I hate Flatwoods is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found in the tent next to the two hanging radstags in the large camp area of Flatwoods. The tape will be under the pillow on the white mattress with the blanket.



Irritable Survivor: Well, my back hurts. Sick of eating varmints with two pair a' eyes. Yeah, I tell 'em I seed a big ol' boomer out yanderIcon sic. They tell me, "What's a boomer then?" Then some sweet young thing come up to me askin' for help with that garden next door. Then just this morning, I heared talk of crawdads big as the barn door 'cross the mountains and worse. Flatwoods had better days. Now every thingIcon sic catywompus or'll kill ya. Now, I ain't no cussin' lady but damn if God had just let a bomb fall on my head. Jesus, just let me die.

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