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The Institute concourse is a section of the Institute in 2287.


The concourse is a large cylindrical subterranean structure with four floors. Hallways wrap around the outside of the cylinder, with the central open atrium featuring trees, fountains, and a helix-shaped elevator to the surface levels where the teleporter is located. Most activity takes place on the bottom floor.

Along the outer perimeter of the bottom floor are doors leading to the Institute's four main divisions: Advanced Systems is to the northwest, BioScience is to the northeast, Robotics is to the southeast, and Synth Retention is to the southwest.

Also along the perimeter of the bottom floor are four common areas: the commissary (cafeteria) is to the north, the shop is to the east, the lounge is to the south, and the clinic is to the west. There are small storage rooms near each of these areas, two of which are locked via terminals (a Master-locked terminal to the east, and a Novice-locked terminal to the west). An elevator down to Institute sublevel 21-D is off the storage room to the south. A synth cafeteria worker sells bottled water and food packets in the commissary. A synth requisition officer sells the unique plasma rifle Experiment 18-A and legendary synth armor pieces in the shop, and is open 24/7. These traders will no longer be available if the player character starts the quest Banished from the Institute. There are a few unowned beds in the clinic.

Spiral staircases near the commissary, shop, lounge, and clinic lead up to residential areas on the second, third, and fourth floors: the director's quarters and board room are to the east, and other residents' living quarters are off the remaining three staircases.


Notable loot

Related quests

  • Synth Retention: At the end of the quest, the player character will receive their own personal quarters when they return from Libertalia. These quarters are on the third floor off the south spiral staircase, across from Evan Watson's living quarters.


After becoming enemies with the Institute, the Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine can no longer be obtained.


The Institute concourse appears only in Fallout 4.


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