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Incident report is a paper note that was cut from the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


Monongah Police Department

Incident Report


Received a request to answer a 10-91 animal sighted call at Mrs. Claybourne's residence. Upon arriving, she was barricaded in her house with a loaded shotgun. Following standard procedure, I serpentined across her yard and broke down her front door. Sweeping her legs out from under her, I disarmed her.

Later that night I visited her in the hospital. Mrs. Claybourne was belligerent and initially refused to talk to me, using the phrase "dumbass, psycho cop." Eventually she relented and said her hip was healing nicely.

Mrs. Claybourne reported that she had seen a large, threatening animal on her property. She claimed it was the size of a bear but walked upright. Returning to her residence I was only able to find one animal print. The rest had been trampled by SWAT and CSU staff. The print will be sent to forensics next week.

Officer Jack Dimwiddy

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