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Incident record 5374 is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is a recording of a conversation between a young girl named Sissy and a Protectron.


The tape is found inside the Watoga Emergency Services building, on the upstairs reception desk near Chief.


Sissy: Help!

Protectron: Stay calm, citizen. Watoga Emergency Services is here to assist you.

Sissy: Mr. Sparkles is in the tree.

Protectron: Citizen, clarify. What is a "Mr. Sparkles?"

Sissy: A cat. And he's in that tree!

Protectron: A cat is in the tree.

Sissy: Yeah! He shouldn't be in there!

Protectron: The cat should not be in the tree. Is this correct, Citizen?

Sissy: Yes! Hurry!

Protectron: Citizen, please stand back. <Sound of laser blasts>

Sissy: *Shrieking* No!!!

Protectron: Situation under control. Cat is no longer in tree.

Sissy: Mr. Sparkles...