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The Institute FEV lab is a section of the Institute in 2287.


The FEV lab is an abandoned section of the facility where the Institute tried to unlock the secrets of the FEV, and is the source of most of the super mutants in the Commonwealth.[1]. Although the program failed to produce any results for over a decade, Father insisted on continuing the project until Brian Virgil sabotaged it.[2] The experimental serum that Virgil asks the player character to retrieve to cure his mutation is found here.


The two entrances to the FEV lab, one via a Master-locked terminal and the other via a Novice-locked door, are in the BioScience division. Entering through the Novice-locked door, a short decontamination corridor leads to a dead synth and a Novice-locked door to a small adjoining security room. The corridor beyond is protected by three laser turrets, and leads through an Advanced-locked door controlled by a Novice-locked terminal into a storage room occupied by an Assaultron.

Beyond the storage room is a corridor guarded by two more laser turrets and featuring another dead synth and three dead house cats. Two small closets and four holding chambers, two Novice-locked and one Advanced-locked, adjoin the corridor; one of the holding chambers contains a dead super mutant and another dead house cat. At the end of the corridor is a foyer guarded by two more laser turrets and a laser tripwire-activated trap. A small closet is to the east, and a Novice-locked terminal allowing further progress is to the west.

The final room is the main research facility, with three cylindrical glass vats where super mutants were held for experimentation; two of the vats still contain specimens, while the third was apparently smashed with a chair. Virgil's experimental serum and three holotapes are found in this room. The holotape Brian Virgil personal log 0176, which explains why Virgil left the Institute, can be given to Madison Li to convince her to leave the Institute during the quest From Within. A terminal is filled with test subject information and progress reports, and a door to the east leads to the BioScience division's Master-locked entrance.

Notable loot


The Institute FEV lab appears only in Fallout 4.



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