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Institute workers are workers residing in the Institute and within the Commonwealth in 2287.


Institute workers are workers residing in the Institute and the Commonwealth, they can be found in multiple roles including janitorial and construction roles as manpower such as the expansion in Institute sublevel 21-D. They are also involved in commerce in selling requisitions along with food supplies.

In the Commonwealth, early-model synths are involved in the gathering of raw resources, where they will strip entire settlements. University Point was a recent target of this, with the entire settled population exterminated at the hands of Conrad Kellogg.[1][2][3]

Institute workers are treated poorly by scientists, either subjected to minor berating in the case of the synths [4], or utilized in human experimentation experiments as a result of major and minor crimes, such as Edgar Swann, who had been used in medical experimentation with FEV as punishment.[5][6]

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Institute workers appear only in Fallout 4.



  1. The Sole Survivor: "So you think this Institute is responsible?"
    Nick Valentine: "Well, they're the boogeyman of the Commonwealth. Something goes wrong, everyone blames them. Easy to see why. Those early model synths of theirs strip whole towns for parts, killing everything in their way. Then you got the newer models, good as human, that infiltrate cities and pull strings from the shadows. Worst of all, no one knows why they do it, what their plan is, or where they are. Not even me, and I'm a synth myself. A discarded prototype, anyway."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "What's the Institute do that's got everyone so scared?"
    Nat Wright: "The Institute has been making them for years. The old ones are sort of human-looking, but you can tell they're robots. You see a bunch of them out there in the Commonwealth. I heard they murder whole towns and carry what's left to who knows where. But the real danger is in the newer models. Synths with real flesh and blood and guts and everything."
    (Nat Wright's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "You're afraid of the Institute? Who are they?"
    Moe Cronin:"Hell if I know. One day someone's human, next day they're a synth. And no one can tell the difference. Not until they kill someone for no reason. It was bad enough when the older, robot-looking Synths would occasionally grind a town down to pulp and haul off what was left. University Point was the last loser in that game. Nothing there but Synths now."
    (Moe Cronin's dialogue)
  4. Institute scientist: " Is it true food supplement 77 has been discontinued?"
    Food vendor: "That is correct."
    Institute scientist "That was my favorite one. Can't we keep it a little longer?"
    Food vendor: "I will be happy to forward your request to the BioScience division. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy one of our other nutritious and flavorful food supplements."
    Institute scientist "I want supplement 77"
    Food vendor: I am sorry, sir, but that supplement is no longer available."
    Institute scientist "Useless machine."
    (Synth cafeteria worker and Institute scientist's dialogue)
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