Inititate Clarke's log is a holotape in Fallout 4.


Found on Initiate Clarke if he is killed.



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Initiate Clarke - Personal Log
Welcome, Clarke. Please select an entry.

Trip 7Edit


Trip 7

Five more crates today: three Cram, one mac & cheese, and some kind of dried meat. Judging from the stench, probably mole rat.

The Ghouls didn't touch the mac, but they almost came to blows over the mole rat jerky. They even ate the Cram. I think they're starting to get used to it by now.

Trip 8Edit


Trip 8

Ghouls were agitated today. I didn't get enough food - of the four crates, one was mac & cheese again, and two were mislabeled vacuum tubes. That only left one pack of Cram to go around.

I have to be more careful, or this whole thing is going to fall apart. If the Ghouls get hungry enough to start raiding the base, someone else will find the tunnels and report them to the Captain. I can't have any more deaths on my hands.

Trip 9Edit


Trip 9

Six crates today, all meat. That should be enough to satisfy them for a couple of days.

I'm going to have to cut back - I think people are starting to get suspicious. The scribes ran a full inventory today. Knight Rylan has been watching me. And Lucia - I don't think she's figured it out yet. But I can't take any chances. I'll check her journal when I get back to the ship, just to be safe.

Related questEdit


The holotape can be used as proof of Clarke's actions if the Sole Survivor fails to resolve the situation peacefully.

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