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I was a guard for the merchants of the Hub. However, I was shot during a raid by bandits. I've been staying here, since the people have helped me recover. Still, my knowledge of the outside world and my experience make me useful here.

Ian is a former Crimson Caravan guard, now a Shady Sands guard and a possible companion who resides in Shady Sands in 2161.


Ian is a short, stocky caravan guard who adopted Shady Sands as his new home. He was working for the Crimson Caravan company during a routine caravan route to the small settlement. However, routine doesn't mean safe. He was shot by raiders and stayed in Shady Sands to recuperate.[1][2] The Shady Sands townsfolk helped him recover and ultimately Ian decided to stay with them. His experience and skills helped him contribute, as very few of the townsfolk ever left its safe walls. He occasionally makes a run to Junktown and the Hub to do trading. He is strong, confident, and independent. A perfect wastelander.[3]

These traits endeared the Vault Dweller to him. Together, they scouted Vault 15, learning that the water chip was in another Vault.[Non-canon 2] Following a long trek through the wastelands, the two finally reached Necropolis. Engaging the super mutants at the Watershed in battle, Ian lost his life. A flamer unleashed by one of the super mutants burned him to death. The smell of Ian's burning body would haunt the Vault Dweller for years to come.[Non-canon 3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Recruit Ian: Ian can be recruited as a companion for 100 caps, or for free if the Vault Dweller has an Intelligence of 6+

Other interactions

  • Ian is one of the possible companion NPCs in Fallout. As a companion, he is notorious for his problematic lack of discretion with automatic firearms. He will - more often than not - make burst shots, and accidentally hit the Vault Dweller and other non-hostiles if they are in the same line of fire.
  • Because of his experience from being a former caravan guard, he can inform the Vault Dweller about the locations of several towns.
  • Ian will turn hostile if the people in Shady Sands are attacked without his company.


  • He has unique float dialogue for locations around the northern wasteland;
Ian's comments
Location Comment
Darkwaters This is Killian's, a general store. Killian's a good man, and they have plenty of stock.
Gizmo's Casino Gizmo's casino. A hive of gambling and underworld activity. Careful; they say the games are rigged.
Beth's Weapon Shop This is the Weapon Shop. It's run by Beth. She's good for guns, but better for gossip.
Jake's gun shop Jake's weapons. High prices, but really good guns.
Water Merchants Office of the Water Merchants. They're the big movers and shakers of the Hub, since they supply the water that keeps everything going.
Crimson Caravan This is the Crimson Caravan. I did some work for them. They do a lot of high-risk jobs.
Far Go Traders Far Go Traders, run by Butch Harris. He's ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray, if you catch my meaning.
Maltese Falcon Ah, now the Maltese Falcon is the place to be. Good music, good drinks, and good company.
Vault 13 Heard about some of these places before, but never been in one. Seems nice and clean . . . a little too clean for my taste.
West Tek research facility What the hell happened here?
Mariposa Military Base This is gonna be a tough nut to crack.
Necropolis This place gives me the creeps.

Tell me about

Ian's Tell-Me-Abouts
Query Response
Followers, Cathedral, Master, Unity, Set, Watershed, Hall, Library, Overseer, Vault, Vault-13, Vault13, Boneyard, Deathclaw, Exodus, Initiates, Paladins, Scribes, Brotherhood, Vats, Military, Base, Morpheus, Alya, Diana, Gwen, Petrox, Tolya, Zimmerman, Regulators, Scavengers, Blades, Nicole, Lieutenant, Experiments, Police Sorry, bud. Don't know much.
War Happened a few decades back. Basically, a bunch of countries got kind of antsy, and everything went BOOM!
Junktown A medium-sized town made of junk, overseen by a sherrifIn-game spelling named Killian. It's just a few days southwest of Shady Sands.
Hub The Hub is the biggest trading center in the New West. It's run primarily by a group called the Water Merchants, but there are some other traders there, too. It's a booming town, but there's a lot of political fighting between the traders.
Raiders There are several different groups of raiders out there. The most organized group is called the Khans; they seem to think they can conquer the world or something.
Caravans Most caravans come from the Hub. They travel all over the place. I worked for a group called the Crimson Caravan before my untimely injury.
Chip, Water No idea what a water chip is. Sorry, friend.
Sands, Shady A small and peaceful village. Probably the most promising community in the wastes.
Garl Garl's some dumb-ass who thinks he can take over the world with his crummy raiders. Yeah, whatever.
Necropolis Isn't that the mythical city of the dead?
Medic Razlo's a great doctor. You should see him if you're hurt.
Healing Razlo does a good job of fixing people up, and his junja juice is well worth it!
Killian Killian's mayor of Junktown. He also runs a store there. He's a decent fellow. Never did any work for him, but he seems okay.
Gizmo Gizmo runs a casino in Junktown. I hear that it's rigged, though.
Casino The casino is Gizmo's big project in Junktown. Brings in a lot of tourists and money, but problems come with it.
Store Killian runs a good general store in Junktown.
Children Yeah, there's some kids in Shady Sands. So? None of 'em are mine.
Apocalypse You know, we'll always have war. Just the next one's gonna be fought with sticks.
Mutants I saw some weird things when I was guarding caravans for the Hub. Mutated coyotes and mantises and scorpions and such.
Khans They're a sorry group of raiders who attack Shady Sands and think that they're gonna take over the world or some such crap.
Tandi She's Aradesh's daughter. She's pretty sweet, but I've got someone waiting for me back home.
Booze Got any beer?
Chems I used some Psycho once on a caravan raid. It made me twitchy. Odd.
Seth Seth is the captain of the guards. Between you and me, he couldn't guard a fruit if it was nailed to his leg.
Aradesh Aradesh is the leader of Shady Sands. A kind and patient man, although he's kinda looney.
Razlo Hey, if you need help, Razlo's the man to see. He's a great doctor.
Psychics I dunno. I think there's something to it, yeah, but there's just not enough evidence.
Merchants Some merchants come from the Hub to trade with Junktown. That's all I know.

