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Institutionalized is a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Enter the Institute elevator and meet the division leaders. Find the terminal and load network scanner

Detailed walkthrough

The teleportation is a success. Listen to the voice directing the Sole Survivor. Oblige the voice, and one soon finds a man named Father, who runs the Institute. After speaking with him and agreeing to join the Institute (an offer can rescind at a later date), the player character is free to explore the facility. Access Institute Bioscience and meet Doctor Clayton Holdren.

Find Chief Engineer Allie Filmore in the main concourse. Access Institute SRB and meet acting director of the Synth Retention Bureau, Justin Ayo. He doesn't seem to trust the Sole Survivor. Access Institute Advanced Systems and meet Doctor Madison Li, who installs a relay into the player character's Pip-Boy, allowing fast travel to and from this location.

Quest objectives

? Enter the Elevator
?Icon checkMeet the Division Leaders


  • It is possible to get locked out of the entire Institute questline before it even actually starts. To do so, follow a path of denial and hostility during the meeting with Father, culminating in telling him that you want out or that there's nothing to talk about. He will express regret and will ask you to leave the Institute, which at that point also becomes your new quest objective. Simply retrace your steps back to the two elevators and step into the Relay room where you arrived. You will then be teleported to the C.I.T. ruins, unable to return, and the next main quest for the faction that helped you build Virgil's design will begin instead. Note that this also precludes the player from finishing the game with the Railroad since both questlines are tied together.
  • If Dr. Madison Li is convinced to leave before completing the objective to meet her, the Sole Survivor will be unable to continue, as the previous dialogue options will not show up.
  • If you kill Father whilst being a member in the Railroad, a dramatic change in quests will occur.


  • PCIcon pc Dr. Madison Li may not start conversation with the Sole Survivor. This can be fixed by forcing the quest to the next stage (setstage mq207 200), which will then grant you fast travel access and start the next quest.[verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc Father sometimes never shows up. On PC you can use the console (5c337.moveto player) to move Father to your position.
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxoneAlso Clayton Holden will not be able to speak to you for some reason. Maybe because you went somewhere else while you were supposed to meet him.

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