbox
  • Rooster mailbox
  • Yellow curtains
  • Doorbell
  • Purple floater mobile
  • Life Underground gameboard
  • Floral frame
  • Dr. Zorbo's Magic pose
  • Science Guy pose
  • 2 Headed Vault Girl player icon
  • Creepy Baby player icon
  • Dinner's Served player icon
  • Expert Hacker player icon
  • Target Practice player icon
  • Underground Logo player icon
  • Free States combat armor paint
  • Free States leather armor paint
  • Free States marine armor paint
  • Free States metal armor paint
  • Free States robot armor paint
  • Free States wood armor paint
  • Vault Survivor flair
  • Vault Survivor backpack
  • Vault-Tec power armor paint (Hellcat)
  • Yellow excavator power armor paint
  • Yellow T-45 power armor paint
  • Yellow T-51 power armor paint
  • Yellow T-60 power armor paint
  • Yellow X-01 power armor paint
  • Vault-Tec machine gun paint (50cal machinegun)
  • Exercise bike
  • Zeta's Revenge (unique Alien blaster)
  • Dr. Bones skeleton display Fallout 1st
  • Modern rug Fallout 1st
  • Short office cabinet (clean filing cabinet) Fallout 1st
  • Diner wall light Fallout 1st
  • Weathered Hero of the Great War statue Fallout 1st
  • Bass mailbox Fallout 1st
  • Bunny Slippers player icon Fallout 1st







Armor and clothing[]

  • Vault survivor Fallout 76 seasons
  • Vault survivor hood Fallout 76 seasons
Power armor
  • Vault-tec Hellcat paint Fallout 76 seasons
  • Responders power armor reskin


Fallout 76 weapon mods

  • Alien blaster cryo receiver
  • Alien blaster poison receiver
  • Alien disintegrator overcharged receiver
  • Alien disintegrator cryo receiver
  • Alien disintegrator poison receiver
  • Alien disintegrator standard receiver
  • Cryogenic electro enforcer
  • Poisoned electro enforcer
  • Standard electro enforcer
  • Spiked electro enforcer
  • Overcharged electro enforcer


Miscellaneous items[]

Plans and recipes


Keys and passwords
  • Mysterious key (Dropped by the Emissary, used for ID card reader at TNT Dome #08) Fallout 76 seasonal content

World objects[]

  • Brainwave extractor Fallout 76 seasonal content
  • UFO Fallout 76 seasonal content

Workshop objects[]

Note: This list may be inaccurate and needs verification for which objects were enabled in this update.

  • Cultist display case
  • Dr. Bones display rack
  • Fire station build kit
  • Charleston fire station
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry workbench
  • Human tube 1
  • Human tube 2
  • Iron stove
  • Mothman shelf
  • Red shipping container
  • Red shipping container with door
  • Red shipping container with window
  • Vault 76 stein
  • Wavy willards bubble blower
  • Wavy willards water bed
  • Zetan bench
  • Zetan chair
  • Zetan corpse operating bed
  • Zetan crate
  • Zetan sliding door
  • Zetan stash box
  • Zetan stasis chamber
  • Zetan table a
  • Zetan table b
  • Zetan tube
  • Zetan orange metal floor and foundations
  • Zetan blue metal floor and foundations
  • Zetan catwalk (set)
  • Zetan wallpaper



Seasonal events Fallout 76 seasonal content
Icon Name Location(s)
FO76 event invaders01 Invaders from Beyond

Invaders from Beyond

Charleston Capitol Building
Garrahan Mining HQ
Sparse sundew grove
Wavy Willard's Water Park

Daily Ops[]

Random encounters[]




Homer's buff: +5% damage against aliens

Behind the scenes[]

The update was originally planned to release in Winter 2021, but was split from what became the Night of the Moth update.

  • The 2021 roadmap referred to the update as Tales from the Stars.
  • It is currently unknown if and when 4-star legendaries and C.A.M.P. pets are coming.
  • Despite the patch claiming otherwise, Minerva does not sell any of the 35 listed plans and her rotation inventories remain unchanged.


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