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Explore the newly opened Vault 63.

Into Lands Unknown is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • After entering Vault 63, fend off the hordes of Lost.
  • Speak to Hilda Stolz over the intercom.
  • Travel to Skyline Valley, heading for Skyline Drive: Entrance (closest marked location is Thunder Mountain substation TM-03).
  • Speak to Craig.
  • Collect the personal items, and set flares at the three locations marked on the map.
    • Miles can be found at near the cliff at Makeout Point, and his cause of death can be determined with Perception 4+. His personal item, Miles' hat, is on a ledge over the cliff; follow the blood trail from his body.
    • Rob can be found dead at the western entrance of Marys Rock Tunnel, with his cause of death determinable with Perception 8+. His personal item is Rob's journal, which is further inside the tunnel by a lantern, in front of the S.O.S sign. Interacting with Rob will cause a group of Lost to spawn in the tunnel.
    • The final flare location is outside of the main gate to Dark Hollow Manor, the end goal. It is a blood puddle surrounded by several dead Lost, which can be examined with Perception 12+ to determine that the person, Rebecca, may potentially still be alive. Her personal item, Rebecca's holotags, can be found by the feral Lost corpse on the right side of the gate.
  • The quest completes upon setting the final flare and approaching the manor.
    • There is an additional miscellaneous objective to return all three of the personal effects to Craig, though it is not required for this quest.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Enter Vault 63After finding the Vault 63 door far away in the forest, I have discovered the entrance in ruins. Looks like a massive explosion blew the door off. I should head inside this newly opened Vault to see what I can find.
? Explore Vault 63I entered Vault 63 through the ruined entrance where the door was blown off. I should venture further through the rubble to see what I can find inside.
? Clear out the hostiles in Vault 63Vault 63 is in ruins and filled with hostile electrified Ghouls. I need to clear them out so I can explore the Vault safely.
? Speak into the intercomAfter dispatching the hostile electrified Ghouls in the Vault 63 ruins, a voice called out to me over an intercom. I should use it to reply and find out who they are.
? Travel to Skyline DriveHilda has invited me to meet her at a manor somewhere at the center of Shenandoah National Park. I should head there and search for it under a menacing storm hanging over the region.
? Investigate the voice from the buildingEntering the Shenandoah region, I arrived at Skyline Drive following the road. Someone just called out and fired a gun from the tollbooth building nearby. I should go investigate who's in there.
? Speak to the SettlerEntering the Shenandoah region, I arrived at Skyline Drive to find a Settler holed up in the tollbooth building. With the dead Lost outside, I should go speak to them to find out what happened and get some directions.
? Search for survivors along Skyline Drive (<#/#>)Craig and his Foundation friends got attacked by the Lost near Skyline Drive, and I agreed to search for them on the way to the manor. If any of them didn't make it, I should place a flare to mark them for Craig.
? Go to Dark Hollow ManorI found one of Craig's friends down the road at the Makeout Point. He's dead. Looks like the Lost got to him, so I placed a flare like Craig asked. I should continue further down the road to see if the others survived on the way to the manor.
I found one of Craig's friends down the road in the Mary's Rock Tunnel. He's also dead. Looks like the Lost got to him too, so I placed a flare like Craig asked. I should continue further down the road to see if the last one survived on the way to the manor.
I found all of Craig's friend's remains and marked each area with a flare like he asked. I should head to the manor now to find the entrance to Vault 63 like Hilda instructed.


PCPC During the Public Test Server for Skyline Valley, the portion of this quest to find Craig's deceased companions and set the flares was bugged. Other players completing this quest at the same time would affect progress, causing flares to already be set, and some of the corpses could not be interacted with.[verification overdue]