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Institute scientists are scientists residing in the Institute in 2287.


Institute scientists are scientists residing in the The Institute, they are working within all the Institute divisions. They are involved in several scientific programs including genetic modification of crops and the creation of synthetic gorillas.[1][2]

The scientists are also involved with the manufacturing of generation 3 synths;[3] in this role, a level of xenophobia and fear of advancement is expressed in synth development.[4] They are also involved in retention by the SRB assisting in operations within the Commonwealth.[5] They will also question the need to destroy first generation synths.[6]

Outside of their workplaces, the scientists will comment on events occurring around the Institute, showing awareness of Phase 3, discontinuation of food supplements, and the presence of coursers.[7][8][9]

Depending on the actions of the Sole Survivor following the quests Building a Better Crop, Plugging a Leak, and A House Divided, Institute scientists will comment on the outcomes, expressing praise at being able to deal with situations and concern at banishment of members of the Institute.[10][11][12] Banishment to the Commonwealth is seen as worse than death to the scientists.[13] Should the Sole Survivor be banished by murdering Father, they will threaten to hunt the Sole Survivor down and kill them in turn.[14]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Notable scientists[]


  • Almost all residents in the Institute are scientists, the others being synths, Coursers and children.
  • When the quest Synth Retention is completed, many of the Institute scientists will have a different dialogue.
  • If the Institute is destroyed, the evacuation order was sounded, and there remains an uncleared hostile workshop on the map, the player character may receive the quest Resettle Refugees, in which Institute scientists form a group of refugees which wear dirty versions of the Institute lab coat. They will become settlers within the workshop once it has been cleared and claimed, and have unique dialogue in which they lament the Institute's destruction and the conditions on the surface.


Institute scientists appear only in Fallout 4.


  1. Institute Scientist: "Doctor Karlin, a retrieval team just sent back preliminary test results from one of our surface crops."
    Isaac Karlin "Go on."
    Institute scientist: "The specimens are showing an abnormal growth rate. They were designed to thrive in a radiated environment, but we didn't expect these results."
    Isaac Karlin "What a peculiar result...I'd like it brought back to the lab so I can test the rate of cellular degeneration."
    Institute scientist: "I'll let them know immediately."
    (Institute scientist and Issac Karlin's dialogue)
  2. Female scientist: "The specimens seem agitated today. I wonder if it's a reaction to their recent dietary changes."
    Institute Scientist "What are you talking about? They're acting the same as they do every day."
    Female scientist: "They may look docile, but I assure you, that is not the case. You can tell by their posture. They look... anxious, ready for trouble as it were."
    Institute scientist: "And you're sure about that?"
    Female scientist: "I observe them every day. They might be the most remarkable creations in the Institute's history."
    Institute Scientist "Huh...I've never really understood why we created them in the first place. I still don't see their purpose."
    Female Scientist "I like to think the ability to create them is purpose enough."
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  3. Institute scientist: "In light of recent events, we've been asked to take a look at the behavioral mapping in the gen-3s."
    Alan Binet: "I see...Another of Doctor Ayo's manipulative power plays. Well he's wrong. The Gen-threes are functioning just as designed."
    Institute scientist: "SRB doesn't agree. Statistically, the gen-threes have shown an increase in autonomic behavior, suggesting a malfunction in the latest models."
    Alan Binet: "I assure you Doctor, that is not a malfunction."
    (Institute scientist and Alan Binet's dialogue)
  4. Alan Binet: "Think about it, doctor. You and everyone else firmly hold onto the archaic opinion that the synths are inferior. By limiting them, we limit our work."
    Institute scientist: "I am well aware of your ideas, doctor, and there is a reason they are not the popular ones." "There needs to be a distinction between us and them."
    "Binet: "No, they are an evolution of us. The synths possess vast untapped potential, if we'd only let them show it..."
    Institute scientist: "I suggest you keep your radical opinions to yourself from now on." "Otherwise, you might find yourself being escorted to the teleporter for a one-way trip."
    (Institute scientist and Alan Binet's dialogue)
  5. Institute scientist: "Doctor Secord, I've just been informed that a Courser in grid J-twelve has stumbled across a rogue synth completely by accident."
    Alana Secord "What model?"
    Institute scientist: "A gen-3, designation S1-14. The report indicates that it has no memory of the Institute or that it is a synth."
    Alana Secord "That unit's been missing for months."
    Institute scientist: "Seeing as how this was not the initial target, how should we proceed?"
    Alana Secord "Bring it back here for reset. We'll send the Courser back out immediately after."
    (Institute scientist and Alana Secord's dialogue)
  6. Institute scientist: "Doctor, we've located a group of abandoned gen-1 synths on the surface. How should we proceed?"
    Alana Secord or Justin Ayo "Interesting...Engage with extreme aggression, these gen-ones are likely to be hostile."
    Institute scientist: "The Coursers will destroy them, shouldn't we try to reclaim them in an operational state?"
    Alana Secord or Justin Ayo: "Then we'll strip them for parts once they get back here." "Find me when they've returned"
    Institute scientist: "Yes, of course."
    (Institute scientist and Alana Secord or Justin Ayo's dialogue)
  7. Institute scientist: "When are you going to tell me about this mysterious Phase 3?"
    Institute scientist female 01: "You know I can't talk about that."
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  8. Institute scientist: " Is it true food supplement 77 has been discontinued?"
    Food vendor: "That is correct."
    Institute scientist "That was my favorite one. Can't we keep it a little longer?"
    Food vendor: "I will be happy to forward your request to the BioScience division." "In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy one of our other nutritious and flavorful food supplements"
    Institute scientist "I want supplement 77"
    Food vendor: "I am sorry, sir, but that supplement is no longer available."
    Institute scientist "Useless machine." (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  9. Institute courser: " Excuse me, doctor."
    Institute scientist "Yes, what is it?"
    Institute courser "Have you noticed any suspicious activity lately? Synths operating outside their protocols? Maybe a citizen expressing any controversial views?"
    Institute scientist: "Why? Is something wrong?"
    Institute courser "No. We're just taking precautionary measures in light of some recent situations. If you do notice anything, please be sure to report it immediately."
    Institute scientist: "Of course. Thank you."
    Institute scientist "Useless machine." (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  10. Institute scientist: "Sounds like things got pretty tense up at Warwick Homestead."
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  11. Institute scientist: "Doctor Binet hasn't been the same since Liam was banished. He's... not doing well."
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  12. Institute scientist: "If it wasn't for you, Doctor Ayo would still be manipulating everyone"
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  13. Institute scientist: "Banished to the surface... it might have been kinder just to have Higgs and Loken executed."
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)
  14. Relay ref speaker: "You... you killed him!" "How could you do that? He was your son! You... You'd better run, because if we find you, we're going to kill you! You hear me? You're dead!"
    (Institute scientist's dialogue)


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