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Injury report is a paper note that was cut from Fallout 76.


Injured Worker: William Angler

Injury: Incineration

Workplace cause, if any: Faulty railings on the catwalk above the furnace.

On-site medical treatment: none

Transported to hospital? No

What parts of the plant were affected? Steel production, all of it.

Will this affect quotas? Hell, yes

If yes, what steps were taken to correct that? None

If no steps were taken, what staff members were disciplined? None

If none were disciplined, which manager is responsible? None

If neither workers nor managers were responsible, identify the most likely non-executive staff member who is responsible: None of them. The executives are responsible for denying a maintenance request to repair the railing.

Additional Notes: We lost a good man today. All because you bastards wouldn't spend a few bucks to repair a rusty railing. My resignation is attached to this report. Find yourself another foreman.