For an overview of hunting rifle models in all games, see hunting rifle.

Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and is not canon.
A Colt Rangemaster semi-automatic rifle, chambered for 7.62. Single-shot only.

The hunting rifle is a small gun that appears in Fallout Tactics.


In Fallout Tactics, the Colt Rangemaster hunting rifle appears again. It is chambered for the powerful, common 7.62mm round and takes one less AP to fire.

The hunting rifle has an aiming bonus when used at long ranges, but this comes with a close-range aiming penalty which is bigger than the standard penalty for ranged weapons. This limits the hunting rifle to be most useful as a long-range sniping weapon.


  • Carried by Farsight at the beginning of the Brahmin Wood mission.
  • Brahmin Wood, a raider inside compound patrolling near the brahmin pen is carrying one. Another one is inside the raider roadblock, one in the sniper nest, one in the ruins, one outside the raider base, and two inside the base.



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