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InstaMash, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Blamco Mac and Cheese. Expires in... never.Sole Survivor

InstaMash and preserved InstaMash are consumable items in Fallout 4.


InstaMash comes in a rectangular orange box with a large white logo. It appears to have a type of electric blender on the rear with its beaters traveling down to the bottom of the box, where there is a collection of potatoes. The potatoes also extend to the two remaining sides of the box.

Although it heals 20 HP, there is also a cost of 7 rads added to the Sole Survivor's rad meter. As such consumption in large quantities, without taking precautions, could prove fatal. Consuming preserved InstaMash will heal for 45 HP without a rad penalty.

Preserved InstaMash can be found rarely in the Commonwealth but can be manufactured in the food processor.


  • Regular Instamash can be found on the metal shelf in front of the radio in the root cellar.
  • Regular Instamash can be found on the floor next to a cooking station in Fens Way station.
  • Three preserved can be found inside Vault 114.
  • Three preserved Instamash In the basement of Cabot House.


  • In the opening quest War Never Changes, the Sole Survivor mentions that InstaMash never expires.