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India was a country in Asia before the Great War.




India is mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and its update Wild Appalachia.

Behind the scenes

The country is mentioned in the Fallout Bible and was planned for inclusion in Interplay's Fallout film.[Non-game 1][Non-canon 1]



  1. Fallout Bible 9 Brahmin: "Brahmin are mutated brahmin cattle with two heads. If you just said, 'hell, I thought brahmin were something from India,' well, you'd be right. A bunch of brahmin made their way to the states long ago[1] for crossbreeding purposes. When the bombs fell, brahmin grew two heads. They are quite hardy. They are also a delicious toasty brown, as you'll notice in the picture to the left. They attack by head-butting or trying to gore someone with their horns, so brahmin-tippers beware. For some reason, only the left-most brahmin head has horns, which raises some curious gender identity issues.[2]"


  1. Fallout film treatment: Hero is tempted by semi-mutated women all trying to get their hands on his pristine bodily fluids, but Hero uses time alone, to continue his Pip-Boy chronicle and contemplate the trio’s dire predicament. An ancient, selfproclaimed Historian approaches our Hero, wanting to know all the details of Vault 13. Turns out the Historian is writing the definitive book on WWIII. Vault 13 is the final chapter -- each vault was populated by uppermiddle class families buying the equivalent of timeshare in the future. Our Hero asks how the war started and is shocked to learn that it wasn’t China or North Korea or India that fired the first strike. The first nuclear bomb was launched by the creator of the vaults, a zealot businessman who wanted to fulfill his own prophecy of world annihilation. That first bomb triggered a panicked chain reaction among other countries, leading to a four hour WWIII.