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InstaMash, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Blamco Mac and Cheese. Expires in... never.Sole Survivor

InstaMash and preserved InstaMash are consumable items in Fallout 4.


InstaMash comes in a rectangular orange box with a large white logo. It appears to have a type of electric blender on the rear with its beaters traveling down to the bottom of the box, where there is a collection of potatoes. The potatoes also extend to the two remaining sides of the box.

Although the common form of Instamash heals 20 HP, there is also a cost of 7 rads added to the Sole Survivor's rad meter. As such consumption in large quantities, without taking precautions, could prove fatal. On the other hand consuming preserved InstaMash will heal for 45 HP without any rad penalty.

Preserved InstaMash can be found rarely in the Commonwealth but can be manufactured in the food processor if the Vault Tec Workshop add-on is installed.


  • Regular Instamash can be found on the metal shelf in front of the radio in the root cellar.
  • Regular Instamash can be found on the floor next to a cooking station in Fens Way station.
  • Three preserved Instamash can be found inside Vault 114.
  • Three preserved Instamash in the basement of Cabot House.


  • In the opening quest War Never Changes, the Sole Survivor mentions that InstaMash never expires.
  • Preserved Instamash is the only rad-free hunger-relieving food item that can be produced at scale with renewable ingredients (using farmed tato crops and shipments of Cloth). Other sources of rad-free food require ingredients that must be scavenged and/or cannot be bought reliably in quantity.