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Locate inert bombs for Boomer.

Daily: Idle Explosives is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily quest: Idle Explosives
Investigate the Southern Belle Motel.
Speak with Boomer.
Travel to the given location and recover the inert bombs.
Reward: 700 XP, 90 Bottle cap, 7 Legendary scrip, 6 adhesive or aluminum, unlocks blast mine crafting, random items

Detailed walkthrough

The immobilized bomb disposal Protectron named Boomer requests the aid of loyal citizens to deal with a bomb threat. This quest needs to be completed once in order to become available as a daily quest.

Upon first approaching the Southern Belle Motel, the Vault Dwellers are tasked with investigating the location. They then have to speak with Boomer, who immediately recruits them as deputies of the Berkeley Springs Police Department, and asks them to retrieve three to five inert bombs from one of the following, randomly chosen locations: converted munitions factory, Crevasse Dam, Dyer Chemical, or the Valley Galleria.

Defusing all bombs at the given location completes the quest, and grants 700 XP, 90 caps, seven legendary scrip, six pieces of either adhesive or aluminum scrap, and random items. Completing the quest for the first time also unlocks the ability to craft blast mines from the collected inert bombs at any tinker's workbench, thus whenever the daily quest is available again, more blast mines can be created using the inert bombs collected during the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Checks whether the player has done the quest before or not
Find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel
Investigate the Southern Belle Motel
Talk to BoomerI came across an immobile Protectron at the Southern Belle Motel. I should find out what it was doing.
Recover the bombs ({BombCount}/{BombTotal})I encountered a damaged Protectron at the Southern Belle Motel. I should listen to it and find out what it wants.
Player has recovered all bombs
Quest Complete


  • PCPC The prompt to talk with Boomer to initiate the quest may be missing. Leaving the cell seems to fix it, as Boomer can be interacted with upon returning.[verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Crafting the blast mines works when doing them one at a time, but trying to do them in bulk leads to a waste of crafting components as while multiple blast mines are made, only one inert bomb is consumed in the process, making it a little cost-effective as more mines can be made this way, but at the cost of more materials being consumed in the process.[verified]