The improved sniper barrel is a weapon mod for the laser gun and the plasma gun in Fallout 4.


The improved sniper barrel provides exceptional damage and superior range in exchange for worse recoil and poor ammo capacity and hip-fire accuracy.

There are three red lights on the barrel. Wait for all three to illuminate to deal maximum damage when firing.


The recipe for this weapon mod varies depending on the weapon for which it is made:

Adhesive (5-6)
Aluminum (0-11)
Circuitry (5-6)
Crystal (6-8)
Fiberglass (0-10)
Gold (4-5)
Screw (6-7)
Spring (0-2)
Icon range
Science! (2-3)
Icon level
Improved sniper barrel (1)

Weapon Science! Adhesive Aluminum Circuitry Crystal Fiber optics Fiberglass Gold Screw Spring
Laser gun 2 5 0 5 6 16 10 4 6 2
Plasma gun 3 6 11 6 8 6 0 5 7 0


Crafted at a weapons workbench.

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