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Impromptu raider meeting is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at the Spruce Knob Campground. It is on a table in a campsite near the water, next to a tent with a steamer trunk in it.


Repo: Put the gun down, we're here to talk.

Frank: Fine.

Repo: You repping the Cutthroats?

Frank: Maybe. Who's asking?

Repo: Name's Repo. I'm repping the Diehards.

Frank: Frank. So what's this all about?

Repo: It's about survival. Our gangs are getting picked off one-by-one.

Frank: Yeah, by other gangs. That's how things work.

Repo: The hell with that! We're dying out here. All of Appalachia's trying to kill us, and it's got nothing to do with turf or loot.

Frank: You talking about the Gourmands? Those idiots ate each other to death.

Repo: Not just the Gourmands, but the Blackwater Bandits, the Trappers - hell, all of us.

Frank: Yeah, it's a rough world, I get it. So what's your point?

Repo: My point is we need to band together. Watch each other's back. If we don't, we might just end up disappearing.

Frank: What's in it for us?

Repo: Staying alive? Do you understand what I'm saying or you too stupid?

Frank: Don't ever say that again.

Repo: This is what I'm talking about. Pointing that gun at me again isn't going to solve anything.

Frank: Yeah it will. It'll get you to shut the hell up.

<Single gunshot rings out>

Dale: What the hell?! He killed Repo! Shoot him... shoot him!

<Gunfire, multiple shots from different guns>