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The Institute FEV lab is a section of the Institute in 2287.


This abandoned section of the underground habitat once housed the laboratory where the Institute tried to unlock the secrets of the FEV. Although the program has failed to produce any results for over a decade, Father insisted on continuing the project until Brian Virgil sabotaged it.


Accessed through a Novice-locked door off the main area of the BioScience division laboratory, the player character begins in a foyer leading to an airlock with a dead synth. The corridor beyond is protected by a pair of laser turrets and leads through an Advanced-level door into a storeroom where an Assaultron can be found.

Beyond is the FEV lab, starting with test-subject observation chambers (and more turrets) and a small entrance area to the incubation chamber. The incubation chamber has three tubes where super mutants would be held for experimentation. This section can also be accessed by using the Master-locked FEV lab entry terminal on the northern wall of the main BioScience laboratory.

The player character will then find the main research room, with three large glass cylinders in the middle, two of which contain super mutant specimens. The third cylinder looks to have been smashed with a chair. The rest of the room is filled with lab equipment and machinery. One can find another terminal that is filled with test subject information and progress reports. The player character can also find the serum that Virgil asks to retrieve to cure his mutation and the holotape "Brian Virgil personal log 0176" which explains why he left the Institute. One can give this holotape to Madison Li to convince her to leave the Institute during the quest From Within.

Notable loot


This laboratory itself is architecturally built of the same pre-War, modern steel construction. A stark contrast to the post-modern science fiction styling that the Institute has standardized. In fact, a section of this ancient construction is still accessible from BioScience, albeit the door to the rest of the facility is blocked off by broken filing cabinets. However, the FEV lab itself is of the same modern architecture of the Institute.


The FEV lab appears only in Fallout 4.


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