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The hunting shotgun long tube is a weapon mod for the hunting shotgun sold in Fallout: New Vegas.


Most pre-War shotguns were sporting weapons that were limited in magazine capacity to prevent hunters from taking too many game animals at one time. Shotguns designed as combat weapons normally have a greater magazine capacity than hunting shotguns. By adding a tube magazine extension, a person could turn a hunting shotgun into an effective combat weapon.


The hunting shotgun long tube increases the ammunition capacity of the hunting shotgun by 3 shells, from 5 to 8, and extends the length of the under-barrel magazine tube on the model, at the cost of increasing the time it takes to reload.


Sold by:


  • Prior to patch, the hunting shotgun tube was only worth 250 caps.
  • While the hunting shotgun is considered a tier 4 weapon, both of its mods are included in both the tier 2 and tier 4 weapon mod lists, with no other weapon mods being duplicated between the lists. This means that the mods can appear in the inventory of merchants with the tier 2 list, and the mods are twice as likely to appear for sale in the Vendortron's inventory.