Well, with a big, bad soldier like you watching my back that's not going to happen, now is it.

Proctor Ingram, registration IG-444PR is head of engineering and the Proctor for the Order of the Shield at the Prydwen in 2287.


Proctor Ingram is the head engineer of the Prydwen. She lost both of her legs during a battle with super mutants in the Capital Wasteland. Her power armor station was atop a cliff, when a mini nuke explosion caused the cliff to collapse. She fell from around one hundred feet, destroying the power armor she was wearing and crushing her legs beyond repair. Proctor Ingram uses a modified power armor frame for mobility after the loss of her legs.

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This character starts quests.
Perk empathy synthesizer
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Apparel Weapon Other items
Ingram's UnderArmor
Modified power armor frame
Laser rifle


  • Although Ingram's power armor frame is supposed to be heavily modified, it uses the same world model as all other power frames. This may indicate that the modifications are to the frame's control systems rather than the hardware itself.
  • If the Prydwen is destroyed in Rockets' Red Glare, Ingram's body will appear at the front of the airport wreckage, even if she was killed aboard the Prydwen. This is likely because she may hold the network scanner which would be needed to get into the Institute, if one decides they want to side with the Minutemen.
  • Despite her fusion core being clearly visible, it will not turn up in her inventory upon pickpocketing, no matter the perk rank. Similarly, one can target her core in VATS and damage it with attacks, but it cannot be destroyed like that of other power armored characters. This is to prevent the possibility of her stepping out of the armor, which would be impossible without her legs.
  • The setrace or callfunction "actor.switchtopowerarmor" none commands can be used to get her out of her suit of power armor. Strangely, she will walk around and execute several idle and conversation animations that are impossible to see when an NPC is in power armor. This does however make it impossible for her to board the Vertibird to start Spoils of War. To fix this, one must use the recycleactor command to get her back in her armor.
  • Removing Ingram's power armor with the command unequipitem reveals a strange and disproportionate model, most notably in the legs and hands.


Proctor Ingram appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCIcon pc After destroying the Prydwen in With Our Powers Combined, she will still be found at the airport, alive. [verified]


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