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Locate inert bombs for Boomer.

Daily: Idle Explosives is a daily quest in Fallout 76.


Damaged in an accident before the Great War, Boomer, Berkeley Springs' bomb-defusing robot, requires the aid of loyal citizens to deal with bombs placed across Appalachia.


The quest is obtained at the Southern Belle Motel, by approaching the damaged police Protectron, named Boomer. Boomer will immediately conscript the player character into its law enforcement agency it works for and asks them to retrieve three to five inert bombs from locations across Appalachia. The location is always random and the quest will complete upon picking them all up. Completing this quest for the first time unlocks the ability to use the inert bombs to craft Blast mines from them. This carries over to future completions of this quest once the inert bombs are recovered and crafted into additional blast mines.

Possible locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Investigate the Southern Belle Motel
Find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel
Talk to BoomerI came across an immobile Protectron at the Southern Belle Motel. I should find out what it was doing.
Recover the bombs ({BombCount}/{BombTotal})I encountered a damaged Protectron at the Southern Belle Motel. I should listen to it and find out what it wants.


Icon pc.png The prompt to talk with Boomer to initiate the quest may be missing. Leaving the cell seems to fix it as Boomer will be standing up upon returning and can be interacted with.[verified]