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Ice cold Nuka-Cola is a variant of Nuka-Cola and a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Nuka-Cola entered the beverage market in 2044, with the invention of the soft drink by John-Caleb Bradberton after two years of experimentation.[1] It contained 120% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar, and took the United States market by storm, and within a year could be purchased nationwide.[2][3]


It is created using the workbench, the only ingredient being Nuka-Cola, provided the player character has chosen the Nuka Chemist perk. It restores a total of 80 HP in 20 seconds (4 HP per second), decreases Sleep by 60 and increases Dehydration by 10 (in hardcore mode). It also adds 2 rads.


This item can be crafted by the player character. This item is also craftable via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E (with at least 1 rank of the Camarader-E perk).

Creation requirements

Ice cold Nuka Cola (2)



  • Three can be found at the bar in the Mojave Outpost barracks.
  • Two can be found in the Camp McCarran terminal building, on the second floor in a chest freezer near the jail cells.
  • With the Nuka Chemist perk, for every three bottles of Nuka-Cola, two bottles of ice cold Nuka-Cola can be made.
  • Old World Blues (add-on) One can be found on the floor of the kitchen of house #102, in Higgs Village.
  • Some can be found in the kitchen of the Ultra-Luxe in a freezer surrounded by empty bottles.


  • Consuming an ice cold Nuka-Cola provides a single bottle cap.
  • Ice cold Nuka-Cola will never get warm. It will stay chilled in the inventory indefinitely.
  • Despite the boosted effects, it has the same value as regular Nuka-Cola.



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