Ice cold Gwinnett pale is an alcoholic beverage featured in Fallout 4.


The beverage is visually identical to the Gwinnett pale. It displays a wreathed portrait of Button Gwinnett above the text "Button Gwinnett" on a stylized scroll, which is above the text "Pale Ale."



  • One is dispensed upon finding Buddy for the first time.
  • Buddy produces several per day by default.
  • Gwinnett pale can be put into Buddy through the "I'll take a beer" dialogue option to produce ice cold Gwinnett pale 12 hours later.
  • One can be found on the Hub 360 café patio.
  • Another is located at Easy City Downs, on a table where Eager Ernie is located.
  • One located on a dresser in the backstage dressing room of the Memory Den.
  • One in Andrew station, inside a Nuka-Cola machine.


Ice cold Gwinnett pale has identical effects to ice cold beer and all ice cold Gwinnett variants.

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