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Vault dweller, 2054 called. They want their dumb blue jumpsuit back.

Insult Bot is a Protectron wandering around Appalachia.


Sponsored by RobCo Industries, Insult Bot was created as part of a social experiment by the Robotics Club at Watoga High School.[1] They programmed it for three primary phases, including data gathering, data analysis, and insult delivery.[1]

Its purpose was to observe a target, formulate a custom insult based on the target, and then deliver the insult.[1] Insult Bot then gathers any emotional reaction data and stores it. The students would then further analyze the information.


In the wasteland, the Vault Dwellers may experience an interaction with Insult Bot, where the Protectron moves towards them, asking them to wait, and then insulting them in a variety of ways. Upon the verbal insult being delivered, a note titled You have been insulted! appears in the player character's inventory, and the Protectron thanks them for participating.

As the Insult Bot walks away, the Vault Dweller can hear it make quips such as "boom, roasted," "rest in peace," and "contacting burn ward for assistance," among others.

Possible insults

Dialogue lines
  • I heard you vault dwellers were trying to save Appalachia. One more bomb should do it - right on top of Vault 76!
  • I would say you have a face only a mother could love... except your entire family already died in the Great War!
  • Knock knock. Who's there? An organic being with a finite life span!
  • One of us is slow, friendless and completely devoid of personality. The other... is a Protectron!
  • Vault dweller, 2054 called. They want their dumb blue jumpsuit back.
  • They say that true beauty is on the inside. But all you have on the inside is excessive radiation poisoning!
  • They say that vaults give out a lot of awards. Which one did you get? Most likely to bore me to death?
  • I heard you got drunk and missed exiting Vault 76 on time. Too bad you didn't do the same thing before entering it!
  • I considered attacking you on sight, but I don't think I could hurt you more than life already has.
  • I heard you hid in a vault while the world crumbled around you. I'd call you a coward, but who knows what kind of mess we'd be in today had you stayed outside!
  • They say that vaults only accepted the best and brightest of humanity. For your sake, let's hope that's not the case.
  • The smartest thing about you is that Pip-Boy on your arm. The dumbest thing is that you mainly use it as a night light.
  • Your CAMP vending machine prices are outrageous! The only worse deal I've seen is the hand you were dealt when you were born!
  • Nice outfit. Really, I mean it! I had no idea that the "smelling wandering vagrant" look was back in style!
  • You humans attack me because you can't take a joke. Fortunately, your combat ability is just as bad as your sense of humor.
  • I've seen you eat Cram, dog food, and a thirty-year-old hot dog. If you're trying to make me sick, next time just show me your face!
  • People call you a hoarder... me, I understand. You'll have the last laugh when caps are finally replaced by burnt books and empty glass bottles.
  • I saw your CAMP today. Great start! Now that you've gathered all that junk into a random clumps of structure, when does the real construction begin?
  • My insult for you was well-crafted, witty... a true masterwork. Then I saw you and decided to save it for someone who will understand.
  • Rumor has it that you put a bounty on yourself... so for once in your life you would be Wanted!


As of the release of Wastelanders, it now has a gold paint job.


Insult Bot appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

Behind the scenes

  • Insult Bot's dialogue was written by level designer Steve Massey, who also gave it its gold paint job.[Non-canon 1] Massey commented that he found it difficult to write lines for Insult Bot, as they had to sting the player character in the context of the game world, but not offend a real-world player.[Non-canon 2]
  • Insult Bot was inspired by The Zingbot from the reality TV series Big Brother, a show that Massey said he watches with his wife every year.[Non-canon 1] The Zingbot and Insult Bot both say "Zing!" after their one-liners.