Fallout: New California

Ian can be acquired at the shop by any player character that has Charisma. Prior to starting a fight with him as the active companion, the player character can exhaust him in order to lower the enemy's level by one, to a minimum of 1. However, he also damages the player character in the process, dealing two points of friendly fire.

When the player performs the camp action, he will become unexhausted. However, if the player character does not have Luck at this time, he must be discarded.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket 10mm pistol 10mm JHP x72
Bottle cap x63
Stimpak x2


  • He can only use knives, pistols, and SMGs due to a lack of sprite animations for two-handed weapons. The best handgun he can wield being the .223 pistol.
  • He is effective with a 10mm SMG early on but becomes a liability with it when more companions join, due to friendly fire from the burst firing mode on the gun. He is very capable with the .223 pistol and 14mm pistol.
  • He enjoys using power fists.
  • He can accidentally shoot the Vault Dweller during combat, especially when using burst fire weapons.
  • If Ian runs out of ammo for his gun, or does not have enough AP to use it, he will resort to his fists.
  • Despite having the Big Guns skill tagged, Ian cannot use large weaponry like miniguns due to his sprite set not having animation frames for them.
  • In Fallout 2, a Chosen One with an Intelligence below 4 can say to Angela Bishop that they traveled with someone named "Iam," who kept burst-shooting them from behind. This is a reference to Ian's reputation of accidentally causing friendly fire with SMGs.
  • At one point in the planning for Fallout 2, Ian had survived and was living in Vault City under the name of Old Joe. According to his dialogue, Ian would mistake the Chosen One for the Vault Dweller and would reminisce about events from Fallout before realizing the mistaken identity. Commenting on the prejudiced nature of Vault City's citizens, he would give the Chosen One a gun, apparently, his old Colt 6520 10mm pistol before sending them away, encouraging the Chosen One to "make proud" the memory of the Vault Dweller.[4]
  • His sprite is shared with raiders that can be encountered while wandering the wasteland and the skulz leader Vinnie making distinguishing him from an enemy difficult without an examine.
  • Despite his sprite seemingly having long hair, Fallout: New California claims that he has short hair and a beard.
  • If Ian is using the 10mm SMG, he has high chance of committing friendly fire with the burst firing mode if the Vault Dweller or other friendlies are in the way.


Ian appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, and the Fallout: The Board Game add-on Fallout: New California, and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes



  1. Ian: "{1106}{}{Most caravans come from the Hub. They travel all over the place. I worked for a group called the Crimson Caravan before my untimely injury.}"
  2. Katrina: "{136}{}{I know very little of the outside world. I escaped from a Vault when it was attacked. Unfortunately, I was very hurt and do not remember much of what happened. But Dharma was watching over me, and I was found by the people of Shady Sands. I live here now. Have you spoken with Ian, yet? He is a merchant guard who was hurt. He is recovering in the guardhouse over there. [She points to the east] He is more widely travelled than I.}"
  3. Ian: "{112}{}{I was a guard for the merchants of the Hub. However, I was shot during a raid by bandits. I've been staying here, since the people have helped me recover. Still, my knowledge of the outside world and my experience make me useful here. Shady Sands is my home now. Occasionally, I even get to visit Junktown or the Hub to do some trading, since I'm the only person here who has ever really left town.}"
  4. Old Joe: "{125}{}{Well, the Vault Citizens think very highly of their bloodline and don't care much for people like me and you. You take this gun. It'll protect you if things get a little out of control. You probably shouldn't be seen talking with this crazy old man. Best get on your way.}"


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