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Instructions for hitman is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found in the Vault 63 atrium, upper level, inside the wall safe in the overseer's office, behind Hugo Stolz. It is unlocked as part of the quest Between The Lines.




We are in need of your services once again. One of our senior advisors, a Mr. Quentin Hake, has continually failed to toe the party line and it is starting to become a problem. To make matters worse, his continual questions about the "potential moral implications" of our new technologies have started to raise some eyebrows amongst the other Vault Dwellers.

Please see to it that Mr. Hake is taken care of, preferably after his scheduled visit to the Observatory later this month. He will be traveling alone, so this should present an ideal opportunity for you...

P.S. I obviously expect you to exercise extreme discretion with this, the last thing we need is the media catching wind of the whole thing.

From the desk of Hugo Stolz.


Behind the scenes[]

During the Public Test Server for Skyline Valley, the words "Vault Dwellers" in the last sentence of the first paragraph were not capitalized. This was later changed for the official update.