The Institute division head coat is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4, worn by scientists in the Institute.


The Institute division head coat provides no Damage Resistance, but adds a bonus of 2 to Intelligence. It comes in five distinct variations according to which department the scientist who is wearing it is assigned to: black for Synth Retention Bureau, blue for Advanced Systems, green for BioScience, red for Robotics, yellow in Engineering, and orange is the color for personnel unassigned to a department.

The variant for each department head has prominent colors splayed across the front resembling a toga, and an unobtainable childrens' version of the jumpsuit which has no department color.


Virgil wears a unique, shredded orange institute lab coat named 'Institute' only attainable through console commands, and only equippable by super mutants.


  • Worn by various division heads
  • The blue variant is worn by Madison Li
  • The yellow variant is worn by Allie Filmore
  • The black variant is worn by Justin Ayo or is simple called "Institute Division Head Coat" and sold at Institute Store.
  • The orange variant can be found next to Father's lab coat in his office at the head of Nuclear Family.


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