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Defend Appalachia against a mysterious force from the stars!

Event: Invaders from Beyond is a seasonal event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Invaders from Beyond update.


Invaders from Beyond is a seasonal event involving an incursion of Zetan aliens. The event rewards players with items from outer space.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Examine the brainwave siphon.
  • Listen to the broadcast from Homer Saperstein.
  • Defeat 30 enemies consisting of aliens, alien invaders, alien drones, and Flatwoods monsters.
  • Defeat the alien commander that beams down.
    • Defeat Lieutenant Kappa.
    • Defeat Captain Alpha and Captain Omega.
    • Defeat General Zeta.
  • Destroy the brainwave siphon.
  • Move to the next brainwave siphon and repeat until all three have been destroyed.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The alien invaders have set up advanced devices to collect data on the inhabitants of Appalachia. A mysterious ally named Homer Saperstein has remotely disabled the force fields surrounding these brainwave siphons and requests that the Vault Dwellers destroy them. Meanwhile, the UFO above will beam down alien soldiers to defend their technology.

Repel wave after wave of aliens and defeat their leaders. When the siphons are destroyed, General Zeta will teleport down with the full force of the cosmos. Defeat him to send the invaders into retreat.

The event begins at the top of the hour (XX:00), but the location for the event differs each time the event is available.

76 IFB basic Zetan narrow

The possible locations for the event:

No matter what, once at the area, investigate siphon Kappa to be contacted by Homer Saperstein, who needs the Vault Dwellers' aid to stop the aliens from using their siphon devices to collect brainwaves. He also warns to be careful as the siphons can cause energy discharges, which they give off an alert for before releasing them, shown when the device turns red and makes an audio cue. Anyone in range of the discharge will take a large sum of damage, and cause the bar showing the brainwave siphoning process to increase. If the gauge becomes full, the event will fail as the aliens will have succeeded in their operation and the mothership UFO hovering overhead will retreat with the mission complete until the event is available again.

To complete the event, the Dwellers must take out at least 30 aliens/drones at each siphon to lure a commander down to fight personally. Once the commander is dead, the device's shield fails, allowing it to be destroyed.

First target is siphon Kappa. Once 30 aliens/drones are down, Lieutenant Kappa beams down to fight personally, easily identified as being a slightly larger version of a cryogenic alien. Kill him and then destroy the vulnerable siphon.

Second target is siphon Omega. Before heading towards this siphon, Homer will warn that the UFO overhead will be launching missile strikes and to beware of them. The spots where the missiles will be fired at will be lazed by red targeting lasers from the UFO. After flashing several times with an audio cue, the missile will drop and hit the spot, but has a small blast radius for splash damage. The spots for the missile strikes will also be marked by the icon for a grenade if the Dweller is in the vicinity of the impact spot. Taking out 30 of the aliens will cause two commanders to spawn: Captain Alpha and Captain Omega, who are a pair of alien drones, who are slightly larger than the normal ones, like Lieutenant Kappa. Take them out and then destroy the siphon.

Final target is siphon Zeta. Once enough aliens are killed, General Zeta himself will beam down to attack. He is a three-star legendary alien invader, so his power armor gives him slightly better resistance to weapons, and he recovers his health once it drops below 50% the first time. Slay him and destroy the final siphon to complete the event. Again, also watch out for the missile strikes from the UFO as they will be more numerous this time to protect General Zeta and the final siphon.

During the attack on the siphons, aliens will attack with their drones. Some aliens are able to shoot freezing and acid rounds from their alien blasters, which is clarified by their name, "Cryogenic Alien" for cryo shots, and "Toxic Alien" for acid shots. During the assault on siphon Zeta, be prepared to engage several Flatwoods monsters alongside the aliens and drones.

With General Zeta dead and the final siphon destroyed, the mothership UFO will be forced to retreat until the event starts again.



Random loot:

Rare rewards:

* Will no longer drop once learned, thus increasing odds of receiving other rewards. Each rare reward has a 5.26% chance to drop, and can be increased up to 12.5%.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Investigate the alien deviceA UFO appeared over Appalachia! I need to head to its location and investigate this...
 ·Fend off the alien invaders
 ·Defeat the Moon Major
A UFO appeared over Appalachia, and is now beaming down hostile alien forces. We have to fight back!
 ·Destroy the alien research devices (0/3)
 ·Defeat the Cosmic Colonel
According to a man named Homer who is broadcasting over the radio, these aliens are conducting research using several P.R.O.B.E. devices placed in the area. In order to stop this, we must destroy the devices.
Gather at the center of the invasion siteWe destroyed the P.R.O.B.E. devices and halted the alien research project. However, the UFO hasn't left yet, so we need to keep our guards up.
Defeat the Galactic GeneralThe aliens were not pleased that we interrupted their research. One of their military leaders, a Galactic General, is beaming down. Let's finish this battle.

Dates active[]

Start End
March 1, 2022 March 15, 2022
April 29, 2022 May 10, 2022
October 4, 2022 October 18, 2022
July 4, 2023 July 11, 2023
April 30, 2024 May 14, 2024


  • Homer Saperstein will display on the HUD while talking over the radio, similar to Vernon Dodge during Daily Ops.
  • The event changes the weather for the area to Quantum Storm.
  • The bells at the First Friend's Church in Charleston will not ring while the Invaders From Beyond event or community event is active, as to not interfere with the arena at the Charleston Capitol Building.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The event was originally announced as part of the scrapped Tales from the Stars update, which was ultimately re-tooled and released as Night of the Moth, with the alien content held back for 2022's Invaders from Beyond update.[Non-game 1]
  • The Bethesda Game Studios Austin team had internally discussed doing something fun with the Zetans since before Fallout 76 launched, and finally showcased Zetans in Invaders from Beyond. The event was initially announced to be the first "public challenge" for Fallout 76, but this terminology appears to have been shelved and Invaders from Beyond is instead a regular seasonal event similar to Fasnacht Day or The Mothman Equinox.[Non-game 2][Non-game 3]
  • Senior quest designer Ellys Tan worked on the event.[Non-game 4]
  • Several of the names and terms used in the event changed between the Public Test Server and the official release of the event. Brainwave siphons were originally called P.R.O.B.E.s, while Lieutenant Kappa, Captains Alpha & Omega, and General Zeta were originally called Moon Major, Cosmic Colonel, and Galactic General respectively.


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