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Interrogation: Doe, Jane is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape is found on a table in the lockup section of the Charleston Capitol Courthouse area of the Charleston Capitol Building.


Melody Larkin: Interrogation of one, Jane Doe, sole captive raider in custody after a deadly attack here, at approximately 10:30 PM tonight, December 24, 2082. Girl, you and yours've got some nerve! On Christmas Eve, no less! Now, I'll ask again, what is your name?

Rosalynn Jeffries: Fuck you! That's 'F' as in Frank, 'u' as in...

<Loud smack> Unghf!

Melody Larkin: If that's how we've gotta do this, then that's how we do it. Now, cut the crap or he'll hit ya again.

Rosalynn Jeffries: <Rosalynn laughing>

Melody Larkin: Oh that's rich, you think this is a joke? You killed a whole mess of people out there, and now you're gonna answer for it.

Rosalynn Jeffries: David's gonna come for me, and when he gets here, he's gonna be mad. He'll kill every last one of you if he has to, so here's how it's gonna be. You're gonna let me walk right out of this cell. You'll send me off with a big bag of Christmas goodies to take home to my David. And maybe we'll forget any of this ever happened.

Melody Larkin: David, huh? So we've got David Thorpe's what... girlfriend here? You know he's the guy who killed two very brave and selfless Responders who went up to your... resort up there to offer help, way back when. Well, well, gentlemen. I think I know how to finally draw our number one most wanted outlaw outta hiding.

Rosalynn Jeffries: You wouldn't... you won't! He'll kill you, He'll kill you all!

Melody Larkin: Keep her locked up. We'll worry about findin' a way to send a message up there tomorrow.