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Implant Y-7 is an enzyme booster that increases the Health (HP) gained from foods and recovers additional Action Points (AP) per food item consumed.— In-game description

Implant Y-7 is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


This perk is available to the player after finding the Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant Y-7 on a terminal at the X-13 research facility. It can then be purchased from the Auto-Doc in The Sink for 20,000 caps.


This perk has two separate effects:

  • It adds +5 to the total Hit Points recovered from consuming food items.
  • Each food item consumed will instantly replenish 2 expended Action Points.
    • Note that your maximum AP will not be increased by eating food.


  • Multiples of the same food type can be used consecutively to restore AP; either hot-keyed, or via the Items screen of the Pip-Boy.
  • AP can be restored to your current maximum, including any bonus AP from items such as Jet and Sugar Bombs.
  • This implant will assist in completing the Desert Survivalist challenge.
  • The implant is stated to help lose weight, however, this is not seen in-game and is purely for flavor.

Behind the scenes

The image for this perk is the same as the icon for the RobCo processor widget, a quest item in Fallout 3.

  • All Old World Blues implant perks use this image, and they are the only perks with no Vault Boy or Vault Girl included in the perk image.